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Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag

Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag

  • Rarity

    r500 (NC Mall)

  • Release Date

    February 6, 2013

  • Status

    Active ?

Up for Trade

The following 170 lists have Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag marked as up for trade:

thecardsfoolyouUFTFind Trade
nc_tradesTradingFind Trade
fluffy97531UFTFind Trade
shysmile911Items I Have To TradeFind Trade
auraichadoraauraichadora - CollectiblesFind Trade
melie584TradingFind Trade
jakynarNC TradelistFind Trade
neo492492Side Account Items UFTFind Trade
sam_bow1"Trading" these NC itemsFind Trade
syiavriMy NC - 2017 (Main Account)Find Trade
2cool4u1234571UFTFind Trade
act4youUFT NCFind Trade
mavegibsonSDB | Some Items Not UFT (Inquire) | PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TRADE LIST | Make sure your Neomail inbox isn't full! | Sorry, No GBC/Customs UFTFind Trade
joeltheidiotNeocash Tradelist (Highlights and HTPW listed as top priority)Find Trade
kagericNon-Wearable TL (2:1 cap)Find Trade
silver_moonGoodie Bags UFTFind Trade
theyellowroseNC UFTFind Trade
roesyfenItems UFTFind Trade
kelaizNC TradelistFind Trade
dhpoohbearNC UFT ~ Non WearablesFind Trade
greyfeverSpecial UFTFind Trade
amandarhallickNC Items UFTFind Trade
cutiepie4707NC Trade ListFind Trade
akariNon-wearables UFTFind Trade
dhpoohbearNC UFT 2:1 GBCFind Trade
th3n00bNC UFTFind Trade
meghanNC Items UFT - Probably Not Up To DateFind Trade
goldenoxNC Non-wearable TradelistFind Trade
auraichadoralittleashori - CollectiblesFind Trade
ashley6809UFTFind Trade
electra389Neocash Items Up For Trade (10/24/19)Find Trade
rafa_potterNC UFTFind Trade
becklynnNC UFTFind Trade
tinnyminnyNC itemsFind Trade
baby_neopian_galleryNC Tradelist BNG ★ S: Gbc or WlFind Trade
cornflakesNC UFT - NonwearablesFind Trade
sanityisoverratedTradelistFind Trade
tstg3Tony's Free Goodies From TNT WL (Gallery Use Only)Find Trade
vidavVidavsan UFTFind Trade
hunneypotUFT: NC NON-WEARABLE - **Main TL on DTI**Find Trade
juicyloverealNC UFTFind Trade
np4444NC up for tradeFind Trade
vickiecNon wearablesFind Trade
coco_mlleCoco_mlle's NC Items UFTFind Trade
cathcaldasNC Non-Wearable UFTFind Trade
iamtmariegoodie bags, suitcases, candles etc. (for wishes only)Find Trade
emmy_kat_26NC UFT - contact emmy_kat_26 - dti tradelist is more accurate (same username on there)Find Trade
miisheruUnwearable UFTFind Trade
vamp_lulaNC Non Wearables UFTFind Trade
jo_fitzTrade ListFind Trade
daddyslilprincess250UFTFind Trade
goldencrispcerealMeateatingrabbit AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealGreenteacustard AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealThereafter AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealWakeful AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealIndulgences AccountFind Trade
petitehirondellineNon-wearable NC UFTFind Trade
queen_megsRetired Caps UFTFind Trade
tamoraLimited Edition or Retired Items UFTFind Trade
jillpuppyCaps, Game Packs, Goodie Bags, etc.Find Trade
00draven00Non-wearables - main account (Crowprincess)Find Trade
imgonnagetaMy Tradelist (1/18/2019)Find Trade
rapil52 for 1Find Trade
spektra7NC Trade ListFind Trade
leileyaNon-Wearable Trades ListFind Trade
vivredesaventuresNC UFT: Non-WearablesFind Trade
giant_gummi_wormNC Trade ListFind Trade
inkpotnon-wearables for trade.Find Trade
alice877877UFTFind Trade
corruptoraUFTFind Trade
geriNC BAGS UFTFind Trade
zay_korbatUFT Retired - SpecialFind Trade
ichabodisitchyUp for TradeFind Trade
salyrianCookies, Caps, Goodie Bags and NC event itemsFind Trade
nat2076NC UFTFind Trade
punkin1077Retired Non-Wearables UFTFind Trade
sethnachtNC TL (non wearables)Find Trade
shorte2002Unwearable NC UFTFind Trade
starshipsNon-wearablesFind Trade
pikaNC Non-Wearable UFTFind Trade
starryeyedsurpriseUFT on mainFind Trade
jennygpyNon-wearables UFT (Have multiples of some)Find Trade
mystical_wolfUp for Trade; 21 means UFT 2:1Find Trade
rainglowUp For Trade (Gabe)Find Trade
_sushi65_Non-Wearable NC items UFTFind Trade
ariane_blackTradelist: MainFind Trade
suturesNC OFFERINGFind Trade
sunwillow66Other NC UFTFind Trade
ihangwithvampiresNC Non-Wearables for TradeFind Trade
dafrozenNC (Non Wearable) UFTFind Trade
marcNC Items UFTFind Trade
meghaanleeUFT on Side Accounts (ON HIATUS!)Find Trade
pedrao_05Main AccountFind Trade
zeehNC UFTFind Trade
fluffywampaUFTFind Trade
broadway8833NC UFT: Non-wearables/CapsFind Trade
ookirara2ooNC Items UFT (Non Clothing/DTI)Find Trade
starshipsSides (UFT)Find Trade
missalyssaaaNC UFT // March 22 // STILL updating this huge list ( and ALL my huge lists ).. there is a high probability I will go insane soon .. O_oFind Trade
pedrao_05Side Account 1Find Trade
nursenami2:1 Cap SaleFind Trade
wouggleUFTFind Trade
jaykay617NC UFTFind Trade
empress_sparkleI NC 29Find Trade
pedrao_05Side Account 3Find Trade
pedrao_05Side Account 4Find Trade
pedrao_05Side Account 2Find Trade
mello_yellow_27NC TradelistFind Trade
stlouisgirlNon Wearable NC Items for TradeFind Trade
myrtle_the_turtleNon-Wearable NCFind Trade
qweenbFor TradeFind Trade
eljeffo007Goodie Bags for tradeFind Trade
jesterb88ongnoobs UFTFind Trade
saspreeNC UFTFind Trade
asinastraNC UFTFind Trade
krimsonrosesUFT / highlightsFind Trade
_kathy_2004_NC Non-Wearable UFTFind Trade
pikecooko1 CookieFind Trade
colorfulcanvasNC UFT ListFind Trade
ichtakaNon-Wearable NC UFTFind Trade
recklesseNC UFT - 2:1 GBC (or 1:1 item trade).Find Trade
malakhserpentisNC TradesFind Trade
elsweyrNC Non-wearablesFind Trade
toypuppiesNC UFT pawsfromicsFind Trade
tchatakaNC Regular UFTFind Trade
meloch86Side NC UFTFind Trade
xavthedragonTrade ListFind Trade
grendayx5UFT MainFind Trade
lyssieNon-wearable TLFind Trade
+186 lists without contact info Show
fleur_de_nalaNC UFTFind Trade
tycooncorbNC UFTFind Trade
corrina404NC Non-WearablesFind Trade
amythiielNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
kmm789NC TradelistFind Trade
shefampyrNeocash for tradeFind Trade
vidavSide acct. UFTFind Trade
redgeishaUFT: Non-wearable, MiscFind Trade
cybunny_fanatic_Tradelist (Sides)Find Trade
chocolatebean18Capsules, Goodie Bags, Etc.Find Trade
theweelittleshamrockUFT NC Mall items.Find Trade
talokiyaTLFind Trade
blackpandyNC non-wearables UFTFind Trade
melinda_kacheekOne Cap SaleFind Trade
jackolanternNC UFTFind Trade
meghanItems UFT on m NO BOXESFind Trade
scarbladeNC TL (non-pryority is all 2:1)!Find Trade
laney329UFTFind Trade
clexxianTradelistFind Trade
turnthelightsoffamanda's nc stuffFind Trade
sosuftwTradelist (sosunub)Find Trade
porcelainlollipopUFTFind Trade
rainbowssftwNC Items (9/29)Find Trade
sanityisoverratedGoodie Bags UFTFind Trade
spablUFTFind Trade
sahlarNon Wearable TLFind Trade
alara_niteflowerUFT on SidesFind Trade
ludinet09UFTFind Trade
dynes1capsale1 Cap SaleFind Trade
dehootNC Trade ListFind Trade
myserenity_1Non-Wearables UFTFind Trade
hawtsceneUnwearables + CapsulesFind Trade
beingniceisfreeNon-wearable UFTS!Find Trade
chombygalleryNC GaloreFind Trade
youpsiiNC Tradelist (side: vitallic2)Find Trade
jadeNon-Wearable NC UFTFind Trade
xing_darcieNC UFTFind Trade
misery4twoHard To Part WithFind Trade
pastypigeonComplete TL (Includes Highlights, Retireds, & Buyables)Find Trade
rileyNC TLFind Trade
neverlookback361NC Items UFT - Not wearablesFind Trade
tears_for_loveNC UFT (Non-wearable)Find Trade
throwmetothewolvesTrade ListFind Trade
flamezeaiMAIN ACCOUNT SDBFind Trade
colonistsNC TradingFind Trade
lupe691NC TradelistFind Trade
eliz1befItems UP FOR TRADE (UFT)Find Trade
branflakesMy Wishes (7/10/2019)Find Trade
claireNon wearable tradelistFind Trade
b_70x7_nTradingFind Trade
auein2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
targoefistaNC UFTFind Trade
kianaraeUFT (Retired)Find Trade
dizzydollzEVERYTHING UFT XFind Trade
becklynnNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
whitefacadeNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
berryseed1NC non-wearablesFind Trade
nehhkoGoodie BagsFind Trade
safaslkfjasldkfjlkasNC TLFind Trade
breezychannB) Non-wearable NC Items UFT (Caps, Widgets, etc..)Find Trade
pinkistehbestNormal UFTFind Trade
zodiac_ramNC Non-wearables UFTFind Trade
ayeunnSpecial (Caps, Tokens, Packs)Find Trade
keepfalling{ UFT } General ~ 1 GBC - OR - 1 Archive Cookie Each ~ No buyables, ever. ~ This sale is always valid, even if no board. Updated regularly. Bookmark me!Find Trade
piranhaNon WearablesFind Trade
isobejaNeocash UFTFind Trade
hikarinotenshiNon-Wearable NCFind Trade
nimue28noNon-wearablesFind Trade
redskeletonMy UFT NC itemsFind Trade
sosodeftradelistFind Trade
buffynetukUFT side #1 (2:1)Find Trade
mewpyrochickUp for TradeFind Trade
dckrSurprise NCFind Trade
lilacNC UFTFind Trade
landi_and_meNC UFTFind Trade
eldurberryCollectiblesFind Trade
purplegumdropNC Non-Wearables UFTFind Trade
thornzSide items UFT/may need GBCs/boxes. Ask!Find Trade
snowflakehrnNon-WearablesFind Trade
persephyneeNC UFTFind Trade
lennekegirl123NC UFTFind Trade
rhg_sideThis is only a partial list of items UFT.Message Red_hot_genius with specific wishesFind Trade
noradoodleOlder Goodie BagsFind Trade
koizumitoBoxesFind Trade
pickles07NC UFT - From SDBFind Trade
helleluNC UFTFind Trade
jess3495NC Non-WearablesFind Trade
gerbilisiousGerbils UFTFind Trade
pandagirl42087Unwearable stuffFind Trade
cirillikaGoodie Bags UFTFind Trade
aveonh2oNewest NC TradelistFind Trade
amunetUFTFind Trade
chaotizitaetNC UFTFind Trade
starshipsNC TradelistFind Trade
helleluNCUFTFind Trade
salz16NC UFTFind Trade
silentcloudSideFind Trade
the_coffin_dancerGoody BagsFind Trade
riri19My NC itemsFind Trade
pedalfa2:1 GB Cube SaleFind Trade
ag128lNC UFTFind Trade
babyvendetta86NC Items UFT Side: "inferno"Find Trade
babyvendetta86NC Items UFT Side: "piccola"Find Trade
babyvendetta86NC Unwearables UFTFind Trade
mongolouOther nc to tradeFind Trade
lexiii125NC UFTFind Trade
katiecoo802NC UFTFind Trade
ela1234561ela1234561 Trade ListFind Trade
bunnypattyFor TradeFind Trade
leni_86TradelistFind Trade
_sangel_UFTFind Trade
phatboofscsuNC TradingFind Trade
wouggleSide UFT SFind Trade
1scorpio1NCFind Trade
fabryce013TradelistFind Trade
mas0New UFT ListFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on eliz4bef -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
paydennicoleNC Tradelist -- 21 caps = 2:1 saleFind Trade
momo23UFTFind Trade
newmoonUFTFind Trade
iceblue123TradelistFind Trade
shibunkiin5Goodie Bags UFTFind Trade
rockalot92Non-wearable NC items UFTFind Trade
clovis21My Goodie BagsFind Trade
flyhieroSide 3 TL / Free PB ClothesFind Trade
emberswingsvongolla 1 boxFind Trade
sosuftwimgonnagetaFind Trade
avalithNC UFTFind Trade
platekucNC Mall Trade ListFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on eliz2bef -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on ixi_grotto -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
divakaruniTradelist - divakaruniFind Trade
aly513Miscellaneous UFTFind Trade
kaededaturaNC UFTFind Trade
echothedonkeyNC ItemsFind Trade
chrystal_218One Cap SaleFind Trade
amicablemain acc up for trade- contact ohdeariemeFind Trade
brutalwolfNC Stuff for TradeFind Trade
uvailableNC Items UFTFind Trade
_lilly_NC UFT~ Side H Retired/BuyablesFind Trade
karasuSpecial NC Items Up For TradesFind Trade
suddigumLEs and Retired and soon Retireds UFTFind Trade
hisuiNC Goodie Bags UFTFind Trade
nikkironnieNC UFTFind Trade
mandapanda37NC UFTFind Trade
pandahRETIRED CAPS + BAGS + GRAMS + MISC!!!Find Trade
pand1421Other UFTFind Trade
iowa_blk_gldNc tradablesFind Trade
genesisNC TradesFind Trade
flyhieroSide 1 TL / Free PB ClothesFind Trade
flyhieroSide 2 TL / Free PB ClothesFind Trade
mistywishMistyFind Trade
lacylovesnirvanaTrade listFind Trade
itsmanderinaGeneral:Find Trade
carmel_whitworthnc tradeFind Trade
openhousenc tradelistFind Trade
amber_tNC TradelistFind Trade
ignorantxfairyTradelistFind Trade
jmonkey182Neocash TradelistFind Trade
saphiraNC non-wearables uftFind Trade
oo_hyperNC UFTFind Trade
evening_mistNonwearable NC UFTFind Trade
luciolesNon-wearable NC UFTFind Trade
msg100220NC ItemsFind Trade
basangiNeocash TradingFind Trade
gintokiNCFind Trade
kraniteNC Trade ListFind Trade
klauhsNC UFTFind Trade
coolgirl0183Trade ListFind Trade
aquaantoniNC Non-Wearables UFTFind Trade
melerezsNC UFTFind Trade
squattasxparadiseNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
dave7x7UFTFind Trade
icyangerExtra NC UFTFind Trade
cyvinaNC UFT :DFind Trade
plushiieUnwearable NC Items UFT. ~Find Trade
nayleTradelist on Angry_NayleFind Trade
pendastardlyNC UFTFind Trade
dejavuDeja_vu_springs UFTFind Trade
applecrystalNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
nascar19nflNC SpecialsFind Trade
moryNC UFT (Side-Accounts, GBC required!)Find Trade
sisabb2NC TL: 4Find Trade
sisabb2NC TL: Side 1Find Trade
sisabb2NC TL: Side 2Find Trade

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