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Silver Star Bracers

Silver Star Bracers

  • Rarity

    r500 (NC Mall)

  • Release Date

    July 1, 2012

  • Status

    Active ?

Up for Trade

The following 273 lists have Silver Star Bracers marked as up for trade:

amythiielGeneral UFTFind Trade
nofx__UFTFind Trade
jak2NC UFT - Basic buyables - 2:1 CapFind Trade
bladegirl_18NC UFTFind Trade
fonaritaNC TradelistFind Trade
coco_mlleCoco_mlle's NC Items UFTFind Trade
wokitanaMy Trade List (8/26/2018)Find Trade
fonaritaNC LendingFind Trade
melida67UP FOR TRADE NC ITEMSFind Trade
theultimategambitUFTFind Trade
hummingbird_wishNC Trade listFind Trade
mlynnmNC UFTFind Trade
oshichiNC Trade ListFind Trade
meghaanleeUFTFind Trade
selina_annNC Items UFTFind Trade
mona_the_onaNC Up For TradeFind Trade
vegasdisneyprincessNC UFT: Accesories/TrinketsFind Trade
ipxd725NC trade listFind Trade
maccajaneJane's NC Trade ListFind Trade
specialUFT on Punkycocoa, please mail punkycocoa too !Find Trade
vegasdisneyprincessDyeworks *Lending Originals* (I have no boxes so 2:1 GBC)Find Trade
chia_michNC UFT (Buyables)Find Trade
oshichiDyeworks Lending (Not For Trade)Find Trade
oshichiSide: Vaskui's Trade ListFind Trade
doglover3662Wearables/NC UFT for Wishlist! online daily - feel free to nm!Find Trade
blueyddrgnNC UFT Handheld/AccessoriesFind Trade
intrngrlUFTFind Trade
katina_choovanskiNC items UFTFind Trade
ejen94NC TradesFind Trade
fidomaudfidomaud Wearable NC Items for TradeFind Trade
bekka513NC TRADE. I can view your tl if you don't have any of my wishes.Find Trade
xx__dana__xxLendingFind Trade
risingstar89NC Trade ListFind Trade
fruitsNC TradelistFind Trade
4inNC UFTFind Trade
tunabledust7Neocash up for tradeFind Trade
flashlabUFTFind Trade
zeroritaDyeworks lending - 1 for 1 DW potion or 2:1 GBCFind Trade
phenixiaBuyables UFT (2:1)Find Trade
moon_princess11788NC UFTFind Trade
himesama01UFTFind Trade
roesyfenTrade List 4Find Trade
howdareyoufreezeme1NC UFT as of 3/28/20Find Trade
act4youUFT NCFind Trade
xweetokbabyItems for TradeFind Trade
jab9qcUFTFind Trade
syiavriMy NC - 2019 (Main Account)Find Trade
jknee1002:1 GBC (UFT for 1 GBC, 1 dyepot, or 1 upcycle cookie)Find Trade
snix_snixNC Trade List - I do use items on this list but feel free to NM me about anything here. Willing to do 2:1 on some, just ask!Find Trade
theonetorulethemallNC to tradeFind Trade
anummahNC Items UFTFind Trade
ziporen2:1 for FQCsFind Trade
ziporenStuff I Would Trade For Stuff I'll Never GetFind Trade
cyberkissessAccessoriesFind Trade
meiwiiiNC Up For TradeFind Trade
phantomfoxyNC ITEMS UFTFind Trade
ohmanwellNC up for tradeFind Trade
squippitNC Stuff I Have!Find Trade
nebulousfableNC UFTFind Trade
airmansbabyUFTFind Trade
ozark2 :1 GBCube UFTFind Trade
piinemartenFor TradeFind Trade
vidavNC UFTFind Trade
lostdreamfaithTradelistFind Trade
melanthiabastNeoCash UFT on GamerGrrlFind Trade
sarahsosillync tradelist ♥Find Trade
dudemonkey3NC UFTFind Trade
milllllybNC Items UFTFind Trade
cady1110Up for TradeFind Trade
the_lady_jNC Trade ListFind Trade
juliannadiasperNC UFTFind Trade
cassiopea566My Trade List: Bracers/Bracelets/GlovesFind Trade
rosegardenNC UFTFind Trade
ashtonavocadoHTPW / Closeted (13 caps is VHTPW)Find Trade
tildeheartUp for TradeFind Trade
wildboutdogsNC UFTFind Trade
twotreeowlTradelistFind Trade
sliced_ramen2:1 GBC Sale (NOT UPDATED)Find Trade
eiluj122000Trading 2:1Find Trade
alohadiscordiaNC: offeringFind Trade
vickiecBuyablesFind Trade
teoraluxNC UFTFind Trade
dragons_duskUFTFind Trade
tinnyminnyNC itemsFind Trade
blast108993:1 UFTFind Trade
minnie298aTradelistFind Trade
vas11890NC Items For TradeFind Trade
rhagnaNC TradelistFind Trade
protovolveNC UFTFind Trade
paperbackstabnc items up for trade!Find Trade
stuffie(Nc *UFT)⏬💱⏫Stuffie's Offers🔃 // & 2:1♻ ⏫💱⏬Find Trade
rickdomaNC Items (Up For Trade)Find Trade
lurvenNc items for trade:Find Trade
zerorita2:1 saleFind Trade
virtualraspberryUFT - 2:1Find Trade
claudia_catdw lending; 1 for a dw pot, 2 for a gbcFind Trade
fararah_faerieNC TradelistFind Trade
emiliabrightNC up for tradeFind Trade
mickb123NC UFT 3:1 only for GBCFind Trade
sunlight_10NC UFT/ClosetFind Trade
amaria2:1 Sale!Find Trade
godivaontherocksNC Items UFTFind Trade
drzoidbergNC extras for tradingFind Trade
thatlampUFT - NCFind Trade
tornishDyeworks LendingFind Trade
gably_shinyNeocash UFTFind Trade
kittykatallyNC for TradeFind Trade
iv0rykeysUp For Trade! -- (Highlights shown as "Top Priority")Find Trade
joeltheidiotNeocash Tradelist (Highlights and HTPW listed as top priority)Find Trade
b_o_b_137NC UFTFind Trade
emberaurora{{ NC UFT }}Find Trade
kaahpunkUFTFind Trade
sandy_puppyNC Items UFTFind Trade
roslina95NC Items FT (Will only trade Priority items for my Priority Wishlist)Find Trade
sidestephNC UFTFind Trade
macostenUFT NCFind Trade
ashley6809UFTFind Trade
chocolatebean18UFT 2:1Find Trade
remyNC UFT 2:1Find Trade
sammipixieNC Trade ListFind Trade
aeryn⊰ Dyeworks for Lend (2:1 with GBC) ⊱Find Trade
caroline673OfferingFind Trade
broken_essenceItems for trade (NC)Find Trade
fahegwagadsfahegwagads' NC UFTFind Trade
bogedaNC UFTFind Trade
velasaNC UFTFind Trade
larissalarooUFTFind Trade
missraeCloset - NCFind Trade
burningsageNC - UFT 2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
neofakeneoNC UFTFind Trade
lgatorUp For TradeFind Trade
mattquinNC up for tradeFind Trade
annie19_81NC MALL ITEMS FOR TRADEFind Trade
bouncyhanyouUFTFind Trade
quailbatNC Mall - UFTFind Trade
sarcasticdeathClosetedFind Trade
ridiculouslynoirUFTFind Trade
urbanparadiseUFTFind Trade
petitehirondellineNC UFTFind Trade
dewdroprose» 2:1GBC SaleFind Trade
fishgirl1996==NO OFFSITE LINKING==Find Trade
poobortNC UFTFind Trade
+131 lists without contact info Show
emorangersTrade ListFind Trade
_andreangA1 - ScottojrxFind Trade
animalUFT: Animal on DTIFind Trade
funkyllamaNC MallFind Trade
j3nnyx2:1 GBC TradelistFind Trade
grizzly_bear14NC TRADELISTFind Trade
lindseyaddisonNC UFTFind Trade
brian23sebNeocash TradeFind Trade
unchancyTradelistFind Trade
sammiekay89NC Mall UFT ItemsFind Trade
clover2_8NC items for tradeFind Trade
colonel_chokatoNC ♡ UFT (For full list, check DTI)Find Trade
reed5909NC items UFTFind Trade
mackaylinnWhat's availableFind Trade
keetahspacecatUFT: ClothingFind Trade
ccmgmUFT R-Z item names, for WL items of verified similar cap valueFind Trade
punkin10772:1 GBCFind Trade
sky_lady2:1Find Trade
kjelly123DW Lending for GBC/Dye Pot/Lab/FQ CookieFind Trade
bellarellaCloset (May Trade, Please Ask!)Find Trade
mellyjelly2:1 SALEFind Trade
briar_rose__26Up For Trade ItemsFind Trade
jessieop17NC uft, maybe outdated?Find Trade
mattloUp for tradeFind Trade
snug868alienNC UFTFind Trade
mespirit24Trade ListFind Trade
angie8204Trade ListFind Trade
tinyzukoNC UFTFind Trade
rak128NC Trade ListFind Trade
deodattaNC UFT (includes GBCs)Find Trade
weepformanetherenUp for tradeFind Trade
breezyshadows86Potential UFT NC Items (Some items I will only trade for priority wants)Find Trade
fireflyNC TRADE LISTFind Trade
kitten_007799Items I Have to Trade.Find Trade
kyretteNC Items UFTFind Trade
armybrat30Extra neocash itemsFind Trade
forgottenbirthdaysNC UFTFind Trade
jaudaranNC UFTFind Trade
babypet4meNC TradelistFind Trade
clexxianTradelistFind Trade
stephachu25UFTFind Trade
throwmetothewolvesTrade ListFind Trade
szkageyoshiUFT - Handwear & FootwearFind Trade
buffynetukUFT (2:1)Find Trade
starshipsNC TradelistFind Trade
demogorgonNC UFTFind Trade
ladyofdarknessNC UFTFind Trade
jahita342NC UFTFind Trade
xrenewedxrenewed - NC UFTFind Trade
cybunny_fanatic_Tradelist (Main)Find Trade
girl21bNC Stuff I have not that I needFind Trade
ritsypuppNC Items I have to tradeFind Trade
lamartianNC UFT 3:1GBCFind Trade
dustbunny86up for trade NCFind Trade
redskeletonMy UFT NC itemsFind Trade
strawberrybellsRegular UFTFind Trade
the_lady_jNC Trade List - OtherFind Trade
redpandaassassinbeastykids UFTFind Trade
sera_loveNC Trade ListFind Trade
pizzabaconNC items TO trade/giveFind Trade
ellie_kaykay_woo2:1 TradelistFind Trade
thefranticfanNC TradingFind Trade
anja1122334455NC up for trade 3:1Find Trade
harlyyUFT some items are htpw and only uft for htf wishesFind Trade
jellymoonneoNC TLFind Trade
sainna2:1Find Trade
ryylaNC Items UFTFind Trade
cherry_25NC BuyablesFind Trade
allbetsoffNC UFTFind Trade
starshelleNC TradelistFind Trade
hiddenbrookNC UFTFind Trade
reverieroseMy neocash itemsFind Trade
youpsiiNC Tradelist : 1:1 GBC or 2:1 GBCFind Trade
lunedazeNC UFTFind Trade
roxie38Up for Trade: NC ClothingFind Trade
coolmusic_girlNC Items TradeFind Trade
thornzBUYABLES!!! Send me a GBC, I'll send you as many items as I get boxes!Find Trade
theillustratedwomanNC items for tradeFind Trade
psirockin2NC Trading StuffFind Trade
rawrrxitsxhaleyTradeFind Trade
missmir_9_9_9NC I can give away to mah frensFind Trade
mewemyNC UFTFind Trade
darlanderNC Tradelist!Find Trade
potpiUFTFind Trade
tiamariadaviaUp for trade- see wishlistFind Trade
lydrvNC Up for TradeFind Trade
voxhumana3327NC Up For TradeFind Trade
flamezeaiMAIN ACCOUNT SDB- 0 boxesFind Trade
kittendestroyerNC TradelistFind Trade
chirstinaalyceTradingFind Trade
_karmakatNC UFT (Main)Find Trade
neverlookback361One & Two Cap ValueFind Trade
intueri2.5 Trading: DW LendingFind Trade
sccf771NC items i dont want anymoreFind Trade
captainhellonc uftFind Trade
baina948TradelistFind Trade
jazzkat8911Main - TLFind Trade
flamewing287flamewing287's NC trade listFind Trade
hippiemamaNC items available for tradeFind Trade
fkalaurenItems UFTFind Trade
vicvifMy offersFind Trade
xxsearoseUFTFind Trade
senhorita_vulpixNC items UFTFind Trade
fakeplasticteaseNC TradelistFind Trade
gengariaNC WearsFind Trade
penny625NC items for trade. Neomail me @ penelopetaynt1Find Trade
nashie363comesbackNC 2:1 GBCFind Trade
alNC I HAVEFind Trade
porcelainlollipopUFTFind Trade
rainbowssftwNC Items (9/29)Find Trade
c0ldwatersUFTFind Trade
savichesNC Items For TradeFind Trade
colormecleverHaveFind Trade
sydrinneUFT: NC 2:1Find Trade
starphirephireNC Trade ListFind Trade
mellonTradelistFind Trade
nandastrikeTradeFind Trade
byakurenUFTFind Trade
_malavita_FOR TRADEFind Trade
xing_darcieNC UFTFind Trade
the_16th_faerienot just a wl, these are items I have that are (mostly) availableFind Trade
magpony875NC UFTFind Trade
pastypigeonComplete TL (Includes Highlights, Retireds, & Buyables)Find Trade
mellNc TradesFind Trade
stuffieDyeworks🎨 LENDS (for wishes or gbc)Find Trade
lady_ixiITEMS FOR TRADEFind Trade
asterozoaNC UFTFind Trade
readinachairNC TradelistFind Trade
eliz1befItems UP FOR TRADE (UFT)Find Trade
branflakestl: sdbFind Trade
let_itbl33dtrade listFind Trade
+658 lists that have not been updated recently Show
claire2:1 GBC ( buyables & retired mixed)Find Trade
katsumikaze⁂ Nc trade list ⁂Find Trade
enderjdarkfrog349s up for trade listFind Trade
juicyballetdancerNC UFTFind Trade
jrayeb33Neocash UFTFind Trade
targoefistaNC UFTFind Trade
asteriapioIf u like something simply ask :3Find Trade
marckdriguesTLFind Trade
sapphieee2:1 GBC LendingFind Trade
firefly8041My NC items UFTFind Trade
dizzydollzEVERYTHING UFT XFind Trade
charelannc items up for tradeFind Trade
yaya90UFTFind Trade
alkannaNC Tradelist - Alkanna_AzureFind Trade
deception101NC Items UFTFind Trade
kanna1300NC UFT ♡Find Trade
treehoprNC Trade ListFind Trade
lilu_liaLilu_lia's UFT NC ItemsFind Trade
giggzabitNC TradesFind Trade
katzuharuPara CambiarFind Trade
rigo2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 for My wishes or GBCFind Trade
jasonhicks23NC UFT | 21 - 2:1 SaleFind Trade
liesoeoeNC items UFTFind Trade
sevonicuft nc itemsFind Trade
1337potatoeNC bulk tradingFind Trade
boricualolitaFor TradeFind Trade
12345pacoNC UFTFind Trade
denayaroseNC UFTFind Trade
octoberdreamerMy NC Items UFTFind Trade
sunnypopfelineFor Sale/trade Message meFind Trade
cachorritalinda12jlNC UFTFind Trade
skunkNC Items UFT | Will take GBC or fortune cookies 1:1/items I'm LFFind Trade
passion_killerUFT Items- HTPW in Top Priority BoxFind Trade
karanyanKaraFind Trade
ichabodisitchyUp for TradeFind Trade
laimuxeGIVEAWAY (message me which item you want as a gift)Find Trade
keepfalling{ Lending } Dyeworks ~ 2:1 GBCFind Trade
dricabiomedUFTFind Trade
wanshottaNC Items For TradeFind Trade
tummiesNC UFTFind Trade
sawacakezUp for tradeFind Trade
ashtenmaeMy Trade ListFind Trade
lady_powderpuffRegular NC TLFind Trade
sapphira310NC Available for TradeFind Trade
wonderbutt22Items ownedFind Trade
sapphire0kissesNC TradelistFind Trade
phonofusMy NC AlbumFind Trade
lp4ever_1128uftFind Trade
viking1Looking to Trade-Give Away FreeFind Trade
inzeyNC Items OwnedFind Trade
zedisdeadbabytrade nc listFind Trade
rabbitoSide 1 - 2:1Find Trade
rabbitoNC UFT: MainFind Trade
reidocamaroteI Have it!Find Trade
darkarcadesNC - Up For TradeFind Trade
lilith__xUFTFind Trade
christieNC UFTFind Trade
hammiehamster8Trinkets and Accessories UFTFind Trade
frogadelicNC Trade ListFind Trade
heatherNC UFTFind Trade
repogeneticoperaMy NC items available to giveFind Trade
zenkillianThings I have for tradeFind Trade
jen_asidesidetradeFind Trade
liquidatedfire87NC Trade ListFind Trade
jennaannej93My Nc up for tradeFind Trade
marlinasUFT 2:1 Buyable and Retired ItemsFind Trade
knightinnUFT (Some maybe HTPW, please ignore qty)Find Trade
rice920xUFC ListFind Trade
dragaen_faerieNC TL (1/26/2019)Find Trade
tardisMy TradelistFind Trade
18hannahbanana18NC Owned & UFTFind Trade
emberfusionNC UFTFind Trade
ana616_s2♡ NC UFT/ ''ALL'' items are UFT ♡Find Trade
rdeh00Up-For-Trade NC Items2Find Trade
krystalb2000My Items Up For Trade:Find Trade
weezybabyEverything Else uftFind Trade
ec04:1 GBC Sale- PICK 3 or 4 FROM THIS LISTFind Trade
goghflowerthings for sale/tradeFind Trade
kenshin8671NC UFTFind Trade
karriahUp for TradeFind Trade
sabrignomeMy NC ItemsFind Trade
odnumyerGallery NC UFTFind Trade
houdinaNc Trade ListFind Trade
nvmyawesomenessUp For TradeFind Trade
ceravaenaUFT 2:1Find Trade
spektra72:1 GBC TLFind Trade
suturesNC OFFERINGFind Trade
a_mickey_aNC UFTFind Trade
riss_chanUFTFind Trade
amygdala125NC UFTFind Trade
hoghoardUP FOR TRADEFind Trade
starfirefluffyNC up for TradeFind Trade
deoxeeItems UFTFind Trade
emeraldcloverUp For TradeFind Trade
z420mamaUp For TradeFind Trade
perfectlovetrustNC - UFTFind Trade
kkkkteNC UFTFind Trade
anastasieNC Trade ListFind Trade
kyuwiflowerNC UFTFind Trade
piix_0NC UFTFind Trade
wugalugNC UFTFind Trade
arathrmNC Trade ListFind Trade
jadedhearts_UFTFind Trade
spelaeusNC tradelistFind Trade
marioland_12Up to tradeFind Trade
nat13NC Mall Trade ListFind Trade
rdeh00Up-For-Trade NC ItemsFind Trade
huntercnNC itemsFind Trade
tayloranne95UFTFind Trade
natakazamUFT: NeocashFind Trade
partyatgatsbysUp For TradeFind Trade
xxobumblebeeNC UFTFind Trade
calebroach1Trading TheseFind Trade
spektra7Dye LendsFind Trade
dekumarutagger396 UFTFind Trade
dekumarucrwjspets UFTFind Trade
zeldatrashNC Item TradeFind Trade
sneepleFor TradeFind Trade
anagram_streamNC (4-5):1 (buyables)Find Trade
cailaneTake these away!Find Trade
sin_hui_ryomaUp For TradeFind Trade
beetl_3UFT NeocashFind Trade
pedrao_05Main AccountFind Trade
apeatalUFT NC itemsFind Trade
kloops91NC Items I Have to OfferFind Trade
ohsounicornlyNC UFT (21= 2 for 1, 99=HTPW, most 2 caps are negotiable)Find Trade
caterinasforzaNC UFTFind Trade
helleluNC UFTFind Trade
goldmoonMy NC UFTFind Trade
mkpamms3:1Find Trade
lane_bryant60UFTFind Trade
dckrClothes NCFind Trade
rebbyUFTFind Trade
nostalgia_xoxoNC For TradeFind Trade
extremelyluckyNC stuffFind Trade
zappowbangNC UFTFind Trade
samnocheNC Items Available for Trade (Can combine items for higher value trades)Find Trade
littleropesnakeUFT but HTPWFind Trade
gerbilisiousGerbils UFTFind Trade
mimiperuNC up for tradeFind Trade
smelltheflowersNC: UFTFind Trade
and_so_on553300UFT NCFind Trade
captivated_xxBuyablesFind Trade
anglkisd92NC TradelistFind Trade
ckvdprwxNC UFTFind Trade
starshipsSides (UFT)Find Trade
helleluNCUFTFind Trade
missalyssaaaNC UFT // March 22 // STILL updating this huge list ( and ALL my huge lists ).. there is a high probability I will go insane soon .. O_oFind Trade
me_iNC Trade ItemsFind Trade
teasedd_♡ closetFind Trade
mewithoutjewNC OfferingFind Trade
someordinarycitizenTradelistFind Trade
ceruleanvulpineNC Items UFTFind Trade
riri19My NC itemsFind Trade
mcool2003HTPWFind Trade
seremalvadoHTPW (only UFT for Wishes)Find Trade
honeybunnNC Trading List (Things I Have)Find Trade
aurifeivionMy Dyeworks ItemsFind Trade
psychedeliceNc uftFind Trade
falling_dreams_162:1 GBC LISTFind Trade
jayjaydiepeveenNc items i have up for tradeFind Trade
shoyruaishaDyeworks LendingFind Trade
vampirekid672Items for TradeFind Trade
tanoshiifor tradeFind Trade
espyTradelist -UFT (Updated 30/05/18)Find Trade
redflipflapUFT NC ItemsFind Trade
funnybunny_23Up For TradeFind Trade
gyultyNC TradeFind Trade
my3angels2:1 gbc/ buyableFind Trade
sixspacesUFT 2018Find Trade
abbyparkerWhat I gotsFind Trade
electricwaltzNC closet UFTFind Trade
helvettehaveFind Trade
leni_86TradelistFind Trade
mstrashprincessNC TradelistFind Trade
princessbunnygirlNC InventoryFind Trade
clasof09gurlWTS NC (I'm attached to the Priorities)Find Trade
helloemptysetNC TradelistFind Trade
deadly1___4uNC UFTFind Trade
fpifMelanie - TradelistFind Trade
heartanathemaNC Trades, OfferingFind Trade
eopumperNC UFTFind Trade
mello_yellow_27NC TradelistFind Trade
_sangel_UFTFind Trade
fpifCarolina - TradelistFind Trade
wisteriaNC UFT ListFind Trade
eleanorrigbyUFTFind Trade
carol14beliyukiNC UFTFind Trade
tezzMy NC itemsFind Trade
karmacat48Melanie - TradelistFind Trade
lserlumy NC items UFT!Find Trade
daenerys_raineClosetFind Trade
zomieeNC TradesFind Trade
harlyyLENDING New & Old Dyeworks 2:1 for GBCs or 1:1 for Dyepots/Wish!Find Trade
1scorpio1NCFind Trade
neesaauroraNeesa's NC ItemsFind Trade
mas0New UFT ListFind Trade
twiggymoonCLOSETFind Trade
wouggleBuyables 2:1 cap saleFind Trade
bunnyzillaCompiled NC GoodiesFind Trade
fibbageWhat I have UFT :)Find Trade
bubbles_mashimaroNC Items for TradeFind Trade
irocanemNC TradingFind Trade
aquiedNC For TradeFind Trade
jaded_meow2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
nightabsmNC Mall Trade List (Cap prices mean nothing)Find Trade
mistheraTradeListFind Trade
cuzforlifeNC UFTFind Trade
kriss_rrNC UFTFind Trade
sciezkLo que puedo ofrecerFind Trade
shibunkiin5Reg. Trade ListFind Trade
shmivienneNC Trade List ^-^Find Trade
katiecoo802Buyables UFTFind Trade
julibatgirlNc items up for tradeFind Trade
ameythest72087NC TradelistFind Trade
crazywarba23NC UFTFind Trade
avalithNC UFTFind Trade
tubaka0boboUFT Accessories, Makeup, ContactsFind Trade
topsyUFT online dailyFind Trade
platekucNC Mall Trade ListFind Trade
tubaka0boboLendingFind Trade
flame_of_recca8NC UFTFind Trade
smooooochumNC UFTFind Trade
princsshedwigUFT NCFind Trade
mcmooseyUp For TradeFind Trade
kanalillyUFT NC ItemsFind Trade
angel091187NC Trade ListFind Trade
italodragonRegular TradelistFind Trade
abbieoctopusunicorn94_3Find Trade
bossycat1033NC 2:1Find Trade
celestialchaosNC Up for TradeFind Trade
jensenpatriciaPatricia's UFT LISTFind Trade
skycrierNC TradelistFind Trade
vonclaireNC TradelistFind Trade
bangahahaNC TradelistFind Trade
carrieann22NC UFTFind Trade
pursuitoflibertyNC Items UFTFind Trade
dqnessUFTFind Trade
ithriluxNeocash items UFTFind Trade
madamblumarooUp For TradeFind Trade
uvailableNC Items UFTFind Trade
omgitsme0009nc items i haveFind Trade
starfire_2405NC UFTFind Trade
officialufosNC UFT | 2:1Find Trade
mikywayUP FOR TRADEFind Trade
rhiannonweissNC Trade ListFind Trade
nadeshikuoNC UFTFind Trade
incidereTrade List (NC)Find Trade
draghy_85nc uftFind Trade
aumadelynnTLFind Trade
annue123NC UFTFind Trade
elifcstaruNC UFT (TL) contact elficstaruFind Trade
krystaly2NC UFTFind Trade
zirazira95NC UFTFind Trade
chrissylea1979Regular UFTFind Trade
recklesseNC UFT - 2:1 GBC (or 1:1 item trade).Find Trade
pandah2:1Find Trade
brittlovesnickTradelistFind Trade
maraNC Up For TradeFind Trade
aichuNC UFT :)Find Trade
cherrypop739UFTFind Trade
vaynard12NCFind Trade
ajkane142NC Items: Up for TradeFind Trade
queen_brosephine_14Hard To Part WithFind Trade
lauraleikeikoNeocash Up For TradeFind Trade
arsiunDyeworks for Lend (None for these are UFT)Find Trade
neobearDye LendFind Trade
bladeosirisNC TradersFind Trade
koiishNC TLFind Trade
colorfulspriteNC Trade ListFind Trade
tuxedobirduft!Find Trade
neo_luisalbertoandrFor SaleFind Trade
twiztedsmilezNC Trade List (See my gallery on Neopets)Find Trade
lysternTradelistFind Trade
gelertemsNC CustomizationFind Trade
oldbluehatFor trade (NC)Find Trade
partay_monsterUFT 3:1 of the items in my wishlist (7/2/2017)Find Trade
nikki_aneeJewelryFind Trade
itsmanderinaGeneral:Find Trade
chenzzoNC TradesFind Trade
canelasNC Up For TradeFind Trade
tchatakaNC Regular UFTFind Trade
epic_scoreNC items I want to tradeFind Trade
dannosup for tradeFind Trade
xx_jojoglue_xxFor TradeFind Trade
sintrithNC TradelistFind Trade
ignorantxfairyTradelistFind Trade
kyeraMy NC Items (UFT)Find Trade
jazziecookieNC up to 5:1Find Trade
goldwinaUFT adryanahFind Trade
mirandasuxxUFTFind Trade
rosulariaNC Items UFTFind Trade
0ut3rsp4ceTradesFind Trade
malusdraculaNC for tradeFind Trade
dark_mageletNC StuffFind Trade
gwyneriaNC UFT ListFind Trade
mildlyannoyedbirdjnUFTFind Trade
teganrose12:1 Trade ListFind Trade
crimsontearsCrimson's TradelistFind Trade
engozardTradelistFind Trade
atoliNC Up for TradeFind Trade
bellasinclairNC Closet (open to offers)Find Trade
pipeycharNC items UFTFind Trade
caseylove22TradelistFind Trade
s_aNC Items UFTFind Trade
mawbeyNCFind Trade
shastaNC UFTFind Trade
gigigigi uftFind Trade
linixoNC TradingFind Trade
genitivoNC UFTFind Trade
skallFriend uftFind Trade
ealNC UFTFind Trade
negyUp For TradeFind Trade
mmart159Items UFTFind Trade
zelda_isabellafor tradeFind Trade
margeeNc 2:1 GBCFind Trade
denisemariavictoria2:1Find Trade
m3ow_m3owUFTFind Trade
pulpfreeojNC Items To TradeFind Trade
nubiwenNC JunkFind Trade
funnyfanyFunnyFany's NC giveawayFind Trade
cyvinaNC UFT :DFind Trade
apinkNC TL ( Main)Find Trade
kcosette1997NeoCash Items That I HaveFind Trade
gothicizeyouDWs Lending (2:1 GBC)Find Trade
kaylaneopets2:1 (gbcs of Faerie cookies)Find Trade
puddinglolNC UFTFind Trade
vickiUFT listFind Trade
brooklynn_TradeListFind Trade

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