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Spinning Neopian Globe Staff

Spinning Neopian Globe Staff

  • Rarity

    r500 (NC Mall)

  • Release Date

    November 14, 2011

  • Retirement Date

    November 20, 2011

  • Status

    Active ?

Up for Trade

The following 181 lists have Spinning Neopian Globe Staff marked as up for trade:

didi30000TL:Find Trade
mollsmollyNC TradelistFind Trade
juicyloverealNC UFTFind Trade
waternixie101Worth 1 GbcFind Trade
chia_michNC UFT (1 or 2 GBC)Find Trade
pafofisNC UFT - 2:1 GBC saleFind Trade
maccajaneJane's NC Trade ListFind Trade
kitsuneshikaTLFind Trade
aeikiNC UFTFind Trade
zanzia4) 2:1 Section [Any 2 items for:1 GBC]Find Trade
bladegirl_18NC UFTFind Trade
anummahNC Items UFTFind Trade
nc_tradesTradingFind Trade
wouggleUFTFind Trade
kirakira_starrFind Trade
roesyfenTrade List 3Find Trade
renagaderose38NC Items UFTFind Trade
fruitsNC TradelistFind Trade
skumbyNC items I haveFind Trade
sun_flowerTradelistFind Trade
seochiNC UFTFind Trade
wildboutdogsNC UFTFind Trade
infernal_kittyNC TradesFind Trade
melanthiabastNeoCash UFT on GamerGrrlFind Trade
melanthiabastNeoCash UFT on LadyRobinFind Trade
roesyfenTrade list 1Find Trade
ilhsNC UFTFind Trade
lucky300NC UFT 2:1Find Trade
mavegibsonCloset | 999 = Not UFT | 888 = VHTPW | PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TRADE LIST | Make sure your Neomail inbox isn't full! | Sorry, No GBC/Customs UFTFind Trade
doodlez171All UFT (will accept caps for most - this WL only)Find Trade
laura182NC UFTFind Trade
elizabethanneaaaaaNC items and Artifacts for TradeFind Trade
draghy_85nc uftFind Trade
haleryTrade ListFind Trade
snix_snixNC Trade List - I do use items on this list but feel free to NM me about anything here. Willing to do 2:1 on some, just ask!Find Trade
super_meisjeNc Tradelist 2:1 GBCFind Trade
lgatorUp For TradeFind Trade
flame_thrower6NC Trade ListFind Trade
roesyfenTrade List 2Find Trade
123456789kebNeocash TradeFind Trade
the_lady_jNC Trade ListFind Trade
recklesseNC UFT - 2:1 GBC (or 1:1 item trade).Find Trade
auroriumUFTFind Trade
baby_neopian_galleryNC Tradelist BNG3 ★ S: Gbc or WlFind Trade
stuffie(Nc *UFT) 🔃 // & 2:1♻ ⏬Find Trade
oldschoolneopiaNC items UFTFind Trade
dieselleNC Trades -- my stuff!Find Trade
bananabunny❤ 2:1 Tradelist (All Retired)Find Trade
dudemonkey3NC UFTFind Trade
ejen94NC TradesFind Trade
annie19_81NC MALL ITEMS FOR TRADEFind Trade
squippitNC Stuff I Have!Find Trade
purplewarfNeocash Trade ListFind Trade
aleksenyaUFTFind Trade
tamoraLimited Edition or Retired Items UFTFind Trade
roesyfenTrade List 4Find Trade
ricalvo10NC Trade ListFind Trade
nalla68NC UFTFind Trade
vaziraUFT: dark_spirit (main)Find Trade
noemiebatNC Trade ListFind Trade
rosegardenNC UFTFind Trade
kianarae2:1 (Retired Items)Find Trade
ariane_blackTradelist: Side AccountsFind Trade
tildeheartUp for TradeFind Trade
slyphireNC UFT (150= Boxless Side)Find Trade
mcgirlcatUFTFind Trade
tanzanite_moonNC Trade ListFind Trade
th3n00bNC UFTFind Trade
claudia_cat2:1 sideFind Trade
mickb123NC UFT 3:1 only for GBCFind Trade
aurifeivionWilling to TradeFind Trade
sanguito008NC TradeFind Trade
rafa_potterNC UFTFind Trade
chocolatebean18UFT 2:1Find Trade
starryeyedsurpriseUFT itsonlyforeverFind Trade
muggledudeNC TradelistFind Trade
slimoldNC items for tradeFind Trade
vitorkanoventaThe few things I have UFC!Find Trade
jayiaUFT on MainFind Trade
fahegwagadsfahegwagads' NC UFTFind Trade
bogedaNC UFTFind Trade
larissalarooUFTFind Trade
missraeCloset - NCFind Trade
magpieteacozyNC OffersFind Trade
shannonspencesNeocash OfferingFind Trade
raiichuStuff I'm TradingFind Trade
allaishasUp For Trade.Find Trade
saelisNC UFTFind Trade
+93 lists without contact info Show
qt4evaWhat I Have To TradeFind Trade
pensievemistTrade ListFind Trade
tawney16UFTFind Trade
sky_lady2:1Find Trade
senhorita_vulpixmain: buyable / 2:1Find Trade
senhorita_vulpixside 1Find Trade
senhorita_vulpixside 3Find Trade
senhorita_vulpixside 2Find Trade
lilmisssimsaddicNC TradeFind Trade
wyvernwitchSDB Items: Always UFT: quantities may not be correctFind Trade
hammiehamster8Trinkets and Accessories UFTFind Trade
_theblackwolf_TradelistFind Trade
smile_hurluberlueNC tradingFind Trade
kougramomNC UP FOR TRADEFind Trade
spongebubblesNC items for tradeFind Trade
lighters_NC TLFind Trade
buffynetukUFT side #2 (2:1)Find Trade
chocobaunilhaItems :)Find Trade
wouggleSide UFT AFind Trade
wouggleSide UFT SFind Trade
babypet4meNC TradelistFind Trade
tennisgirl98Trading ListFind Trade
keepfalling{ UFT } General UFT for wishes and, in most cases, 1 GBC or Archive Cookie eachFind Trade
jhudoras_bluffNC Tradelist UFTFind Trade
araneaNC UFTFind Trade
xcyndellnightx2020 NC UFTFind Trade
claytonskittenNC UFTFind Trade
payasaUFTFind Trade
cybunny_fanatic_Tradelist (Main)Find Trade
wolflovaNC UFTFind Trade
lindseyaddisonLindseyaddison UFT listFind Trade
gameboy792UFT [2:1]: Main - Always seeking GBCsFind Trade
swissmisskiss123NC Trade ListFind Trade
kaeltheunluckyirishNC Mall Trade ListFind Trade
harpy_witchNC UFTFind Trade
sapphire1031Up For TradeFind Trade
northernpoetOfferingFind Trade
taurus296Neocash Trade ListFind Trade
lalaNC UFTFind Trade
sidestephNC UFT, but need gift boxesFind Trade
melonishRegular UFTFind Trade
nate14NC for UFTFind Trade
bellamymattgo to dti i don't feel like updating this list -- nc uftFind Trade
kjelly123TradelistFind Trade
eddie2010NC TradelistFind Trade
raurimcNC Up For TradeFind Trade
saphiraNC stuffFind Trade
angelofdreamsCloset UFTFind Trade
xtiramisu_NC Trade listFind Trade
nar_nat_72NC For-TradeFind Trade
neopetsguapNC UFTFind Trade
sleeping_gorgeous1NC UFTFind Trade
thornzGuaranteed 2:1 GBC/Upcycle! 1:1 FQC. Take em off my hands!Find Trade
hyenidaesylvanniaFind Trade
throwmetothewolvesTrade ListFind Trade
fredie110Things I dont needFind Trade
babyvendetta86NC Closet ItemsFind Trade
fleur_de_nalaNC UFTFind Trade
dustbunny86up for trade NCFind Trade
black_quxTLFind Trade
citramiNC Trade ListFind Trade
redskeletonMy UFT NC itemsFind Trade
ruinUFTFind Trade
strawberrybellsRegular UFTFind Trade
b_70x7_nTradingFind Trade
pomtofuNC up for tradeFind Trade
jellymoonneoNC TLFind Trade
sainna2:1Find Trade
rhubeeNC TradesFind Trade
eo2taraNC Items for TradeFind Trade
jelloshotsNC UFTFind Trade
metalianNC UFTFind Trade
youpsiiNC Tradelist : 1:1 GBC or 2:1 GBCFind Trade
kamiviciousncFind Trade
lurecheTrade ListFind Trade
missmir_9_9_9NC I can give away to mah frensFind Trade
darlanderNC Tradelist!Find Trade
blisster13NC UFT (friderike)Find Trade
unspairinglyNC UFTFind Trade
skaboyNC UFTFind Trade
baina948TradelistFind Trade
jules010883Trade ListFind Trade
vanillabunnycakesNC Stuff For TradeFind Trade
chlorinefridayNC - haveFind Trade
xxsearoseUFTFind Trade
fakeplasticteaseNC TradelistFind Trade
talokiyaTLFind Trade
souxis2NC - TradeFind Trade
alNC I HAVEFind Trade
wherethereisawillNC UFT (Main)Find Trade
neo_hellokittyClosetFind Trade
clouded_dreams_101NC UFTFind Trade
bulemagicTrade ListFind Trade
+550 lists that have not been updated recently Show
spacellNC UFTFind Trade
bigholeNC Mall Up For TradeFind Trade
bananasyooNC UFTFind Trade
waty7890NC Trade ListFind Trade
_nuffi_Neocash items up for tradeFind Trade
craziesthawkUp for Trade for my wish listFind Trade
emmy_kat_26NC UFT - contact emmy_kat_26 - dti tradelist is more accurate (same username on there)Find Trade
daddyslilprincess250UFTFind Trade
ardi_xkzNC UFTFind Trade
kmarsUFTFind Trade
jararaconc uftFind Trade
kissable_kayNC Trade ListFind Trade
maraquanfaerieUp for tradeFind Trade
fissionNC UFTFind Trade
themotherofdragonsItems I OwnFind Trade
branflakesMy Wishes (7/10/2019)Find Trade
thrashNC Up For TradeFind Trade
claire2:1 GBC ( buyables & retired mixed)Find Trade
moneybooNC tradeFind Trade
firefly8041My NC items UFTFind Trade
just_smeNC StuffFind Trade
yaya90UFTFind Trade
zaichikUFTFind Trade
razufelMY NC ITENSFind Trade
collar_blueNC Items for TradeFind Trade
alice877877UFTFind Trade
briannareganlewisNC Trade ListFind Trade
rateofdifferenceNeocash UFTFind Trade
the_real_bananakinsNC UFTFind Trade
rigo2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 for My wishes or GBCFind Trade
jasonhicks23NC UFT | 21 - 2:1 SaleFind Trade
professorslyNC Items UFTFind Trade
ratty170170My NC for tradeFind Trade
starkbsNC UFT 2:1 only for GBCFind Trade
rigo2:1 for only GBCsFind Trade
bluibiNC UFTFind Trade
stripedroxyItems I ownFind Trade
lamartianNC UFT (Priced) (Updated Apr. 23 2019)Find Trade
karanyanKaraFind Trade
dricabiomedUFTFind Trade
blackrose280NC Trade ListFind Trade
petgirl747905My NC itemsFind Trade
terzaNC For Trade - WearablesFind Trade
viking1Looking to Trade-Give Away FreeFind Trade
ididntdoit_yetNC Items I haveFind Trade
rabbitoSide 3 - 2:1Find Trade
rabbitoSide 1 - 2:1Find Trade
rabbitoNC UFT: MainFind Trade
aliriyaCloset 19Q1Find Trade
douggilmour93L's Trade ListFind Trade
squidinkpenTRADE LISTFind Trade
taniloveNC for tradeFind Trade
dusty_daisyNC UFT: 2:1Find Trade
deleuzeNC UFTFind Trade
hyenidaesylvynnaFind Trade
repogeneticoperaMy NC items available to giveFind Trade
marriolNC TL / Seeking WL & GBCsFind Trade
mewpyrochickUp for TradeFind Trade
marlinasUFT 2:1 Buyable and Retired ItemsFind Trade
daemonNC Wearables UFTFind Trade
cutiepie122188NC Up for TradeFind Trade
lyssa.:: NC Tradelist ::.Find Trade
jakecocoaNC UFT listFind Trade
tardisMy TradelistFind Trade
jessicabaluNC Up For TradeFind Trade
landi_and_meNC UFTFind Trade
mochiyuNC Wearables for TradeFind Trade
mnmpeanut94123NC UFT- 2:1 GBC - take em away boys!Find Trade
hellvenNC UFTFind Trade
tormdraNC UFTFind Trade
fateTradeFind Trade
chrs573UFTFind Trade
jersharocksNC Up for Trade *UPDATED 12/18/2018*Find Trade
rachelraccoonNC UFTFind Trade
ttNC tradelistFind Trade
a_mickey_aNC UFTFind Trade
hoseokNC Items for tradeFind Trade
aly513UFTFind Trade
nanachan09NC items UFTFind Trade
kris4210==NO OFFSITE LINKING==Find Trade
evil_flying_unicornsNC UFTFind Trade
moanahokuItems for TradeFind Trade
chocolab115UFTFind Trade
sweetxmorphineNC UFT (currently boxless so gbcs are priority)Find Trade
pseudolll2My NC TradesFind Trade
funkpalaceTrade listFind Trade
nat13NC Mall Trade ListFind Trade
anagram_streamNC TLFind Trade
natakazamUFT: NeocashFind Trade
itsume_tao~ NC UFT ~Find Trade
wolke_xNC TradelistFind Trade
petitehirondellineNC UFT (from bags/grams)Find Trade
pickles07NC UFT - ClosetFind Trade
jdelaney171 Cap SaleFind Trade
cailaneTake these away!Find Trade
surfingbudhaUFTFind Trade
sin_hui_ryomaUp For TradeFind Trade
pleasebelettervUFT NC ItemsFind Trade
ballinpinoy3NC UFTFind Trade
ohsounicornlyNC UFT (21= 2 for 1, 99=HTPW, most 2 caps are negotiable)Find Trade
amberlrichmondUFTFind Trade
squiddersStuff for tradeFind Trade
sophiejonas_xoNC Up for TradeFind Trade
blueshmoon_sims2plyrEverything elseFind Trade
hamham1995226UFT (in SDB)Find Trade
viiNC For TradeFind Trade
sannakoNC items up for tradeFind Trade
inthemiddle44UFTFind Trade
rosalita_litaTradelistFind Trade
saschacatNC for tradeFind Trade
rainbowriver32NC TradelistFind Trade
ignoredUFTFind Trade
chaotizitaetNC UFTFind Trade
raconteurNC UFTFind Trade
themagodotempoNC I HAVEFind Trade
missalyssaaaNC UFT // March 22 // STILL updating this huge list ( and ALL my huge lists ).. there is a high probability I will go insane soon .. O_oFind Trade
salz16NC UFTFind Trade
starry_eyes1239NC TradesFind Trade
muffin_got_frozenNC TLFind Trade
katiecoo802Need GBC to TradeFind Trade
alex37373NC TradeFind Trade
mandilee_co_ukNC HasFind Trade
ashtonenoUFT - (24 April 2018) for my Wishlist, GBC or Retired CapsFind Trade
octobermothNC Trade ListFind Trade
ilovehyruleNC Up for TradeFind Trade
redflipflapUFT NC ItemsFind Trade
rhaegarhNC TLFind Trade
funnybunny_23Up For TradeFind Trade
smeehooNC UFTFind Trade
molten_emberNC UFTFind Trade
mailethRegular TradelistFind Trade
evilkittensNC TradelistFind Trade
angelwingsssUpdated NC Trade ListFind Trade
machtornadoUFT NCFind Trade
platinumskiesNC crap i haveFind Trade
devil_kiki_girlzUFT side accountFind Trade
softballchk_414NC that I have.. potentially for tradeFind Trade
eopumperNC UFTFind Trade
eleanorrigbyUFTFind Trade
shortyluvsya182UFTFind Trade
phatboofscsuNC TradingFind Trade
xxnoveyxxItems To TradeFind Trade
daenerys_raineClosetFind Trade
fabryce013TradelistFind Trade
isidorasofaNC items UFTFind Trade
x_white_wolfNC ItemsFind Trade
mhoffmannNCFind Trade
shoucchinNC trades for WL items or capsFind Trade
derpygooseHavesFind Trade
anjelaNC UFTFind Trade
hellokitty1312NC UFTFind Trade
silva64_aaUFT Clothing itemsFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on eliz4bef -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
jimaaa70NCFind Trade
emmygirl10740NC Items OwnedFind Trade
momo23UFTFind Trade
krazy_chick195NC items UFTFind Trade
iceblue123TradelistFind Trade
rutedafonteNC TradeFind Trade
yahhbytaeNC Trading ListFind Trade
amie_chan08NC UFT ListFind Trade
inefableNC items up for tradeFind Trade
cute_lil_roxie_girlNC UFTFind Trade
expiredcatnipNC UFTFind Trade
plutos_ghostNC-UFTFind Trade
dreamie✧ NC UFT LISTFind Trade
msduvilleNC UFTFind Trade
esti_428For trade!Find Trade
ncquittingNC UFTFind Trade
christabeeEverything Else UFTFind Trade
hatebusNC Items UFTFind Trade
rachealkizzUFTFind Trade
cocoa_x_kittyNC UFTFind Trade
suzie_b_1UFT Retired/LE/GameFind Trade
alaynesweetyNC Items UFTFind Trade
xxkatielynnNC UFTFind Trade
italodragonRegular TradelistFind Trade
ysakuryNc I HaveFind Trade
christabella611NC Items for TradeFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on ixi_grotto -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
divakaruniTradelist - divakaruniFind Trade
bossycat1033NC 2:1Find Trade
celestialchaosNC Up for TradeFind Trade
kaededaturaNC UFTFind Trade
amanda23NC UFTFind Trade
dizzymeupNC Items UFTFind Trade
teaenjayeUFTFind Trade
hadayaNC Trade ListFind Trade
amicablemain acc up for trade- contact ohdeariemeFind Trade
ncluver9UFT NC ItemsFind Trade
bangahahaNC TradelistFind Trade
invaderkibachanNC UFTFind Trade
saaUFT NC (wearable)Find Trade
dxt_neoNC+Find Trade
otsuNC item trading listFind Trade
tgrcheergrlNC UFTFind Trade
mafaldinha_s2NC TradelistFind Trade
aweidenbTradelistFind Trade
bitzrulzNC SellingFind Trade
adrianinhu12NC TradingFind Trade
rhiannonweissNC Trade ListFind Trade
fathumureUFTFind Trade
lafiazNC Items UFT (NM qu33n_giggl3s for Offers)Find Trade
honeydippedbearUFTFind Trade
dragonrider650Closet/HTPWFind Trade
madgomeryside tradelist ~Find Trade
darker_dogDarker_DogFind Trade
kelexieUFTFind Trade
bethanywasrightNC UFTFind Trade
rainingmusesNC UFTFind Trade
mandapanda37NC UFTFind Trade
silverlilliNC TradeFind Trade
angelgurlz0930Trade list SideFind Trade
angelgurlz0930Trade list MainFind Trade
skywalker_vader134Nc TradelistFind Trade
exzaclee321UFT: AnythingFind Trade
rhino_loupeNC tradelist 2:1Find Trade
sharkie703NC Items UFTFind Trade
siderealNC TLFind Trade
breathe13NC UFTFind Trade
floofyNC UFT side agentr_Find Trade
hotilgaRegular TLFind Trade
nikki_aneeHandheldsFind Trade
chenzzoNC TradesFind Trade
toypuppiesNC UFT ilikepuppiesFind Trade
tiffanyismeUFTFind Trade
neuroticat42NC TradesFind Trade
shorty07NC UFT - Online Daily - Neomail for TradeFind Trade
skibreedNC Up For Trade ListFind Trade
jmonkey182Neocash TradelistFind Trade
supernatx07NC UFT - for capsulesFind Trade
smidgie190UFTFind Trade
enzo_07NC UFTFind Trade
pipeycharNC items UFTFind Trade
jewelzthedinosaurusNC UFTFind Trade
xavthedragonTrade ListFind Trade
magustadaniele_10 UFT listFind Trade
cornelius_spoonNC Trade ListFind Trade
ashmoroNCUFTFind Trade
wymbleUFTFind Trade
redirishangelNC UFTFind Trade
cinnabellsNC UFTFind Trade
coolgirl0183Trade ListFind Trade
crzygrl101things i haveFind Trade
beatowlNC for TradeFind Trade
jessbunnyJanuary 2017 NC TL.Find Trade
taztiger_06) (box 2) craFind Trade
bel116TradelistFind Trade
casraecalUFTFind Trade
astrophelNC Trade ListFind Trade
mutantpteri62NC UFTFind Trade
alltimeloversTradingFind Trade
cyvinaNC UFT :DFind Trade
mmmmmmmeeeeeeeNC Items UFTFind Trade
morganetinaNC UFTFind Trade
vanillaxskyNormal UFTFind Trade
rollingstonechickUFT 1 CAPSFind Trade
pendastardlyNC UFTFind Trade
tab394 trade listFind Trade
alienspacefairyUFTFind Trade
rahramItems For TradeFind Trade
vickiUFT listFind Trade
missunpopularside 2 TLFind Trade
missunpopularside 3 TLFind Trade
brooklynn_TradeListFind Trade
oinkpheusUFTFind Trade
n_unknown_nTrade ListFind Trade
savvyNC TradelistFind Trade
katrinakhouryWearables I haveFind Trade
phoenix_11NC TradeListFind Trade
presciousloveUFTFind Trade
hermi22694UFTFind Trade
moryNC UFTFind Trade
missunpopularNC TradelistFind Trade

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