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Butterfly Shower

Butterfly Shower

  • Rarity

    r500 (NC Mall)

  • Release Date

    August 7, 2009

  • Status

    Active ?

Up for Trade

The following 248 lists have Butterfly Shower marked as up for trade:

waternixie1011 gift box capsulesFind Trade
mari_wartoothLower Cap Value UFT for FQ or Lab Cookies Only (1:1)Find Trade
crimson_stained_sunNC UFTFind Trade
sweetneopineNC-UFTFind Trade
zanzia5) 4:1 Extreme Discount SectionFind Trade
katina_choovanskiNC items UFTFind Trade
syiavriMy NC - 2019 (Main Account)Find Trade
happea3:1 ARCHIVES ~ 2:1 GBC/DW RR CAP ~ 1:1 DYE POTFind Trade
wokitanaMy Trade List (8/26/2018)Find Trade
vegasdisneyprincessNC UFT: Accesories/TrinketsFind Trade
missemmaroseNC UFTFind Trade
amythiielGeneral UFTFind Trade
shofi_111Nc UFTFind Trade
maccajaneJane's NC Trade ListFind Trade
ozark2 :1 GBCube UFTFind Trade
cutieblinxNC UFT buyablesFind Trade
trying2surviveCompletely Unorganized UFTish NCFind Trade
jrs1075NC Up for TradeFind Trade
missemmaroseCloset HTPW - Open to offers but may turn down a fair offerFind Trade
malakhserpentisNC TradesFind Trade
spukl1NC UFT (For more organization see DTI spukl1)Find Trade
demeizMy NC itemsFind Trade
aurifeivionWilling to TradeFind Trade
thecardsfoolyouUFTFind Trade
infernal_kittyNC TradesFind Trade
fonaritaNC TradelistFind Trade
fidomaudfidomaud Wearable NC Items for TradeFind Trade
jknee1002:1 GBC (UFT for 1 GBC, 1 dyepot, or 1 upcycle cookie)Find Trade
dottyUp for TradeFind Trade
vidavNC UFTFind Trade
roesyfenItems UFTFind Trade
vegasdisneyprincessDyeworks *Lending* Available (2:1 GBC)Find Trade
theultimategambitUFTFind Trade
tornishDyeworks LendingFind Trade
xsiemprecucurumbeNC Mall's Birthday Goodies and more to tradeFind Trade
funkalishious2:1 SaleFind Trade
herdyUp For TradeFind Trade
oldschoolneopiaNC items UFTFind Trade
mona_the_onaNC UFT Side - Miss_Mona4 - DW's and etc - gallery uft alsoFind Trade
sliced_ramen2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
misery4twoNC For TradeFind Trade
squirrelfuryNC TradelistFind Trade
mavegibsonCloset | 999 = Not UFT | 888 = VHTPW | PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TRADE LIST | Make sure your Neomail inbox isn't full! | Sorry, No GBC/Customs UFTFind Trade
zanzia9) Side 1_4 [All items except top priorities are 2:1 ]Find Trade
aodthynaodthyn NC UFT - ADFind Trade
wyvernwitchSDB Items: Always UFTFind Trade
kyogreuft as of dec 27 2019Find Trade
lalibspTradelistFind Trade
joeltheidiotNeocash Tradelist (Highlights and HTPW listed as top priority)Find Trade
pensievemistTrade ListFind Trade
summerofjoyNC UFT: 2:1 SaleFind Trade
vampiratelfNC Tradelist : 2:1 GBCFind Trade
reevesNC: UFTFind Trade
aodthynaodthyn NC UFT - AGFind Trade
chia_michNC UFT (Buyables)Find Trade
sandy_puppyNC Items UFTFind Trade
bibiklUFTFind Trade
i_annaNC - for tradeFind Trade
tamoraCommon Items UFTFind Trade
ashley6809UFTFind Trade
zephyreansNC Trade ListFind Trade
airmansbabyUFTFind Trade
ibmikieibmikie's Trade ListFind Trade
aurorajumpersNC UFTFind Trade
xx__dana__xxLendingFind Trade
winterdrearyNC TL - RegularFind Trade
shnicky7UFT (Some are HTPW - can't be bothered to sort)Find Trade
starrships2 NC TradelistFind Trade
scooby4eva4NC Items Up For TradeFind Trade
jillpuppy2:1 Cap SaleFind Trade
tinkertonkerEasy to part withFind Trade
myunieNC UFTFind Trade
claudia_catdw lending; 1 for a dw pot, 2 for a gbcFind Trade
th3n00bNC UFTFind Trade
sammipixieNC Trade ListFind Trade
aeryn⊰ Dyeworks for Lend (2:1 with GBC) ⊱Find Trade
gabrielfcfNC Trade ListFind Trade
roesyfenlendingFind Trade
jayiaUFT on MainFind Trade
stuffie(Nc *UFT)⏬💱⏫Stuffie's Offers🔃 // & 2:1♻ ⏫💱⏬Find Trade
super_meisjeNc Tradelist 2:1 GBCFind Trade
teacuplaura2:1 GBC saleFind Trade
006jazzyNC 2:1 (Last Updated: 17/10/2019)Find Trade
cilicia_pNC Trade List - ShowersFind Trade
doodlez171All UFT (will accept caps for most - this WL only)Find Trade
loopyNC Items For TradeFind Trade
larissalarooUFTFind Trade
risiko_70Items UFTFind Trade
vickiecBuyablesFind Trade
tachy0n1cUFTFind Trade
slyphireNC UFT (150= Boxless Side)Find Trade
theonetorulethemallNC to tradeFind Trade
petitehirondellineNC UFTFind Trade
emmy_kat_26NC UFT - contact emmy_kat_26 - dti tradelist is more accurate (same username on there)Find Trade
daddyslilprincess250UFTFind Trade
gnorbu_yarnNC UFT [Easy to part with]Find Trade
himesama01UFTFind Trade
ichigoawayNC TL (custom available)Find Trade
its99pmNC items available for trade:Find Trade
jrayeb33Neocash UFTFind Trade
sapphieee2:1 GBC LendingFind Trade
fearthecrazyNC UFTFind Trade
asmodhieusTradelistFind Trade
squippitNC Stuff I Have!Find Trade
dragons_duskUFTFind Trade
arlyrannaNC UFT 1-2 Cap CURRENTLY ON BREAK FROM NEOPETS 5/7/19Find Trade
octoberdreamerMy NC Items UFTFind Trade
starkbsNC UFT 2:1 only for GBCFind Trade
ichbinschonistNC Items UFTFind Trade
ichabodisitchyUp for TradeFind Trade
mipoule2:1 GBCFind Trade
jeankirschteinWearable NC UFT ((DTI is more current))Find Trade
tinyemiTrade list.Find Trade
kanoniamzUFTFind Trade
mike3294Favoritos <3Find Trade
shnicky7UFT SIDE (No boxes here so ALL trades must include GBC)Find Trade
heatherNC UFTFind Trade
knightinnUFT (Some maybe HTPW, please ignore qty)Find Trade
dragaen_faerieNC TL (1/26/2019)Find Trade
mystical_wolfUp for Trade; 21 means UFT 2:1Find Trade
tinyd00meruftFind Trade
minnie298aTradelistFind Trade
meerNC Trade List - MainFind Trade
rorruUFTFind Trade
spektra72:1 GBC TLFind Trade
meghaanleeUFT (ON HIATUS!)Find Trade
kris4210NC Tradelist (tbh, just use my DtI one @ Trade
chickityNC Items for tradeFind Trade
tayloranne95UFTFind Trade
spektra7Dye LendsFind Trade
tildeheartUp for TradeFind Trade
lurvenNc items for trade:Find Trade
madeline753NC Tradelist (note: double-check with my DTI list which is more often updated: Trade
saschacatNC for tradeFind Trade
missalyssaaaNC UFT // March 22 // STILL updating this huge list ( and ALL my huge lists ).. there is a high probability I will go insane soon .. O_oFind Trade
hockeydarling14AccessoriesFind Trade
me_iNC Trade ItemsFind Trade
ceruleanvulpineNC Items UFTFind Trade
starry_eyes1239NC TradesFind Trade
nursenami2:1 Cap SaleFind Trade
falling_dreams_162:1 GBC LISTFind Trade
_sunsetmarin_UFT NC ItemsFind Trade
espyTradelist -UFT (Updated 30/05/18)Find Trade
jaykay617NC UFTFind Trade
deadly1___4uNC UFTFind Trade
leprekhanhUFT - 2:1 SectionFind Trade
poijbUp For Trade (NC Items)Find Trade
wouggleBuyables 2:1 cap saleFind Trade
melody5697NC items UFTFind Trade
molebyUFT NCFind Trade
dreamspinner58Things up for tradeFind Trade
ameythest72087NC TradelistFind Trade
tubaka0boboLendingFind Trade
cosmic_jirachiJirachi's TradelistFind Trade
soot_sprite_88Neocash Items UFTFind Trade
archaeidaeNC: Up for Trade ListFind Trade
skywalker_vader134Nc TradelistFind Trade
flywoodsNC UFTFind Trade
lalalapaniccNC TradelistFind Trade
roshchodeshNC UFTFind Trade
floofyNC UFT side agentr_Find Trade
nikki_aneeGL/SL/TB/Showers/Floating DollsFind Trade
shamrockivyUFT skydoeFind Trade
shamrockivyUFT skyivyFind Trade
shamrockivyUFT skyoakFind Trade
jazziecookieNC up to 5:1Find Trade
cinnamonraisinbreadNC TLFind Trade
shellyhuelsNC TradelistFind Trade
hilarionsfShowersFind Trade
bellasinclairNC Closet (open to offers)Find Trade
ealOn side accounts - boxlessFind Trade
lyssieBuyables (2:1)Find Trade
margeeNc 2:1 GBCFind Trade
sims_na_noiteNC TradelistFind Trade
+252 lists without contact info Show
xcyndellnightx2020 NC UFTFind Trade
whirlUFT: 'Whirl' on DTI!Find Trade
j3nnyx2:1 GBC TradelistFind Trade
becki622UFT - WearablesFind Trade
melonishRegular UFTFind Trade
thornzBUYABLES!!! Send me a GBC, I'll send you as many items as I get boxes!Find Trade
deadpantsuUFT ListFind Trade
kamiviciousncFind Trade
cherry_25NC BuyablesFind Trade
cynthialeysUFTFind Trade
szkageyoshiUFT - Showers & FramesFind Trade
strawberrybellsRegular UFTFind Trade
rawrrxitsxhaleyTradeFind Trade
roxygirl210Items UFTFind Trade
xxsingerTradelist - 2:1 SaleFind Trade
voot_cruisinWearable Pretties UFT - (99 after a number = closet but still willing to consider trades)Find Trade
colonel_chokatoNC ♡ UFT (For full list, check DTI)Find Trade
cybunny_fanatic_Tradelist (12/27/2019)Find Trade
mewemyNC UFTFind Trade
darlanderNC Tradelist!Find Trade
dddd2:1 NC UFTFind Trade
jahita342NC UFTFind Trade
flamezeaiMAIN ACCOUNT SDB- 0 boxesFind Trade
flamezeaiMAIN ACCOUNT CLOSET- 0 boxesFind Trade
kids2spoylNC UFTFind Trade
blisster13NC UFT (friderike)Find Trade
harlyyUFT some items are htpw and only uft for htf wishesFind Trade
xwhereswaldoNC I haveFind Trade
iamtmarieshowers and lightsFind Trade
neverlookback361One & Two Cap ValueFind Trade
hello123_12323TLFind Trade
maulDTI Name Is Maul!Find Trade
ayeunnGarlands & ShowersFind Trade
baina948TradelistFind Trade
fonaritaNC LendingFind Trade
nar_nat_72NC For-TradeFind Trade
starryeyedsurpriseUFT new and currently being updated for mainFind Trade
lillypadNC UFTFind Trade
jazzkat8911Main - TLFind Trade
luckybitesLuckybitesFind Trade
bitter_sweet_x3HTPWFind Trade
jazzkat8911jazzkat89 Side UFTFind Trade
cilicia_pNC Trade List - Lending for DyeworksFind Trade
jackolanternNC UFTFind Trade
fikshunpink7NC UFTFind Trade
decoupagedUFTFind Trade
urbanparadiseClosetFind Trade
turnthelightsoffamanda's nc stuffFind Trade
kjelly123DW Lending for GBC/Dye Pot/Lab/FQ CookieFind Trade
sosuftwTradelist (sosunub)Find Trade
clovenc // up for tradeFind Trade
porcelainlollipopUFTFind Trade
rainbowssftwNC Items (9/29)Find Trade
jbcadeganMain BuyablesFind Trade
sweeranNC UFTFind Trade
nakakoiBuyablesFind Trade
tpelNC TradingFind Trade
colormecleverHaveFind Trade
strwbryblnd87NC Items UFTFind Trade
dehootNC Trade ListFind Trade
ciarzaNC uftFind Trade
chombygalleryNC GaloreFind Trade
rjlgNC TradelistFind Trade
byakurenUFTFind Trade
xing_darcieNC UFTFind Trade
zefyriaNC UFTFind Trade
pastypigeonComplete TL (Includes Highlights, Retireds, & Buyables)Find Trade
stuffieDyeworks🎨 LENDS (for wishes or gbc)Find Trade
throwmetothewolvesTrade ListFind Trade
tristanamandaShellys Up For TradeFind Trade
themotherofdragonsItems I OwnFind Trade
branflakestl: sdbFind Trade
claire2:1 GBC ( buyables & retired mixed)Find Trade
sashell2 for 1 GBCFind Trade
b_70x7_nTradingFind Trade
abeautifulnightmare_Up for tradeFind Trade
auein2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
juicyballetdancerNC UFTFind Trade
dizzydollzEVERYTHING UFT XFind Trade
deception101NC Items UFTFind Trade
dizzydollz( 2:1 sale ) OR GBC game, (send me a GBC, number of boxes = number of items)Find Trade
dark_lady_gray13NC Owned - Dark_Lady_GrayFind Trade
rateofdifferenceNeocash UFTFind Trade
hunarrNC UFTFind Trade
black_quxTLFind Trade
jbl10000Closet : VHTPWFind Trade
spookilycuteMy ItemsFind Trade
keepfalling{ Lending } Dyeworks ~ 2:1 GBCFind Trade
dricabiomedUFTFind Trade
tummiesNC UFTFind Trade
audestinyuft nc 2Find Trade
queen_megsNC 2:1 UFTFind Trade
lady_powderpuffRegular NC TLFind Trade
piranhaForeground / Shower / TrinketFind Trade
hammiehamster8Foregrounds Showers Backgrounds and Garlands UFTFind Trade
softbuffnc items uftFind Trade
rabbitoSide 3 - 2:1Find Trade
rabbitoNC UFT: MainFind Trade
mirandatrading listFind Trade
red_rocks_44444UFTFind Trade
dolchay1 Cap UFTFind Trade
liquidatedfire87NC Trade ListFind Trade
happy_dog_1995Items to TradeFind Trade
webbiesterStuffFind Trade
benrinaNew TradelistFind Trade
tardisMy TradelistFind Trade
jessimarie19952:1 for a GBC or 1:1 for FQC (if there are enough boxes)Find Trade
techikazeNC Trade ListFind Trade
deleuzeBuyables UFT 2:1 GBCFind Trade
suokamiNC TradesFind Trade
squickerzNC For TradeFind Trade
nikkiliciousCloset (not all are UFT sorry!)Find Trade
faerieoftheheartNC UP FOR TRADEFind Trade
fateTradeFind Trade
rachelraccoonNC UFTFind Trade
totallymeNC UFTFind Trade
hayliSDB NC UFTFind Trade
riss_chanUFTFind Trade
eapaNC uft: GeneralFind Trade
bleedingswitchbladeNCFind Trade
deoxeeItems UFTFind Trade
persephyneeNC UFTFind Trade
k4t0Lending for gbcFind Trade
xxobumblebeeNC UFTFind Trade
jugarumUp For TradeFind Trade
noxitideTrade ListFind Trade
jdelaney171 Cap SaleFind Trade
pickles072 for 1Find Trade
sgrNC TradelistFind Trade
cubsodaUp for trade | NM me offers :)Find Trade
hamham1995226UFT (in SDB)Find Trade
rosalita_litaTradelistFind Trade
ariane_blackCloset (HTPW)Find Trade
aveonh2oNewest NC TradelistFind Trade
smelltheflowersNC: UFTFind Trade
captivated_xxBuyablesFind Trade
starshipsNC TradelistFind Trade
silentcloudSideFind Trade
sirenNeocash Tradelist 1Find Trade
aurifeivionMy Dyeworks ItemsFind Trade
raceousNC TradesFind Trade
eveTLFind Trade
tanoshiifor tradeFind Trade
funnybunny_23Up For TradeFind Trade
gyultyNC TradeFind Trade
sixspacesUFT 2018Find Trade
essiehNC 1:1Find Trade
nell_nerhegebUp for tradeFind Trade
angelwingsssUpdated NC Trade ListFind Trade
leni_86TradelistFind Trade
machtornadoUFT NCFind Trade
blottoUFT: NCFind Trade
eopumperNC UFTFind Trade
_sangel_UFTFind Trade
harlyyLENDING New & Old Dyeworks 2:1 for GBCs or 1:1 for Dyepots/Wish!Find Trade
sweetseastarNC TradelistFind Trade
fabryce013TradelistFind Trade
hakolinskyNC UFT Foregrounds, Frames & GarlandsFind Trade
bunnyzillaCompiled NC GoodiesFind Trade
momo23UFTFind Trade
aquiedNC For TradeFind Trade
kanadiansnowbunnyNC UFT - 2:1 GBC / Upcycle or 1:1 for Lab CookieFind Trade
iceblue123TradelistFind Trade
zanobiaitems i have and can tradeFind Trade
shibunkiin5Reg. Trade ListFind Trade
yahhbytaeNC Trading ListFind Trade
katiecoo802Buyables UFTFind Trade
emberswingsvongolla 1 boxFind Trade
sparkyNC up for tradeFind Trade
srt_pallomaUFTFind Trade
ncquittingNC UFTFind Trade
avalithNC UFTFind Trade
christabeeEverything Else UFTFind Trade
winterskyyNC TradelistFind Trade
nctraderDW Lending ListFind Trade
blisfullNC UFTFind Trade
italodragonRegular TradelistFind Trade
haleyblaire_xNC UFT / WishlistFind Trade
divakaruniTradelist - divakaruniFind Trade
bossycat1033NC 2:1Find Trade
kaededaturaNC UFTFind Trade
skycrierNC TradelistFind Trade
amicablemain acc up for trade- contact ohdeariemeFind Trade
bangahahaNC TradelistFind Trade
bluheartNC Buyable Extras UFTFind Trade
feeling_freeNeocash Items I Have To TradeFind Trade
davialineNC UFTFind Trade
tizzybelleTizzybelle's UFT ListFind Trade
cosmaniacUFTFind Trade
armeliciousNC UFTFind Trade
honeydippedbearUFTFind Trade
sauramoonNc Items UFTFind Trade
windrider63NC TradelistFind Trade
krystaly2NC UFTFind Trade
tz_wolfNC UFTFind Trade
14the_adoptive_one14NC Items UFTFind Trade
mandapanda37NC UFTFind Trade
pandah2:1Find Trade
brittlovesnickTradelistFind Trade
nikkironnieJunky StuffFind Trade
exzaclee321UFT: AnythingFind Trade
vaynard12NCFind Trade
_cosmicblyss_Fall Sale - 2:1 GBCFind Trade
_cosmicblyss_1 GBC saleFind Trade
_cosmicblyss_Scenery itemsFind Trade
ravenmarvelBasic TradelistFind Trade
arsiunDyeworks for Lend (None for these are UFT)Find Trade
heffer943Neocash UFTFind Trade
midnight_galzRegular TLFind Trade
lefaiiNCFind Trade
awesome1gnorbu1NC TLFind Trade
antipopulaceTrade ListFind Trade
gelertemsNC CustomizationFind Trade
itsmanderinaGeneral:Find Trade
carmel_whitworthnc tradeFind Trade
pets_rock_8NC UFTFind Trade
saarlandbabeNC UFTFind Trade
tiffanyismeUFTFind Trade
siuyuUFT*Find Trade
charTradingFind Trade
ignorantxfairyTradelistFind Trade
__javier_32Closet - HTPWFind Trade
goldwinaUFT goldwinaFind Trade
0ut3rsp4ceTradesFind Trade
kotoko9662:1Find Trade
oo_hyperNC UFTFind Trade
spellbinder8797NC UFTFind Trade
pipeycharNC items UFTFind Trade
ojou_samaTL NC Main accountFind Trade
everyway❤ illusen_rocks_baconFind Trade
ali_gothCloset Items (HTPW)Find Trade
janerusBuyablesFind Trade
crowJunkFind Trade
alltimeloversTradingFind Trade
blueberrypiegirl1-2 Cap ValueFind Trade
dianacat777NC TradelistFind Trade
jadedone23NC Trade listFind Trade
missfeenyUp For Trade!Find Trade
anomallyFor TradeFind Trade
vanillaxskyDyeworks For LentFind Trade
markeetaannTradeslistFind Trade
1elliesNC TradelistFind Trade
alienspacefairyUFTFind Trade
voltarrUFTFind Trade
simplesilencexnctradeFind Trade
corky629Background / Foregounds etc.Find Trade
brooklynn_TradeListFind Trade
gothic_waterUFTFind Trade
nascar19nflNC UFT newFind Trade
n_unknown_nTrade ListFind Trade
starling91361Regular UFTFind Trade
phoenix_11NC TradeListFind Trade

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