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Neopets Book Checklist Tool - Read to your Neopet!

Welcome to Jellyneo's Book Checklist Tool! From here, you can easily see which books your Neopet has not read. To get your list, simply follow the instructions below.

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Why read books?

There are a couple thousand books available in Neopia. The main benefit of reading to your pet is that each book boosts their intelligence by a couple of points! Some Battledome weapons (for example, the Elegant Jewelled Robe) do not work unless you have the requisite amount of intelligence points.

Another benefit is the Neopian Book Award, a trophy given to the pets with the most number of books read. If you make the top 200, your pet will receive an Honourary Award on their lookup. These trophies are extremely costly to attain, but if you restock, you have a good shot at eventually making the list. To rack up points, simply buy a book, visit your inventory, click on it, and select which pet to read to. That book will automatically be added to their Books Read list. But remember, each book is a one-use item, so if you want to read one to all your pets, you will have to purchase multiple copies! You can find a complete list of books in our Item Database.

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To Begin:

  1. Visit the Quick Ref page.
  2. Under the Neopet you wish to use, click their intelligence link to visit their Books Read page.
  3. On the Books Read page, right click on the page and select "View Page Source."
  4. In the coding that pops up, press CTRL + A on your keyboard to select all of the text, and then CTRL + C to copy it.
  5. Come back here and in the text box below, hit CTRL + V to paste in the coding.
  6. Submit the form, and see what books your pet needs to read!

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