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1002 Spells For You: A spell for every occasion, last minute birthday gifts, that must have outfit and turning your little sister into a Mortog!
↳ The first comma should be a colon. "must have" should be hyphenated as "must-have".

109 Cupcake Recipes: Okay,there were only supposed to be 101 recipes in this book, so you decide which eight to tear out.
↳ There should be a space after the first comma.

AAA Tells You How Its Done: All of AAAs secrets on how he wins and runs Daily Dare is in this book! This final prize was awarded for participating in Daily Dare in Y20.
↳ "is" should be "are".

A Gnorbu Novel: This is a Novel all about a Gnorbu and the life she lived.
↳ "Novel" should not be capitalised.

A Starry Pteri Night: The forest was too quiet, nothing dared to move, then suddenley they swooped down from the tree tops...
↳ "suddenley" should be "suddenly".

Acara Nightmare: Whatever you do dont read this book alone at night!
↳ There should be a comma after "do".

Altador Golf Club: This club is loved by royalty and it great for putting.
↳ "it" should be "is" or "it is".

Avocado Jam Toast: Jam, avocado and toast what could be a better breakfast.
↳ There should be a colon after "toast" and the description should end with a question mark.

Avocado Strawberry Smoothie: The bottom half is all avacado and the top half is all Strawberry. Shake it up to drink both flavours at once! Umm but better not, Strawberry and avocado don’t mix very well.
↳ "Strawberry" should not be capitalised (either time). The apostrophe should be removed.

Babaa (including all colour variations except Spring): Babaas are easily scared and will hide under your Neopets bed when suprised.
↳ "suprised" should be "surprised".

Baby Usul Plushie: This cute Usul plushie is a must for any self respecting Neopet.
↳ "self respecting" should be hyphenated as "self-respecting".

Basic Black Floor Tiles
↳ The description is currently empty. Formerly, it was Add a bit of darkness to a room with this flooring. (This item grants you the ability to reuse this building material in your Neohome.)

Being Stinky: Everyone knows the smelly kid in their class, poor Friggle didnt mean to smell, he just couldnt help it, until one day a kind Peophin came along...
↳ The description is a run-on sentence. Each clause (between commas) should be its own sentence.


Bionic Cybunny Cranium Cover, Bionic Cybunny Body Cover, Bionic Cybunny Hind Cover, Bionic Cybunny Collar: Part robot and part Cybunny this is one fierce costume.
↳ There should be a comma after "Cybunny" (or a period with "this" capitalised).


Black Wadjet Plushie, Brown Wadjet Plushie: This venemous beast has strayed far from the Desert of Roo to be a companion for your Neopet.
↳ "venemous" should be "venomous".


Blue Cybunny Negg Cookie: This cookies is shapped and frosted to look like a Blue Cybunny Negg!
Purple Cybunny Negg Cookie: This cookies is shaped and frosted to look like a Purple Cybunny Negg!
Rainbow Cybunny Negg Cookie: This cookies is shapped and frosted to look like a Rainbow Cybunny Negg!
↳ "cookies" should be "cookie" (all three). "shapped" should be "shaped" (Blue and Rainbow).

Blue Koi Inflatable Bath Toy: Have a great time in your next bath this this adorable air filled toy!
↳ "this this" should be "with this".

Blue Poogle Jigsaw Puzzle: That poogle really doesnt want to come apart.
↳ "poogle" should be capitalised.

Blue Shoyru Morphing Potion: Piff Puff Poof, give this Blue elixir to your Neopet and it will become a brilliant Blue Shoyru
↳ The comma should be an exclamation point or a colon. The first "Blue" should not capitalised. There should be a period at the end.

Blumaroo Fashion: The book no self respecting Blumaroo will be without!
↳ "self respecting" should be hyphenated as "self-respecting".

Blumaroo Pepper Shaker: Leave your opponent sneezing and suprised when you throw a cloud of pepper in their faces.
↳ "suprised" should be "surprised".

Bogie Bouncy Ball: Dont be misled by the bogie, this ball is not covered in snot!
↳ The comma should be a colon or semicolon, or a period or exclamation with "this" capitalised, or a coordinating conjunction added before "this". Also, "bogie" should be capitalised.

Book of Clams: Learn all about clams with this fun book, there are even some recipes!
↳ The comma should be replaced with a period or exclamation mark with "there" capitalised.

Book of Scarabs: A complete listing of all the Scarabs in existance and where to find them.
↳ "Scarabs" should not capitalised. "existance" should be "existence".

Bori Photo Album: Check out the Bori snapshots then add a few pictures of your own.
↳ "then" should be preceded by either "and" or a comma.

Bright Red Lipstick: A bold, bright and eye catching colour for any event!
↳ "eye catching" should be hyphenated as "eye-catching".

Candy Vampire Plushie: This guy is either super excited about halloween or about to bite your arm in defense of candy corn hate from pets all over neopia...
↳ "halloween" and "neopia" should both be capitalised.

Captain Tuan Hand Puppet: Reenact the rescuing of the Cyrodrakes Gaze with this Captain Tuan hand puppet. This item is only available if you have a virtual prize code from Neopets: Puzzle Adventure Video Game!
↳ "Cyrodrakes" should be "Cyodrakes".

Carnival of Terror Board Game: Move around this board with different pieces and try not get get caught by a pie!
↳ "get get" should be "to get".


Cheese and Pickle Packed Lunch: A delicious egg salad sandwich with a bottle of cherry juice and a jummie roll!
Egg Salad Packed Lunch: A fresh cheese and pickle sandwich, bottle of pineapple juice and a whole flotato!
↳ These two items need their descriptions swapped.

Cheese Tortilla: Tortilla Baked with melted cheese is the recipe for the delicious Cheese Tortilla.
↳ "Baked" should not be capitalised.

Chestnut Yoyo: The fun filled yoyo you can eat if you are feeling particularly hungry.
↳ "fun filled" should be hyphenated as "fun-filled".

Chocolate Elephante Doughnut: Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, midnight snacks....
↳ "desert" should be "dessert".

Chocolate Ogrin Cookbook: Who better to learn to cook from then a Chocolate Ogrin?
↳ "then" should be "than".

Chocolate Shoyru Meatball: A chunky Shoyru shaped meatball smothered with chocolate sauce and hundreds and thousands.
↳ "Shoyru shaped" should be hyphenated as "Shoyru-shaped". "hundreds and thousands" needs an object, presumably "of sprinkles".


Chokato Trifle, Half Chokato Trifle: How they seperate the Chok from the Ato is simply amazing...
↳ "seperate" should be "separate".

Christmas Grundo Morphing Potion: This furry potion will transform your boring Neopet into a fun filled christmas Grundo.
↳ "fun filled" should be hyphenated as "fun-filled". "christmas" should be capitalised.

Christmas Weewoo: Named after the rather haunting melody it makes. At dusk a chorus of "Weee... woo..." fills Krawk Island.
↳ This is the only Weewoo whose description includes quotation marks. The quotation marks should either be removed or added to all other Weewoos.

Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg: Chyrsaberry and White Chocolate all mixed together make a slightly sour Easter treat. *** WORTH 10 NEGG POINTS AT THE NEGGERY ***
↳ The item is actually worth 12 points at the Neggery. "White Chocolate" should not be capitalised.

Clock: This clock is a special edition clock it was one of the original items that was created.
↳ There should be a period after the second "clock" with "it" capitalised.

Clockwork Quiggle: Unleash this cute little Quiggle in the battledome and give your opponent a real suprise! This was an Advent Calendar prize in year 4.
↳ "suprise" should be "surprise".

Cloud Cardigan: A cardigan made of clouds! How fluffy and cosy!
↳ "cosy" should be "cozy".

Construction Poogle Hat: You better protect that head with an engineers hat before you go the the site.
↳ "the the" should be "to the".

Crop Top Dress: A short top with long tassles
↳ "tassles" should be "tassels". The description is missing final punctuation.

Curing Kacheeks: What to do if a Kacheek gets sick, essential reading for any Kacheek or anyone who knows a Kacheek.
↳ The comma should be replaced with a colon, or with a period with "essential" capitalised.

Cybunny Carols: Now you can have a fun filled sing a long with these easy to learn carols.
↳ "fun filled" should be hyphenated as "fun-filled". "sing a long" should be "sing-along". "easy to learn" should be hyphenated as "easy-to-learn".

Darigan Tuskaninny Treat Bag: A fun bag to to use while you are out Trick-or-Treating or shopping for evil items.
↳ Extra instance of "to".

Deathly Union Fence: What could be better then a spooky fence for a somber celebration.
↳ "then" should be "than". The period should be a question mark.

Designing a Thatched Roof: This how to guide is very helpful when you need to build a thatched roof for your hut on Mystery Island. This item is only available if you have a virtual prize code from Neopets: Puzzle Adventure Video Game!
↳ "how to" should be hyphenated as "how-to".

Drink of Celebration: Cheers to 20 years! *clink
↳ The "clink" is missing a closing asterisk.

Elegant Jewelled Robe: Only a truely wise Neopet will learn the secrets of this robe.
↳ "truely" should be "truly".

Enchanted Wooden Bow: This bow is made of hand carved wood from an enchanted forest.
↳ "hand carved" should be hyphenated as "hand-carved".

Ergy Slushie: It takes the juice of about 40 Ergy fruits to make one of these Slushies, so dont be suprised if you dont see many around.
↳ "Ergy fruits" should be "ErgyFruits". "Slushies" should not be capitalised. "suprised" should be "surprised".

Esophagor Bath Tub: Only the truely brave would bathe in this tub.
↳ "truely" should be "truly".

Eyeball Stew Cake: We see you eyeing this the first slice of this Eyeball Stew Cake, so dont resist, have a bite!
↳ Either the first "this" or "the first slice of this" should be removed.

Faerie Music Book: Learn to play enchanting faerie melodies with this collection of popular f aerie music.
↳ The space in "f aerie" should be removed.

Fake Sloth Tattoo: All Neopets will be thrilled to have this tattoo I command it!
↳ There should be a period after "tattoo".

Fancy Fall Frock: This dress is resembles the colors of apple pie. Its perfect for fall!
↳ "is" before "resembles" should be removed. "colors" should be "colours".

Feather Lutari Island Wallpaper: This wallpaper brings feather and and vines together in a rather stunning combination. (This item grants you the ability to reuse this building material in your Neohome.)
↳ Extra instance of "and".

Fig: A delicious treat this fruit is almost like candy.
↳ There should be a comma after "treat".

Fire Ball Staff: Tyrannians didnt believe in faerie magic until this staff suddenley acquired special powers...
↳ "suddenley" should be "suddenly".

Firebolas: To use these properley takes a lot of skill and practice, otherwise you may get burnt.
↳ "properley" should be "properly".

Fish Bone Bruce Sword: An ingenius Bruce thought of another use for all his left over fish bones.
↳ "ingenius" should be "ingenious".

Fishing Meepit Statue: This was make an adorable addition to any garden.
↳ "was" should be "would" or "will".

Flotsam Ice Cream Sundae: Vanilla ice cream topped with hundreds and thousands and a chocolate Flotsam.
↳ "hundreds and thousands" needs a prepositional phrase, presumably "of sprinkles".

Fried Shrimp: Seasoned to perfection is how one would describe this serving of crispy Fried shrimp.
↳ "Fried" should not be capitalised.

French Toast: This french toast is made with cinnamon bread and is topped with melted butter, and powdered sugar.
↳ There should not be a comma after "butter".


Fresh Peach Doughnut: A fresh doughtnut with sprinkles and a generous helping of delicious peaches inside.
Fresh Strawberry Doughnut: A fresh doughtnut with sprinkles and a generous helping of delicious strawberries inside.
↳ "doughtnut" should be "doughnut".

Fruit Fly Surprise: The suprise is the fly has eaten all the fruit!
↳ "suprise" should be "surprise".

Full Uni Armour: A glistening golden set of armour that will ehance any Unis appearance.
↳ "ehance" should be "enhance".

Games Master Background: This is probably what Aaas room looks like. No one really knows.
↳ "Aaas" should be "AAAs".

Garon the Lupe: Garon is an adventurous Lupe that loves to explore new places. Unfortunately his curiousity has got him into some pretty sticky situations.
↳ "curiousity" should be "curiosity".

Gnorbu Wool Candy Floss: Sweet woold candy floss shaped like a Gnorbu!
↳ "woold" should be "wool".

Gold Meerca Plushie: WOW! The Gold Meerca plushie is worth its weight in Gold (sorry about the aweful pun!)
↳ "plushie" should be capitalised. "Gold" should not be capitalised. "aweful" should be "awful". There should be a period or exclamation point after the second "gold" with "sorry" capitalised.

Golden Butter Knife: This butter knife hold some secret power that makes it REALLY strong! Dont be fooled by its docile appearance.
↳ "hold" should be "holds".

Golden Play Tent: Camp in luxury with with pretty tent.
↳ "with with" should be "with this".

Golden Rays Garland
↳ The description is currently empty. Formerly, it was Heroes shine in the light. This prize was awarded for participating in Lulus NC Challenge in Y18.

Golden Scarab: This scarab was used by kings of old in battle, and is truely worthy of any accomplished fighter! Fragile.
↳ "truely" should be "truly".

Gothic School Girl Tights and Boots: Those dark tights looks super cool with electric pink stripes.
↳ "looks" should be "look".

Grarrl Helmet: Scare off opponent while protecting your Grarrl with this feirce looking helmet!
↳ "Scare off opponent" should be "Scare off your opponent". "feirce" should be "fierce".

Green Brightvale Pencil: Add a touch of Brightvale to all of your coloring projects this this green Brightvale pencil.
↳ "this this" should be "with this".

Green Scorchstone: This rare gem will restore your pet fourty hit points, but it can only be used once per battle. Limited Use. Only one healing item can be equipped to your pet!
↳ "fourty" should be "forty".

Grey Toilet: Be careful with this toilet, it has a tendancy to leak. EWWWW...
↳ "tendancy" should be "tendency".

Grog Light: Grog for the calorie concious sea dog.
↳ "concious" should be "conscious" and should be hypenated as "calorie-conscious".

Groovy Koi Sweatband: This isn too useful when used underwater, but it still makes a pretty big fashion statement.
↳ "isn" should be "isnt".


Grundo Elderly Boy Hat, Grundo Elderly Boy Jacket, Grundo Elderly Boy Shirt, Grundo Elderly Boy Shoes, Grundo Elderly Boy Trousers, Grundo Elderly Girl Dress, Grundo Elderly Girl Shoes, Grundo Elderly Girl Wig: his item is part of a deluxe paint brush set!
↳ "his" should be "This".


Gumblesh, Faerie Gumblesh, Starry Gumblesh: The Gumblesh is fairly ill mannered and will likely embarass its owner all of the time.
↳ "ill mannered" should be hyphenated as "ill-mannered". "embarass" should be "embarrass".

Gwontek Melon Facial Scrub: Exfoliate and moisturize with the power of the thirst-quenching Gwonterk Melon found on only the highest branches of the Gwontek tree! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y23.
↳ "Gwonterk" should be "Gwontek".

Hand Carved Blumaroo Bow: Hand carved and painted for a authentic tribal feel.
↳ "hand carved" should be hyphenated as "hand-carved". "a" should be "an".

Haunted Woods Flag: This skelatal flag in your Neogarden will let everyone know where you stand.
↳ "skelatal" should be "skeletal".

Heroic Pteri Tales: If your Pteri is looking for inspiration these amazing legends should do the trick.
↳ There should be a comma after "inspiration".

Hot Fly Cocoa: What could be better then hot cocoa make with flies. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9.
↳ "then" should be "than".

Ice Caves Shield: Supposedly frozen from the thickest block of ice, this shield is surprisingly resiliant!
↳ "resiliant" should be "resilient".

Ice Faerie Chia Plushie: This Ice Fairie Plushie is too cold to touch!
↳ "Fairie" should be "Faerie".

Igneots Cavern Stamp: The monumental Igenots Cavern makes a pretty stamp.
↳ "Igenots" should be "Igneots".

Illusen Biscotti: Crispy bread with herbs and and spices baked right in.
↳ Extra instance of "and".

Illusens Cream Cookie: Yummmy cream cookies that are great after any meal or for a special treat. These are one of Illusens favourite treats.
↳ "Yummmy" should be "Yummy".

Industrial Steel Drum: This steel sounds nothing island sounds of regular steel drums.
↳ First "steel" should be "steel drum". "nothing" should be "nothing like".

Iron Large Drawer: Loads of storage space and guaranteed to keep your posessions safe and secure. What more could you want?
↳ "posessions" should be "possessions".

Isca Stamp: Beautiful Isca is blessed with the power to forsee the future and prevent terrible events from occuring.
↳ "forsee" should be "foresee", "occuring" should be "occurring".

Jetsam Style: How to be the suauvest Jetsam around and more...
↳ "suauvest" should be "suavest".

Jetsams: The Evil fish revealed.
↳ "Evil" should not be capitalised.

Jungle Party Table: Gather round and dig into this fancy feist.
↳ "feist" should be "feast".

Kale Chips: Fresh Kale leaves fried to perfect crispiness.
↳ "Kale" should not be capitalised.

Kau Defence: An easy to follow guide that will atek you through the most effective defence moves for Kaus.
↳ "atek" should be replaced with a real word, such as "walk" or "guide".

King Altador Stamp: King Altador is a brave hunter and and leader who inspires his citizens.
↳ Extra instance of "and".

King Kelpbeard Plushie: A proud ruler and now a cudly plushie!
↳ "cudly" should be "cuddly".

King of the Forest Pants: With these shadowy pants, the wearer can easily slip into the shadows of the trees and dissapear...
↳ "dissapear" should be "disappear".

Knit Ice Cream Garland: Beautifully crafted multi colored icecream garland to remind you of ice creams all day.This prize was awarded by AAA for beating his Daily Dare score in Y20.
↳ "multi colored icecream" should be "multicoloured ice cream". There should be a space after the first sentence.

Know Your Seeds: Basic know how no young Pteri can afford to be without.
↳ "know how" should be hyphenated as "know-how".

Koi Seaweed Ensemble: Keep your Koi happy this this fun outfit.
↳ "this this" should be "with this".

Kreludor Surface Cookie: A soft sugar cookies frosted to resemble the surface of Kreludor.
↳ "cookies" should be "cookie".

Kyrii Peasant Spoon: Great for straining, though eating soup may a bit too difficult.
↳ "may a bit" should be "may be a bit".

Kyrii Puzzle: You willl be trying to sort between mane and tail pieces for hours!
↳ "willl" should be "will".

Kyrii Tank Top: Look stylish and also protect yourself with this tank top! Dont be decieved it isnt just flimsy cotton, it is made of a special type of fabric...
↳ "decieved" should be "deceived" and should have a colon or semicolon after it.

Le Blu: This Blumaroo was quite unlike any other, he was shy, mysterious and strangely fascinating...
↳ The first comma should be a colon.

Leftover Fruit Plates: *squee* It still has some of snarkie's tooth marks in it!
↳ "snarkie" should be capitalised.

Lenny Fruit Tiramisu: A tiramisu with a twist, not only does it look like a Lenny, but it it tastes like raspberries.
↳ Extra instance of "it".

Lifetime Membership Card: This membership card will entitle you to life membership of Grundos Gym. This card will only work for you, if you give it to someone else it will not give them any priveleges.
↳ "priveleges" should be "privileges".

Lishas Homemade Armour: Despite being made by an untrained school girl this armour is amazingly resiliant.
↳ There should be a comma after "girl". "resiliant" should be "resilient".

Lost Desert Anubis Statue: Bring a piece of the Lost Desert into your Neohome wiht this anubis statue.
↳ "wiht" should be "with". "anubis" should be capitalised.

Lunch Box for Office: For those who always get their food stolen at office!
↳ "at office" should be "at the office".

Lutari Photography: A fun book full of famous photos of Luatri.
↳ "Luatri" should be "Lutari".

Magenorb Juice: Depending on which berries this is made from, this drink is either sickly sweet, super sour, or just right. But its always a suprise!
↳ "suprise" should be "surprise".

Magical Sparkling Happiness Faerie Flower: Holding this flower will make you feel sparkly and happy all the the same time!
↳ "all the the" should be "all at the".

Magical Stick of Bread: You could eat it, I suppose, but wouldn you rather bash Kass with it?
↳ "wouldn" should be "wouldnt", and there is a tab character after it that should be removed.

Maraquan Ocean Blue Contacts: These contacts reflect the colors of the ocean. If you look closely you can even see the eb and flow of the waves. This item is only wearable by Neopets painted Maraquan. If your Neopet is not painted Maraquan, it will not be able to wear this NC item.
↳ "eb" should be "ebb"; "colors" should be "colours".

Maraquan Wind Chimes: The sweet music of wing chimes will soothe a tired soul.
↳ "wing" should be "wind".

Mazzew (including all colour variations): What could be more precious than a baby Mazzew? Nothing at all. They love green neggs and Cheese.
↳ "Cheese" should not be capitalised.

Meatless Meatballs: This Vegetarian snack goes great with pasta.
↳ "Vegetarian" should not be capitalised.

Meaty Pot Pie: Meaty chunks of Chicken and Beef are in this great tasting Pot Pie.
↳ "Chicken", "Beef", and "Pot Pie" should not be capitalised.

Meerca Friends: Six young Meercas began their seperate journeys towards Mystery Island. Little did they know they were about to have the adventure of their lives...
↳ "seperate" should be "separate".

Meerca Gift Bag: This gift bag would make an mundane gift look special!
↳ "an" should be "a".

Meerca Sundae: Chocolate and vanilla icecream topped with whipped cream and cherries!
↳ "icecream" should be "ice cream".

Meerouladen Plushie: No fan of the The Great Qasalan Caper will be happy till they have a Merouladen plushie.
↳ "the The" should just be "The".

Metal Puzzle: Twist it and turn it can you seperate the two halves?
↳ "seperate" should be "separate".

Metal Triangle Puzzle: A frustrating game where you must seperate the triangles from one another.
↳ "seperate" should be "separate".

MiniMME5-S2: Rainbow Tutu: Don spin to fast in this tutu. Note: This was the second stage in a two-stage Mini Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MiniMME). To learn more about MMEs, please go to the NC Mall FAQ.
↳ "Don" should be "Dont". The first "to" should be "too".

MiniMME7-S1:Delightful Springabeehive: Look at those busy little Springabees work on that honey! Note: This was the first stage in a two-stage Mini Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MiniMME). To learn more about MniMMEs, please go to the NC Mall FAQ.
↳ "MniMMEs should be MiniMMEs".

Missing King Milk Carton: Once upon a when the legendary King Roo suddenly went missing...he was later found though. This item was awarded during the 20th Birthday Neopets Through the ages event.
↳ "Once upon a when" should be "Once upon a time when".

Moehawk: This Moehog has it all style, sensation and an army of dedicated fans who love to hear him wail.
↳ There should be a colon after "all".

Moehog Comic: Four fun filled comic strips starring, you guessed it, Moehogs!
↳ "fun filled" should be hyphenated as "fun-filled".

Moltara Travel Brochure: If you ever were you travel down to Moltara, it would be wise to take this brochure with you, so you dont get lost! :)
↳ "If you ever were you travel down" should be "If you ever were to travel down" or "If ever were you to travel down".

Mouldy Cheese: Hang on, but sure something just scurried past that hole...
↳ "but sure" should be replaced with something coherent such as "Im sure" or "I think".

Mummified Ruki History: Someone wanted to keep this history book safe, they even mummified it!
↳ "safe, they" should be "so safe that they", or the two clauses should be separate sentences.

Munuberry Fruit Pudding: A certain baker was heard saying that Munuberries and other berries together make an amazing desert! The leaves on top add a whole new taste to the pudding!
↳ "desert" should be "dessert".

Mushroom Hotdog: Just a hotdog with some colorful mushroon sauce on it.
↳ "mushroon" should be "mushroom". "colorful" should be "colourful".

Mushroom Lamps: For those who some natural-looking light.
↳ "who some" should be "who want some".

Mutant Flower Foreground: Theres nothing like a bed of mutant flowers! This item is only wearable by Neopets painted Mutant. If your Neopet is not painted Mutant, it will not be able to wear this NC item.
↳ This item can be worn by any colour, so the part of it only being wearable by Neopets painted Mutant needs to be removed.

Mutant Ona Bobblehead: This Ona bobbleheads appears to be laughing its evil little laugh...
↳ "bobbleheads" should be "bobblehead".

Mutant Shoyru Plushie: How can anyone leave this little mutant on the shelf. You just HAVE to take it home with you :)
↳ The first sentence should end with a question mark. The second sentence should end with a period or exclamation point.

Mynci Tail Guard: Protect your Myncis tail with this great tail gaurd.
↳ "gaurd" should be "guard".

NeoQuest Logo Stamp: NeoQuest is a very popular game in Neopia, and can be exceeedingly frustrating towards the higher levels.
↳ "exceeedingly" should be "exceedingly".

New Years Eve Cake: Freshly baked to celebrate the ocassion. This was given out by the advent calendar in Y7.
↳ "ocassion" should be "occasion".

Nimmo Pad Bureau: This bureau looks like it might just gobble you up if you aren careful.
↳ "aren" should be "arent".

Oaken Kacheek Shield: Hand carved oak, decorated with gold detail make this shield one of the prettiest around.
↳ "hand carved" should be hyphenated as "hand-carved". There should be a comma after "detail".

Orange Chicken: Tangy Orange Flavoured chicken is a wonderful way to pep up your pet.
↳ "Orange Flavoured" should not be capitalised and should be hyphenated as "orange-flavoured".


Orb of the Earth Faerie: The mysterious Orb of Earth Faerie is a weapon that only those that truely belive in the power are blessed with its use.
Orb of the Water Faerie: The mysterious Orb of Water Faerie is a weapon that only those that truely belive in the power are blessed with its use.
↳ "truely belive" should be "truly believe". (Both the Dark and Light versions are already correct.)

Organic Almond Butter: Mmmm... rather nutty. I cant belive its not dung.
↳ "belive" should be "believe".

Painted Leather Jewelry: This classic piece will elevate your outfit, also if you look close enough you might see the the little Feepit adding to your ensamble!
↳ The comma should be a period with "also" capitalised. Extra instance of "the". "ensamble" should be "ensemble".

Painting Poogles: Every wondered how to paint Poogles... this book explains how!
↳ "Every" should be "Ever".

Paper Yooyu Wall Art: Yes Its attractive, I guess a
↳ Description is incomplete and incoherent and should be replaced.

Peach Snowflake: Give your opponent a peachy suprise with this one use snowflake. One Use.
↳ "suprise" should be "surprise".

Peachbread: A standard loaf of bread, with a suprise - yes peaches have been added to give it a lovely sweet taste.
↳ "suprise" should be "surprise". There should be a comma after "yes".

Petpet Crackers: These crunchy crackers are are a favourite of young Neopets.
↳ extra instance of "are".

Pickled Apples: This mini apples make a great snack that wont go rot like normal apples.
↳ "This" should be "these". "rot" should be "rotten".

Pink Lenny Feather Fan: Pink truely is a wonderful colour for a fan.
↳ "truely" should be "truly".

Planning Shenkuu Gardens: Even the most unappealing of Neopets will be instantly tranformed into an adorable Plushie Kougra with this potion.
↳ "tranformed" should be "transformed".

Plastic Gem Ring: A big sparkling plastic gems shines brightly on this bargain gift.
↳ "gems" should be "gem".

Plushie Kougra Morphing Potion: Learn the traditions behind planning a Shenkuu garden and what plants are typically place in the gardens.
↳ "place" should be "placed".

Poogles in Camouflage: A poogles tale about the joys and fears of being a camouflage Poogle.
↳ "poogles" and "camouflage" should be capitalised.

Premium Collectible: Cinnamon Stick Candles Foreground: Embrace fall with a warm glow and delicious cinammon scent! This NC item was given out as a Premium Collectible reward in Y18.
↳ "cinammon" (one n, two m's) should be "cinnamon" (two n's, one m).

Puchini: Each puchini stalk is boiled and eaten seperately.
↳ "seperately" should be "separately".

Pull Along Rock: Wow! This Rock Petpet is pull along toy is so much fun!
↳ The first instance of "is" should be removed.

Purple Juppie Java: Juppie Java has a bit of a kick. Love it or hate it it will certainly wake you up!
↳ There should be a comma between the two "it" after "hate".

Quiggle Art Book: Quiggle Art through the ages presented in this full colour 250-page volume.
↳ "Art" should not be capitalised. "full colour" should be hyphenated as "full-colour".

Quiggle Veggie Soup: A healthy soup that is completly vegitarian and served in an adorable Quiggle bowl.
↳ "completly" should be "completely". "vegitarian" should be "vegetarian".

Quill and Ink: For those that truely want an unique experience in writing this could be the writing utensil for you.
↳ "truely" should be "truly". "an" should be "a".

Rainbow Mynci Plushie: This adorable Mynci has every color of the rainbow in one cuddly Plushie.
↳ "Plushie" should not be capitalised.

Raspberry Bush: These fresh rasberries will add fragrance and colour to your garden.
↳ "rasberries" should be "raspberries".

Raspberry Eyrie Cookie: An interesting cookie filled with rasberry fondant that tastes delicious!
↳ "rasberry" should be "raspberry".

Raspberry Milkshake: A tasty Milkshake can be a filling addition to any meal.
↳ "Milkshake" should not be capitalised.

Regulation Crossbow (TCG): Sorry, Turtums sold seperately.
↳ "seperately" should be "separately".

Regulation Meridell Crossbow: The irresistable force of this magical crossbow cannot be stopped, apart from by an immovable object.
↳ "irresistable" should be "irresistible".

Remys Chocolate Fudge Cake: Remy the Kiko has a sweet tooth for a very particular desert! Remys Chocolate Fudge Cake is only available if you have a virtual prize code from the Leapfrog(R) Quizaras Curse game in the US!
↳ "desert" should be "dessert".

Robot Care: Robots are are surprisingly needy!
↳ extra instance of "are".

Robot Mynci Battery Charger: Recharge your battery with with robot Mynci battery charger.
↳ "with with" should be "with this".

Rosemary Mushroom Tea: This strange tea actaully has mushrooms growing out of it...
↳ "actaully" should be "actually".

Selket Castanets: Add to the beat of the music with with beautiful castanets.
↳ "with with" should be "with these".

Shadow Ixi Morphing Potion: If you want to own a stealthy shadow Ixi, give your Neopet this dark brew
↳ "shadow" should be capitalised.

Shooting Star Muffin: It may look pretty, but not when its thrown at your face. Once Use. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y8.
↳ "Once Use" should be "One Use".


Silver Arm Plate: Forged by faeries a millenia ago, this arm plate magically fits all species perfectly.
Silver Chest Plate: Forged by faeries a millenia ago, this chest plate magically fits all species perfectly.
Silver Leg Armour: Forged by faeries a millenia ago, this armour magically fits all species perfectly.
↳ "millenia" should be "millennium". (Silver Helmet is already correct.)

Silver Draik Bow: Even the string of this ow is made from super thin silver to guarantee a perfect shot every time.
↳ "ow" should be "bow".

Silver Springy Toy: Dont you have a springy toy yet? Oh my, you must purchase it now. This is hands down, the funniest thing ever!
↳ "hands down" should be hyphenated as "hands-down" and there should be no comma after it.

Simple Christmas Meal: Watch this sapling grow into a tree right in front of your eyes. Sooo soothing!
↳ The description seems completely unrelated to the item and should be replaced with a sensical one.

Simple Ivory Love Spoon: A charming piece of hand carved art for your loved one.
↳ "hand carved" should be hyphenated as "hand-carved".


Simple Red Side Table, Simple Yellow Side Table: This cute little table it topped with glass.
↳ "it" should be "is".

Skeen Quiggle Cupcake: A yummy skeen flavoured cupcake with crunchy candy Quiggle eyes.
↳ "skeen" should be "Skeem". Same error in the item's name.

Skull Candy: The crunchy sound when you bite into it, is just like the sound of a bone cracking.
↳ The comma should be removed.

Slimesicle: Mmmm Slime!!!!
↳ "Slime" should not be capitalised.

Sludge Bomb: This foul bag of goo will stop your oppponent in their tracks. Limited Use.
↳ "oppponent" (3 p's) should be "opponent" (2 p's).

Snailien: If you see your Petpet moving around strangly and acting a bit odd, the Snailien could be sliding along its back...
↳ "strangly" should be "strangely"

Snowager Cookie: This cookies is mint flavoured and is quite icy.
↳ "cookies" should be "cookie"

Snowickle Plushie: Since real Snowickles love to collect shiny things, this Plushie is equipped with a secret pouch for you to store shiny things in.`
↳ "Plushie" should not be capitalised. There is an extraneous ` grave accent character at the end of the description.

Sparkling Snowflake Wings: Maybe dont stand TOO close the the fireplace with these...
↳ "the the" should be "to the".

Soul Stone: Said to be formed from the tears of a heart broken Earth faerie this amulet grants you protection from some earth magic.
↳ "heart broken" should be "heartbroken". "Earth" should not be capitalised. "faerie" should be capitalised. There should be a comma after "faerie".

The Spotted Flotsam: A murder/mystery spoof starting with the disapearance of a spotted Flotsam.
↳ "disapearance" should be "disappearance".

Staff of Ultranova: The Staff of Ultranova is a truely powerful artifact. Every round it will create 1 or 2 Ultranovas for use in battle, and also has a lesser chance of breaking. Fragile.
↳ "truely" should be "truly".

Standard Meridell Farmers Contract: King skarl has a contract for everyone...
↳ "skarl" should be capitalised.

Stealthy Cocorot: Who knew fruits could be stealthy! Wonder how it became like that. .
↳ Extra space and period at the end should be removed, or changed to three periods to form an ellipsis.

Steamed Gorgroggles: In the Virtupets Space Station, Grogroggles steam YOU!
↳ "Grogroggles" should be "Gorgroggles".

Stone Bedside Table: Keep your alarm clock and essentials at had with this fantastic bedside table.
↳ "at had" should be "at hand".

Strawberry Cobbler: The perfect desert for those warm summer days.
↳ "desert" should be "dessert".

Stylish Patterned Dress: You definitely will not go unnoticed in this eye catching dress! This NC item was awarded for participating in the Mysterious Magical Neggs in Y20.
↳ "eye catching" should be hyphenated as "eye-catching".

Stylish Pteri Hat: Its the way your wear it!
↳ "your" should be "you".

Sun Hat and Wig: Block out the sun in style while watching the the Cup! This was an NC prize for attending the Insider Experience during Altador Cup XI.
↳ Extra instance of "the".

Surfing Slushie: The contents of this Slushie keeps surfing till you finish your drink! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y19.
↳ "keeps" should be "keep".

Surfing with Scorchio: The best story is about his fire breathe burning the wax on the board.
↳ "breathe" should be "breath".

Sweet and Sour Negg: Half sugary sweetnesss, half sour citrus flavours.
↳ "sweetnesss" (3 s's) should be "sweetness" (2 s's).

Tarla Inspired Staff: It may even posess some of her mysterious magic. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y17.
↳ "posess" should be "possess".

Techo Wand of Smiting: This Wand uses the power of electricity to help smite any evil that a techo may come against.
↳ "Wand" should not be capitalised. "techo" should be capitalised.

Terry Berry: Juicy and sweet the Terry Berry is berry sweet.
↳ There should be a comma after the first "sweet".

The Groovy Disco Grundo: This disco Grundo is cooler then all the rest!
↳ "then" should be "than".

The Grumpy Grundo: Bargle was not just slightly upset, he was thoroughly grumpy. He was loud, ill-mannered and down right rude until...
↳ "down right" should be "downright".

The Hikalakas Ticket: This colourful ticket will get you in to see the The Hikalakas.
↳ "the The" should just be "The".

The Hungry Grarrl: Ok, so most Grarrls are hungry, but this particular Grarrls just couldnt stop eating, no matter how hard he tried...
↳ The second "Grarrls" should be "Grarrl".

The Little Blue Shoyru: His day started much like any other, until suddenley the sky turned grey...
↳ "suddenley" should be "suddenly".

The Little Kacheek Book: Probably the most compact book every written about Kacheeks.
↳ "every" should be "ever".

The Lonely Grundo: Beepet thought no one could ever love him, after all he had worked for Dr Sloth. Now the mutant potion had wore off but he could never forget the horrible deeds he had done.. until he met Lihana.
↳ "after all he had worked for Dr Sloth" should be its own sentence, and there should be a comma after "all". There should be a period after "Dr". The ellipsis is missing a third period.

The Only Living Petpet on the Boat: ...looked like he might just join the others pretty soon. Does he? Read to find out! This prize was awarded by AAA for beating her Daily Dare score in Y21.
↳ "her" should be "his".

The Traveler Outfit: Made for Neopets who wish to brave the rough sands and hot sun of the The Lost Desert as well as the high seas and Krawk Island.
↳ "the The" should just be "the". "high seas and" should be "high seas of".

The Uni Trilogy: Action, adventure and much more in this fast past trilogy following the life of one very brave Uni.
↳ "fast past" should be "fast-paced".

This Is Nuts: A crazy fun filled adventure of two Elephante brothers that tried to find the giant peanut tree.
↳ "fun filled" should be hyphenated as "fun-filled".

Toasty Jam Surprise: What is the suprise you may ask? Well.. wait till this meal starts moving and you will find out.
↳ "suprise" should be "surprise". The ellipsis needs one more period.

Tonu Talk: Top tips to understanding exactly what a Tonu means when they stamo their hooves or make that quirky little snorting sound.
↳ "stamo" should be "stomp".

Tough Kau Shirt: This a shirt for one tough Kau!
↳ "This a" should be "This is a".

Traditional Mountaineer Tuskaninny Hat: Tall stovepipe hat bursting with color topped of by a bouncy tassle
↳ "of" should be "off". "tassle" should be "tassel". The description is missing final punctuation.


Tralbak, Green Tralbak, Pink Tralbak, Royal Tralbak: A shy Petpet that is rarely seen in broad daylight. Tralbeks prefer to hide in shady forest areas.
↳ "Tralbeks" should be "Tralbaks".

Trick-or-Treat Tips: The best houses to call on and some naughty, yet nice tricks to play on the less generous Neopians!
↳ "naughty, yet nice" should be "naughty-yet-nice".

Trumpadon Soup: Wait for it to cool down before you drink it! But either ways it has a very sour/spicy taste so think before you taste it.
↳ "ways" should be "way".

Tuskaninny Personal Cannon: More of a battering ram then a cannon, this fires a Tuskaninnny shaped projectile at your opponent.
↳ "then" should be "than". "Tuskaninnny" (3 n's) should be "Tuskaninny" (2 n's).

Uni Body Armour: This full body armour comes in a very flashy gold with coloured gems along the seams. It it tailored especially for Unis. And when worn in battle, it increases defence by 2 points.
↳ "It it" should be "It is".

Uni Day BLT Sandwich: A delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich in the shape of Uni hoof!
↳ "of Uni" should be "of an Uni".

Vegan Grenanna Mousse Cake: The mousse is made of sugary sweet white chocolate and grennana with a little cookie crumble.
↳ "grennana" should be "Grennana" (the item name is correctly spelled).

Veggie Faerie Burger: This burger is made from ingredient only found in Faerieland!
↳ "ingredient" should be "ingredients".

Warriors Might: This potion can have quite kick, but it is extrenely useful in battle.
↳ "quite kick" should be "quite a kick". "extrenely" should be "extremely".

Water Burger: This is the perfect burger for those Neopets who dont like meat or vegitables.
↳ "vegitables" should be "vegetables".

Watermelon Slice Plushie: A refreshing mess free slice that you can hug!
↳ "mess free" should be hyphenated as "mess-free".

Weapon Formerly Known As Desert Axe Weapon: Said to have been used in ancient Qasala, this weapon is as deadly as it looks. (The person who named the Desert Axe Weapon has been sacked. We now present a weapon completely different)
↳ "a weapon completely different" should be "a completely different weapon". The description should end with a period or exclamation point (inside the parenthesis).

What What What Stick: The What What What stick has an extending arm and a magnet at the end for those times you just dont feel like getting out of your seat for your favourite Magnetic items.
↳ "stick" should be capitalised. "Magnetic" should not be capitalised.

White Paint Brush: If white is the perfect colour for your pet than this is your ideal brush! Take it to the Rainbow Pool to turn your pet white.
↳ "than" should be "then".

White Twirly Kyrii Necklace: This necklace made of lustrous pearls, part of a set of bracelet and necklace, is sure to to be a headturner
↳ Extra instance of "to" and is missing final punctuation.

Willowed Dress: The best part of this dress is that, its got a silk lining inside so that the branches dont prick you! This was given out as a prize for the Y19 Festival of Neggs.
↳ The comma should be removed.

Wind Up Florg: Startle little Petpets by winding this Florg toy and and watching it go!
↳ Extra instance of "and".

Woodland Flotsam Plushie: This Woodland Plushie will be the pride of your collection.
↳ "Plushie" should not be capitalised.

Woollen Scarf Knitting Set: This knitting set has everything your Neopet will need to make a magnificent woollen scarf.
↳ "woollen" should be "woolen". Same error in the item's name.

Yellow Techo Plushie: Aww, a cute little yellow techo plush toy. This one says things when you pull the ring in its back.
↳ "techo" should be capitalised.

Yoyo: Boing... Boing.... hours of fun with this amazing Yoyo
↳ "Yoyo" should not be capitalised. The description is missing final punctuation.

Yoyo Cookie: Attach this cookie to your belt and eat during emergencies like hunger between meals.
↳ "This prize was awarded by Abigail for beating her Daily Dare score in Y19." should be appended to the description like all other Daily Dare prizes from the event.

Yurble Librarian Blouse: A blouse that says "Im smart!".
↳ There should be a comma after "says". There should be no period at the end.

Placeholder Descriptions

Buzz Alchemist, Lavender, Malkus Vile: Currently under construction.
↳ Placeholder descriptions need to be updated with actual descriptions.

Sarkif: This is currently being worked on.
↳ Placeholder description needs to be updated with actual description.

Empty/Missing Descriptions

The following 14 items have a blank item description:


Item descriptions should not include apostrophes for technical reasons as they occasionally render as the Unicode replacement character � or gibberish like "’" on the Neopets site. Although the apostrophes in these items' descriptions are grammatically correct, they should be removed.

Item descriptions with ’ (Unicode "right single quotation mark") »

Item descriptions with ' (Unicode apostrophe) »

Other Special Characters

These item descriptions contain special characters that either render inconsistently on the Neopets website or do not render at all (instead showing up as the Unicode replacement character �). These characters should be removed or replaced.

Item descriptions with … (single-character ellipsis) »

Item descriptions with � (Unicode "replacement character") »

Item descriptions with é (accented "e") »

Item descriptions with è (grave accented "e") »

Item descriptions with – (en dash) »

Item descriptions with — (em dash) »

Item descriptions with non-breaking space (these cannot be linked like above for technical reasons):

Non-Neopian Spellings

Though Neopets uses a mix of English spelling variants, a few words are conventionally spelled with a British or Neopian variant on Neopets. These item names should be updated to match Neopian convention for consistency.

Item descriptions with "color" (should be "colour") »

Item descriptions with "defense" (should be "defence") »

Item descriptions with "fairy" (should be "faerie") »

Item descriptions with "favorite" (should be "favourite") »

Final Punctuation

These items are missing a punctuation mark, such as a period or exclamation point, at the end of the description.

Neopets Through the Ages Event

The following 20 items from the Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules event have their descriptions end with This item was awarded during the 20th Birthday Neopets Through the ages event.
↳ "ages" should be capitalised.

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