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Suave Wavy Brown Wig

Suave Wavy Brown Wig

  • Rarity

    r500 (NC Mall)

  • Release Date

    January 12, 2011

  • Status

    Active ?

Up for Trade

The following 309 lists have Suave Wavy Brown Wig marked as up for trade:

shirokTradelist(Not updated, slowly working on this): Please only contact if you have my WL itemsFind Trade
wishlist_mfNC 2:1 UFTFind Trade
lucky300NC UFT 2:1Find Trade
squirrelfuryNC TradelistFind Trade
act4youUFT NCFind Trade
mollsmollyNC TradelistFind Trade
sliced_ramen2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
mavegibsonSDB | 999 = Not UFT | 888 = VHTPW | PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TRADE LIST | Make sure your Neomail inbox isn't full! | Sorry, No GBC/Customs UFTFind Trade
shysmile911Items I Have To TradeFind Trade
cathcaldasNC TradelistFind Trade
silver_moonNC TradelistFind Trade
itsyClothes, Jewelry, Makeup, Contacts & Wigs UFTFind Trade
ashley6809UFTFind Trade
forevercharmed2009NC Items UFTFind Trade
katina_choovanskiNC items UFTFind Trade
neofakeneoNC UFTFind Trade
wokitanaMy Trade List (8/26/2018)Find Trade
roesyfenTrade list 1Find Trade
snudycaisuUFT 2020Find Trade
theultimategambitUFTFind Trade
syiavriMy NC - 2019 (Main Account)Find Trade
lavenderheiressUFT: Wigs & HatsFind Trade
ouzzowTradelistFind Trade
doodlez171Closet / HTPWFind Trade
didi30000TL:Find Trade
purplewarfNeocash Trade ListFind Trade
chocolatebean18UFT 2:1Find Trade
mavegibsonCloset | 999 = Not UFT | 888 = VHTPW | PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TRADE LIST | Make sure your Neomail inbox isn't full! | Sorry, No GBC/Customs UFTFind Trade
dkeeperr1983Owned NC For TradeFind Trade
summerofjoyNC UFT: 2:1 SaleFind Trade
mona_the_onaNC UFT - Not all are marked with values.Find Trade
splush08UFT -Find Trade
maccajaneJane's NC Trade ListFind Trade
meiwiiiNC Up For TradeFind Trade
the_mausoleumUFT - NeoCash EditionFind Trade
airmansbabyUFTFind Trade
jayiaUFT on MainFind Trade
j3nnyx2:1 GBC TradelistFind Trade
dhpoohbearNC UFT 2:1 GBC ~ thepinkpixieFind Trade
amythiielNC Up for TradeFind Trade
pollywannafrogMy Trade ListFind Trade
heather-BLOCKED-Find Trade
4inNC UFTFind Trade
noisynikNC tradingFind Trade
vidav2:1 GBC saleFind Trade
roesyfenTrade List 2Find Trade
illumioseNC TradelistFind Trade
meghaanleeUFTFind Trade
chia_michNC UFT (Buyables)Find Trade
ozark2 :1 GBCube UFTFind Trade
raiichuStuff I'm TradingFind Trade
scarlettmoldovanNC Items UFTFind Trade
jknee1002:1 GBC (UFT for 1 GBC, 1 dyepot, or 1 upcycle cookie)Find Trade
pokityRegular UFT (Always seeking GBCs)Find Trade
iamtmarieSpares uft for game cookiesFind Trade
demoonairNC UFTFind Trade
petitehirondellineNC UFTFind Trade
ibmikieibmikie's Trade ListFind Trade
fruitsTradelistFind Trade
surferajNC Items UFT - Main AccountFind Trade
goldenruhl2:1 saleFind Trade
vanillaxskyUFT (Visit Userlookup for DTI Link)Find Trade
roesyfenTrade List 3Find Trade
dirgedancerOld Main NC UFT (Lunalabella)Find Trade
franktheblackbearNC UFTFind Trade
arabian_horses_rockNC Trade ListFind Trade
sammysaccountUFT - 2:1 gbc ( reguardless of value, i have too much stuff i wont use )Find Trade
xkitalaxNC - UFTFind Trade
quietdefianceEvery NC item I ownFind Trade
bekka513NC TRADE. I can view your tl if you don't have any of my wishes.Find Trade
himesama01UFTFind Trade
violentavaAssorted UFTFind Trade
herdyUp For Trade for Items on Seeking Wishlist OnlyFind Trade
delrayStuff UFTFind Trade
sunlight_10NC UFT/ClosetFind Trade
mipoule2:1 GBCFind Trade
leprekhanhUFT - 2:1 SectionFind Trade
starlightkyNC Items for TradeFind Trade
mello_yellow_27NC TradelistFind Trade
emeraldcityWigs & Hats UFTFind Trade
ariane_blackTradelist: Side AccountsFind Trade
+71 lists without contact info Show
trippycounsel1TradelistFind Trade
sky_ladyMy TradelistFind Trade
portmawNC UFTFind Trade
doggetts_backNC Trades doggetts_backFind Trade
becauseican22NC UFTFind Trade
rainbowtwinkletoesNC UFTFind Trade
sosuftwTradelist (sosunub)Find Trade
rhino_loupeNC: buyables & freebiesFind Trade
cindaTradelistFind Trade
spukl1NC UFTFind Trade
byakurenUFTFind Trade
wyvernwitchSDB Items: Always UFT: quantities may not be correctFind Trade
just_smeNC StuffFind Trade
mewithoutjewNC OfferingFind Trade
pensievemistTrade ListFind Trade
iamtmarieheads upFind Trade
grumpynutsUFT Wigs.. offer awayFind Trade
bliss98InaraFind Trade
bunnyzillaCloset FodderFind Trade
haniffyNC UFTFind Trade
princesseoffireuftFind Trade
punkin10772:1 GBCFind Trade
maknaetaniNC UFTFind Trade
reeves1. NC UFT: SaleFind Trade
starshelleNC TradelistFind Trade
imgonnagetaSDB NC ITEMS LISTFind Trade
coolgirl0183Trade ListFind Trade
lm4cjjj2for1Find Trade
ladysaphyreBuyables 2:1 GBCFind Trade
jackolanternNC UFTFind Trade
eliz1befItems UP FOR TRADE (UFT)Find Trade
melonishRegular UFTFind Trade
luckybitesLuckybitesFind Trade
vanannidianNC Trade ListFind Trade
slytherin94NC For TradeFind Trade
restrictedsectionNC Tradelist - restrictedsectionFind Trade
jellyjosieUFT Wigs, Hair, Hat, Crowns, Thought bubblesFind Trade
kadystwoNC In Closet Willing to TradeFind Trade
strawberrybellsRegular UFTFind Trade
thornzBUYABLES!!! Send me a GBC, I'll send you as many items as I get boxes!Find Trade
dolchay1 Cap UFTFind Trade
mew1193Trade ListFind Trade
audestinyuft nc 2Find Trade
sebieeeestrawGBC sale~Find Trade
beyondangerousNC UFTFind Trade
flamezeaiSide Account 4 NC UFTFind Trade
flamezeaiMain Account NC UFTFind Trade
beetleweedleNC Trade ListFind Trade
montanna95TradelistFind Trade
somethingpianistNC items uftFind Trade
cybunny_fanatic_Tradelist (Main)Find Trade
oinkpheusUFTFind Trade
enjucitybluesNC UFTFind Trade
hammiehamster8Clothing and Wigs UFTFind Trade
szkageyoshiUFT - Masculine WigsFind Trade
leni_86Cookie/Cap Sale 1-3Find Trade
gentlerabbit1986Neocash TradelistFind Trade
kougramomNC UP FOR TRADEFind Trade
youpsiiNC Tradelist (side: vitallic2)Find Trade
hiddenbrookNC UFTFind Trade
pastypigeonComplete TL (Includes Highlights, Retireds, & Buyables)Find Trade
rjlgNC TradelistFind Trade
harlyyUFT some items are htpw and only uft for htf wishesFind Trade
harpy_witchNC UFTFind Trade
dolphtig7893 For 1 SaleFind Trade
_lyke_orly_tradelistFind Trade
marckdriguesTLFind Trade
turnthelightsoffamanda's nc stuffFind Trade
bunnyspiritUFT (Old list need to reset-2020/0322)Find Trade
starryeyedsurpriseUFT new and currently being updated for mainFind Trade
neopetsguapNC UFTFind Trade
+312 lists that have not been updated recently Show
black_quxTLFind Trade
vickiecBuyablesFind Trade
sabrinamangoRegular TradelistFind Trade
b_70x7_nTradingFind Trade
kanadiansnowbunnyNC UFT - 2:1 GBC / Upcycle or 1:1 for Lab CookieFind Trade
funkalishious2:1 SaleFind Trade
pomtofuNC up for tradeFind Trade
laney329UFTFind Trade
carnationCarnation - NC UFTFind Trade
kittykatallyNC for TradeFind Trade
vampiratelfNC Tradelist : 2:1 GBCFind Trade
bodyfarmerItems for TradeFind Trade
starrships2 NC TradelistFind Trade
jazzkat8911Main - TLFind Trade
bitter_sweet_x3Up For TradeFind Trade
xxsearoseUFTFind Trade
bitter_sweet_x3up for trade side account Love_pink4Find Trade
larissalarooUFTFind Trade
iridiscencia♡ neocash uftFind Trade
rainbowssftwNC Items (9/29)Find Trade
sweeranNC UFTFind Trade
wherethereisawillNC UFT (Main)Find Trade
nakakoiBuyablesFind Trade
shelovesyounotTrade ListFind Trade
xing_darcieNC UFTFind Trade
emmy_kat_26NC UFT - contact emmy_kat_26 - dti tradelist is more accurate (same username on there)Find Trade
colonistsNC TradingFind Trade
themotherofdragonsItems I OwnFind Trade
branflakestl: sdbFind Trade
claire2:1 GBC ( buyables & retired mixed)Find Trade
bunniiCandytrip NC UFTFind Trade
auein2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
juicyballetdancerNC UFTFind Trade
dizzydollzEVERYTHING UFT XFind Trade
spektra7NC Trade ListFind Trade
deception101NC Items UFTFind Trade
clawspaws5114♥ NC TradelistFind Trade
dizzydollz( 2:1 sale ) OR GBC game, (send me a GBC, number of boxes = number of items)Find Trade
rateofdifferenceNeocash UFTFind Trade
hunarrSide 3 SFind Trade
hunarrNC UFTFind Trade
auberbyTradelistFind Trade
ichabodisitchyUp for TradeFind Trade
piranhaWig / FacePaint / GlassesFind Trade
dricabiomedUFTFind Trade
tummiesNC UFTFind Trade
tablatureNC UFTFind Trade
lady_powderpuffRegular NC TLFind Trade
rabbitoSide 2 - 2:1Find Trade
rabbitoSide 1 - 2:1Find Trade
rabbitoNC UFT: MainFind Trade
jupkmnCloset - UFTFind Trade
neo_vovoWIG UFTFind Trade
haniffy2WIG UFTFind Trade
hyenidaesylvynnaFind Trade
marriolNC TL / Seeking WL & GBCsFind Trade
jennaannej93My Nc up for tradeFind Trade
tardisMy TradelistFind Trade
techikazeNC Trade ListFind Trade
_starlahs_mummy_UFT - Side: starlahs_mummyFind Trade
meerNC Trade List - MainFind Trade
cannablay96NC Items For TradeFind Trade
maxmaceTrade ListFind Trade
hayliSDB NC UFTFind Trade
dollskinxWigs / Hats UFTFind Trade
thisbirdhasflownNC Nov. 2018Find Trade
thisbirdhasflown2/17/18 NC Closet UFTFind Trade
tomlucitorUFTFind Trade
iwarfyNC Trade listFind Trade
jdelaney171 Cap SaleFind Trade
cailaneTake these away!Find Trade
surfingbudhaUFTFind Trade
goldmoonMy NC UFTFind Trade
xiaoyiUFTFind Trade
smelltheflowersNC: UFTFind Trade
captivated_xxBuyablesFind Trade
hockeydarling14WigsFind Trade
the_coffin_dancerUFT: Buyables, Odds-n-EndsFind Trade
pedalfa2:1 GB Cube SaleFind Trade
lovedove27NC UFT ListFind Trade
falling_dreams_162:1 GBC LISTFind Trade
dabbydugUFT ListFind Trade
tanoshiifor tradeFind Trade
ela1234561ela1234561 Trade ListFind Trade
funnybunny_23Up For TradeFind Trade
iaraNC buyable trashFind Trade
bossycat10331-2 CapsFind Trade
rowdy420JunklistFind Trade
angelwingsssUpdated NC Trade ListFind Trade
clasof09gurlWTS NC (I'm attached to the Priorities)Find Trade
deadly1___4uNC UFTFind Trade
blottoUFT: NCFind Trade
eopumperNC UFTFind Trade
_sangel_UFTFind Trade
zoacheNC UFTFind Trade
x_white_wolfSide Account NCFind Trade
fabryce013TradelistFind Trade
alienbyluTradelist.Find Trade
iceblue123TradelistFind Trade
cuzforlifeNC UFTFind Trade
mytummyhertzUFT ListFind Trade
katiecoo802Buyables UFTFind Trade
italodragonRegular TradelistFind Trade
manicmoon2:1Find Trade
bossycat1033NC 2:1Find Trade
amicablemain acc up for trade- contact ohdeariemeFind Trade
cinderellafofaMy itemsFind Trade
purplehottnessUFTFind Trade
cosmic_jirachiJirachi's TradelistFind Trade
redfruitkNC TradelistFind Trade
camicake1 DyepotFind Trade
gurlsquadNC Items Up For TradeFind Trade
snailempressMy ClosetFind Trade
pandahWigs + Contacts + Head-gearFind Trade
brittlovesnickTradelistFind Trade
angelgurlz0930Trade list MainFind Trade
sweetfire_umberGeneral tradelistFind Trade
lyfeofthelonelyUp For TradeFind Trade
krystaly22 for 1 uftFind Trade
_cosmicblyss_Fall Sale - 2:1 GBCFind Trade
_cosmicblyss_2:1 GBC saleFind Trade
_cosmicblyss_Wearable itemsFind Trade
lalalapaniccNC TradelistFind Trade
deviousweaselNC TradelistFind Trade
unchunkableNC UFTFind Trade
koiishNC TLFind Trade
tidestarlolNC Items UFTFind Trade
keithsleftfootNC UFTFind Trade
nikki_aneeWIGSFind Trade
itsmanderinaGeneral:Find Trade
pupcakeNC Items for TradeFind Trade
siuyuUFT*Find Trade
novapulserNC UFT // 3:1 for Golden Sea Star WigFind Trade
jazziecookieNC up to 5:1Find Trade
goldwinaUFT goldwinaFind Trade
goldwinaUFT adryanahFind Trade
kodiakuNC UFTFind Trade
kotoko9662:1Find Trade
hilarionsfWigsFind Trade
spellbinder8797NC UFTFind Trade
pipeycharNC items UFTFind Trade
caseylove22TradelistFind Trade
warhammerhamsterPersonal Value ~1 GBCFind Trade
ealSemi HTPW- some items might be a little hard to part with. **If there are items here that are also listed in my VHTPW it means I have doubles and willing to trade themFind Trade
ashmoroNCUFTFind Trade
ali_gothCloset Items (HTPW)Find Trade
lyssieBuyables (2:1)Find Trade
margeeNc 2:1 GBCFind Trade
janerusMain TradelistFind Trade
sweetrinoaBuyableFind Trade
jessbunnyJanuary 2017 NC TL.Find Trade
dave7x7UFTFind Trade
jadedone23NC Trade listFind Trade
aholmesieNC TradelistFind Trade
anomallyFor TradeFind Trade
brooklynn_TradeListFind Trade

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