Special Searches

We have set up some special, pre-programmed searches that are searched for frequently. Each search is linked below, followed by a short description.

Newest Items
The 75 newest items added to the database can be found via this search.

Cheapest Items in Neopia
A perfect list for those looking to obtain the SDB Pack Rat avatar. Just buy the first 1000!

The following searches are allowed to be sorted in a way of your choosing. Simply select how you'd like the searches listed in the drop down, click "Switch!", and then click the link of your search.

Sort These Searches By:

r99 Listing
A great list for those collectors.

Gourmet Food Listing
All foods on this list count for the Gourmet Club.

Uni Faboo Avatar List
To get the Uni Faboo avatar, you must buy any clothing item that is r80 or higher.

Chocolate Avatar List
To get the Chocolate avatar, you must buy any candy item that is r90 or higher.

Complete Book List
All items that you can read to your pet are listed here!

Furniture List
This is a listing of Furniture items for your Neohome. Does not include Neogardening items (since they are all in one category already).

Classic Neohome & Gardening Items
This is a listing of all items that work in Classic Neohomes. (Note that none of the Gardening items have previews associated with them, since they are simply the item image itself.)

Petpet List
This is a list of all the petpet species in Neopia. (Painted versions not included.)

PPL Winners
You can check this list to see if your Petpet has won the PPL. It's sorted alphabetically.

Replaced Items
A list of all items that have had an image update, a name fix, or a complete makeover.

All Album Items
All the items that can go into your Stamp Album.

Stamp Albums: Click on the icon to view that album's stamps.

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