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Contribute: Missing Est. Values

Help us find missing estimated values!

We are currently collecting the "Est. Value" for all items in the Item Database. These are the NP amounts that you will find when searching for an item on Neopets, or when you click on an item in your inventory. Some restock prices are based on these values.

How to Help

What is Est. Value?

The Estimated Value of an item is the value that Neopets gives a particular item. The only place this value is used is for determining restock prices. (And even then, it's not always used in some cases!)

The "Est. Value" is not the current selling price for an item. If you're looking to help us price an item based on what it's currently selling for, find that item and click on the "Suggest Price Change" button on its info page.

Here's an example of where you can find the estimated value via your inventory:

An example of where to find estimated values.

Items We Need Values For

Below is the list of items we need values for:

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