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Contribute: Trading Post Tagging

Below are our guidelines and rules for tagging Trading Post lots in our history. Please be sure to read through the entirety of this page before getting started.

Earning Points

To get points, your tagged prices will be verified to make sure what you submit is accurate. You will receive points for:

  • Submitting tags for an entire trade: 1 point per trade
  • Accurately tagging an item: 2 points per item
  • Accurately marking an item as not priced: 1 point per item

Tagging Rules

Below are the rules of the game for submitting prices:

1) Only specify a price if it is explicitly mentioned per item in the wishlist.

If a user is seeking pure NP plus an item of significant value (for example, "Baby Paint Brush + 100,000 NP", or "2m plus a good item"), mark it as not having a price.

If a user is seeking pure NP, plus an item of insignificant value (for example, "300k + a codestone" or "150k + a cute petpet") then you SHOULD specify a price, ignoring the added item. (In the examples, you can ignore the request for a codestone and a cute petpet, and mark the items as priced at 300,000 NP and 150,000 NP respectively.)

If a user has a lot with multiple items, only one stated price in the wishlist, and only one item is of significant value, you SHOULD specify the price for the significant item. For example, a lot has a Woodland Paint Brush and a Two Dubloon Coin, with the wishlist stating: "2m pure". The Two Dubloon Coin is worth nothing compared to 2,000,000 NP, so you may mark the Woodland Paint Brush as 2,000,000 NP and the Two Dubloon Coin as not having a price.

If a user does not explicitly include a price in the wishlist (for example, "none" or "lowest on TP" or "check my petpage"), mark it as not having a price.

If a user offers a single price for all items in the lot (for example, "250k for both") and does not include individual prices, mark it as not having a price. However, if a user offers a single price for a lot of identical items ("250k for both of these Blue Draik Morphing Potions"), see our next guideline.

Similar to above, if a user offers a single price on a group of identical items (for example, "7000 NP for these 9 items!"), you SHOULD specify the divided price, and if it doesn't divide evenly, round up if the decimal is 0.5 or more or round down if the decimal is 0.49 or less. (In the example, 7000 NP / 9 items = 777.78, rounded to 778 NP per item.)

If a user offers bulk pricing for an item alongside individual, you should specify the individual pricing. You should assume that only one of the item will be purchased. (For example, "250k each for these items, or 450k for both!", you should specify 250,000 NP each.)

If the items in the lot are labeled as "free", "1 NP" (for an item worth significantly more), or a "paperclip trade", mark it as not having a price.

If a user is seeking items that add up to a single price (for example, "1,000,000 NP in easy to sell items" or "200k in codestones"), you SHOULD treat it the same as pure NP.

If a user specifies a price minimum on a specific item (for example, "Looking for 500k and over"), you SHOULD tag that minimum price.

If a user provides a market value (for example, "sells for 500k" or "worth 75k"), you can reasonably assume that the user expects that amount, so you SHOULD specify a price.

If a user provides both an "auto" price and an offer to beat price (sometimes seen abbreviated as "OTB"), you should assume that the user expects a purchase price closer to the "auto" price, and therefore you SHOULD specify the auto price as the tag.

If you are ever in doubt, click the "Next Trade" button to get a new trade!

2) Do not take current market pricing into account.

Our trade history goes back to October 2014, so you may see some very old pricing. We are pricing these older lots anyway to complete our data set. Always tag the price to what the wishlist says.

3) If more than 350 of your tags are verified incorrect within a 30 day timespan, you will be put on a temporary break.

Breaks may last up to 30 days. During that time, you will not be able to tag any new lots. You will continue to receive points for any correct tags submitted before your break.

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