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Starry Wreath Wig

Starry Wreath Wig

  • Rarity

    r500 (NC Mall)

  • Release Date

    November 12, 2013

  • Status

    Active ?

Up for Trade

The following 225 lists have Starry Wreath Wig marked as up for trade:

4inNC UFTFind Trade
syiavriMy NC - 2019 (Main Account)Find Trade
mona_the_onaNC Up For TradeFind Trade
silver_moonNC TradelistFind Trade
mavegibsonCloset | 999 = Not UFT | 888 = VHTPW | PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR TRADE LIST | Make sure your Neomail inbox isn't full! | Sorry, No GBC/Customs UFTFind Trade
orlytheowlNC UFT! Up for casual trading, just send me a NM!Find Trade
waternixie1011 gift box capsulesFind Trade
thecardsfoolyouUFTFind Trade
emiliabrightNC up for tradeFind Trade
squirrelfuryNC TradelistFind Trade
aeryn⊰ Retired/LE UFT ⊱Find Trade
melanthiabastNeoCash UFT on GamerGrrlFind Trade
dinahabyUp for TradeFind Trade
melie584TradingFind Trade
blueyddrgnNC UFT Wigs/HatsFind Trade
sailorini_1sailorini_1 UFTFind Trade
maccajaneJane's NC Trade ListFind Trade
mickb123NC UFT 3:1 only for GBCFind Trade
malakhserpentisNC TradesFind Trade
tamoraLimited Edition or Retired Items UFTFind Trade
fluffy97531UFTFind Trade
the_lady_jNC Trade ListFind Trade
godivaontherocksNC Items UFTFind Trade
rapil52 for 1Find Trade
anummahNC Items UFTFind Trade
xsiemprecucurumbeNC Mall's Birthday Goodies and more to tradeFind Trade
lonewoffSheo's NC Trading - will accept GBCFind Trade
sanguito008NC TradeFind Trade
oldschoolneopiaNC items UFTFind Trade
nc_tradesTradingFind Trade
ddddNC UFTFind Trade
sliced_ramen2:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
isabelloneTHINGS I HAVEFind Trade
wyvernwitchSDB Items: Always UFTFind Trade
meknightUFTFind Trade
kyogreuft as of dec 27 2019Find Trade
b_o_b_137NC UFTFind Trade
zeroritaRegular TLFind Trade
alkannaNC Tradelist - Dark_Angel_DSFind Trade
rafa_potterNC UFTFind Trade
2cool4u1234571UFTFind Trade
samemieNC - UFT (iamnotacupcake)Find Trade
catmarcNC items up for trade (gallery is more up-to-date: Trade
ashtonavocadoNC UFT List (rated/labeled with caps 2-5. i'm not asking for caps, that's just how hard the items will be for me to let go of)Find Trade
ashley6809UFTFind Trade
zephyreansNC Trade ListFind Trade
ibmikieibmikie's Trade ListFind Trade
renagaderose38NC Items UFTFind Trade
imgonnagetaMy Tradelist (1/18/2019)Find Trade
muggledudeNC TradelistFind Trade
ohmanwellNC UFT // Trade
ricalvo10NC Trade ListFind Trade
th3n00bNC UFTFind Trade
jellykittenMight trade; HTPW (top priority means harder to part with)Find Trade
asterodiaNC Items available for TradeFind Trade
purplewarfNeocash Trade ListFind Trade
bogedaNC UFTFind Trade
skumbyNC items I haveFind Trade
doodlez171All UFT (will accept caps for most - this WL only)Find Trade
larissalarooUFTFind Trade
lgatorUp For TradeFind Trade
shannonspencesNeocash OfferingFind Trade
tachy0n1cUFTFind Trade
raiichuStuff I'm TradingFind Trade
allaishasUp For Trade.Find Trade
totoTrade NC item(UFT)Find Trade
lightyNC Items for ExchangeFind Trade
saelisNC UFTFind Trade
slyphireNC UFT (150= Boxless Side)Find Trade
vandalikUp For Trade (NC)Find Trade
cathcaldasNC TradelistFind Trade
theonetorulethemallNC to tradeFind Trade
bananasyooNC UFTFind Trade
tetragaleNC Items UFTFind Trade
baby_neopian_galleryNC Tradelist BNG2 ★ S: Gbc or WlFind Trade
ebruxoNC UFT - iiLOVEskyiesFind Trade
jrayeb33Neocash UFTFind Trade
junehsNC UFTFind Trade
zaichikUFTFind Trade
oshawottisawesome1NC trade listFind Trade
corrie_zodoriNC For TradeFind Trade
zay_korbatUFT Retired - SpecialFind Trade
starkbsNC UFT 2:1 only for GBCFind Trade
schnottieNC Items I OwnFind Trade
auberbyTradelistFind Trade
ichabodisitchyUp for TradeFind Trade
wanshottaNC Items For TradeFind Trade
roiNC Trade list (UN Tatataffiny - feel free to contact)Find Trade
mike3294Mike's NC TL | | Updated TL: Trade
aliengem118NC UFTFind Trade
kanoniamzUFTFind Trade
heatherNC UFTFind Trade
mistygymleaderUp For TradeFind Trade
niallionNC Items UFTFind Trade
candy_coffin_casesOfferingFind Trade
18hannahbanana18NC Owned & UFTFind Trade
rorruUFTFind Trade
negitoro83130NC items UFTFind Trade
jersharocksNC Up for Trade *UPDATED 12/18/2018*Find Trade
kemmieMY TRADESFind Trade
_aliciaaa_NC UFTFind Trade
zombielovexxxNC UFTFind Trade
tayloranne95UFTFind Trade
partyatgatsbysUp For TradeFind Trade
nalla68NC UFTFind Trade
petitehirondellineNC UFT (from bags/grams)Find Trade
sin_hui_ryomaUp For TradeFind Trade
shoyruaishaNC UFTFind Trade
ohsounicornlyNC UFT (21= 2 for 1, 99=HTPW, most 2 caps are negotiable)Find Trade
youngwarlockTL Highlights (Some HTPW)Find Trade
missalyssaaaNC UFT // March 22 // STILL updating this huge list ( and ALL my huge lists ).. there is a high probability I will go insane soon .. O_oFind Trade
muffin_got_frozenNC TLFind Trade
1999zoeygirlTL NC itemsFind Trade
espyTradelist -UFT (Updated 30/05/18)Find Trade
pikablu183Owned NC ItemsFind Trade
braddingtonUFT: NC ItemsFind Trade
ice_alkaidNo Longer using JN for TL, search Icealka on DTI for latest update ;)Find Trade
myrtle_the_turtleNC UFTFind Trade
princessbunnygirlNC InventoryFind Trade
anyrissNC TradesFind Trade
changeNC TRADING: mail your offersFind Trade
shortyluvsya182UFTFind Trade
liliam1 cap itemsFind Trade
chloelynn143NC Items OwnedFind Trade
x_white_wolfNC ItemsFind Trade
crimsonembraceNC UP FOR TRADE (Highlights/HTPW listed as priority) UPDATED 2-18Find Trade
rosettesNeoCash Items to TradeFind Trade
tubaka0boboUFT WigsFind Trade
qweenbFor TradeFind Trade
amie_chan08NC UFT ListFind Trade
expiredcatnipNC UFTFind Trade
_billie_star_uftFind Trade
random242NC Trade ListFind Trade
lafiazNC Items UFT (NM qu33n_giggl3s for Offers)Find Trade
black_wolf_pantherNC Trade ListFind Trade
draghy_85nc uftFind Trade
thegreenmooseofdoomUp For TradeFind Trade
nounoursonneNC UFTFind Trade
imposingvillainy2:1 TradelistFind Trade
lalalapaniccNC TradelistFind Trade
bladeosirisNC TradersFind Trade
floofyNC UFT ryleigh358Find Trade
eyezueNeo Cash for TradeFind Trade
xkute6o4animex3:1 Sale UFTFind Trade
nikki_aneeWIGSFind Trade
tchatakaNC Regular UFTFind Trade
bebeamantstuff up for tradeFind Trade
shorty07NC UFT - Online Daily - Neomail for TradeFind Trade
dieselleNC Trades -- my stuff!Find Trade
cinnamonraisinbreadNC TLFind Trade
graceboscorelli2012UFT - HTPWFind Trade
shellyhuelsNC TradelistFind Trade
rosetyler95NC Trading ListFind Trade
jewelzthedinosaurusNC UFTFind Trade
soodieNC UFTFind Trade
ealOn side accounts - boxlessFind Trade
ealSemi HTPW- some items might be a little hard to part with. **If there are items here that are also listed in my VHTPW it means I have doubles and willing to trade themFind Trade
ashmoroNCUFTFind Trade
beatowlNC for TradeFind Trade
kelsyjonesNC Items for TradeFind Trade
+315 lists without contact info Show
j3nnyx2:1 GBC TradelistFind Trade
eo2taraNC Items for TradeFind Trade
swampratitems I have to trade withFind Trade
babypet4meNC TradelistFind Trade
hsandovalMy NC ClosetFind Trade
hiddenbrookNC UFTFind Trade
sainna2:1Find Trade
youpsiiNC Tradelist : 1:1 GBC or 2:1 GBCFind Trade
sky_ladyMy TradelistFind Trade
xeniathewarriorcatNC UFTFind Trade
shimmeringemerald2:1 saleFind Trade
csca07what i haveFind Trade
tableaniffNC Trade ListFind Trade
thefranticfanNC TradingFind Trade
ruinUFTFind Trade
lucydrawTradelistFind Trade
strawberrybellsRegular UFTFind Trade
missmir_9_9_9NC I can give away to mah frensFind Trade
nopegitsuneNC Trade ListFind Trade
mewemyNC UFTFind Trade
kjelly123TradelistFind Trade
emorangersTrade ListFind Trade
bunnyspiritNC items up for tradeFind Trade
flamezeaiSide 3 Closet/SDB (1 box)Find Trade
the_lady_jNC Trade List - OtherFind Trade
buffynetukUFT side #2 (2:1)Find Trade
pretty_frecklesTLFind Trade
xwhereswaldoNC I haveFind Trade
unspairinglyNC UFTFind Trade
amelie246NC UFT (values are based on /~waka)Find Trade
sketchSide TLFind Trade
justthink180NC ItemsFind Trade
briar_rose__26Up For Trade ItemsFind Trade
tentaclebeastNC items I own (Trade)Find Trade
argyUFTFind Trade
tracylovemcNC-UFTFind Trade
melinda_kacheekOne Cap SaleFind Trade
wonko042NC For TradeFind Trade
risquekatNC UFTFind Trade
stealthcatNC Items UFTFind Trade
baina948TradelistFind Trade
jules010883Trade ListFind Trade
tarasiosUFTFind Trade
nar_nat_72NC For-TradeFind Trade
cutiepie4707NC Tradelist: 2 items for 1 gbcFind Trade
fioontjuh_Trade List NCFind Trade
elliegailUp for Trade!Find Trade
jazzkat8911Main - TLFind Trade
queen_potemaNC TLFind Trade
hippiemamaNC items available for tradeFind Trade
fleur_de_nalaNC UFTFind Trade
eyrieskyNC Items.. Only for GBCs / WL..Find Trade
bitter_sweet_x3Up For TradeFind Trade
senhorita_vulpixNC items UFTFind Trade
fakeplasticteaseNC TradelistFind Trade
luckybitesLuckybitesFind Trade
bitter_sweet_x3up for trade side account Love_pink4Find Trade
gengariaNC WearsFind Trade
rocketsuftFind Trade
bugblessUC UFT (m_n)Find Trade
made_here_usaCloset (NC Only)Find Trade
turnthelightsoffamanda's nc stuffFind Trade
clovenc // up for tradeFind Trade
crashlovesbonesWigs/Hats UFTFind Trade
azurastarchildNC UFTFind Trade
wherethereisawillNC UFT (Main)Find Trade
noctalyTrade listFind Trade
bekaree2NC Trade ListFind Trade
clippyUFT ItemsFind Trade
hermeTradelistFind Trade
bigholeNC Mall Up For TradeFind Trade
shelovesyounotTrade ListFind Trade
sugarfootfanNCFind Trade
onwingsofdarkness- NC TradeFind Trade
pxrxsxkxNC TradesFind Trade
the_16th_faerienot just a wl, these are items I have that are (mostly) availableFind Trade
spongebubblesNC items for tradeFind Trade
krazybabehRetired/LEFind Trade
ardi_xkzNC UFTFind Trade
jararaconc uftFind Trade
simrelNC UFTFind Trade
pixelkittenzNC UFT (my HTPW is marked 99 caps, I don't actually want 99)Find Trade
dragonpets_2_2NC TradesFind Trade
maraquanfaerieUp for tradeFind Trade
tatahuzumakiNot Currently Wearing - For TradeFind Trade
ivyannNC Trade listFind Trade
bunniiCandytrip NC UFTFind Trade
appleguavaaaaMy NC items UFTFind Trade
marckdriguesTLFind Trade
moneybooNC tradeFind Trade
firefly8041My NC items UFTFind Trade
jayiaOn TechieactorFind Trade
pd_whatNC item TradingFind Trade
xxne0nxxroxys uft nc itemsFind Trade
razufelMY NC ITENSFind Trade
shinwolfTradelistFind Trade
hemoviaSide AccountFind Trade
hunarrSide 3 SFind Trade
hunarrSide 1 HFind Trade
jemma201Trade listFind Trade
beyrakthasi have itFind Trade
black_quxTLFind Trade
ratty170170My NC for tradeFind Trade
fosterabilityNeocash Items Up For TradeFind Trade
skunkNC Items UFT | Will take GBC or fortune cookies 1:1/items I'm LFFind Trade
karanyanKaraFind Trade
autumngypsyNC Items UFTFind Trade
dance_rockerNC items for tradeFind Trade
keepfalling{ UFT } General ~ 1 GBC - OR - 1 Archive Cookie Each ~ No buyables, ever. ~ This sale is always valid, even if no board. Updated regularly. Bookmark me!Find Trade
tummiesNC UFTFind Trade
padfootxwillxlivexonUFTFind Trade
frangypannyFrangypanny's NC TradesFind Trade
terzaNC For Trade - WearablesFind Trade
funkyllamaNC MallFind Trade
viking1Looking to Trade-Give Away FreeFind Trade
softbuffnc items uftFind Trade
cela08Stuff I HaveFind Trade
mirandatrading listFind Trade
neo_vovoWIG UFTFind Trade
haniffy2WIG UFTFind Trade
taniloveNC for tradeFind Trade
oneheadlightNC UFTFind Trade
hyenidaeoceanewolfeFind Trade
hyenidaesylvanniaFind Trade
hyenidaesylvynnaFind Trade
crimson_kiss6667NC Trade ListFind Trade
hammiehamster8Clothing and Wigs UFTFind Trade
repogeneticoperaMy NC items available to giveFind Trade
mewpyrochickUp for TradeFind Trade
singing1633NC for TradeFind Trade
lemonesUp For Trade - NCFind Trade
benrinaNew TradelistFind Trade
tardisMy TradelistFind Trade
emberfusionNC UFTFind Trade
techikazeNC Trade ListFind Trade
_starlahs_mummy_UFT - Side: starlahs_mummyFind Trade
rdeh00Up-For-Trade NC Items2Find Trade
rwattleNC Item TLFind Trade
hellvenNC UFTFind Trade
lighters_NC TLFind Trade
stacysummersNC UFT on sidesFind Trade
fateTradeFind Trade
merloticitems UFTFind Trade
ashleytotherescueNC UFTFind Trade
ttNC tradelistFind Trade
riss_chanUFTFind Trade
amesplazaNC items UFTFind Trade
snowflakehrnRegular UFT (Can do 2:1 on some)Find Trade
chocolab115UFTFind Trade
rdeh00Up-For-Trade NC ItemsFind Trade
breakingchainsNC UFTFind Trade
ks_d_skyNC UFTFind Trade
xxobumblebeeNC UFTFind Trade
wolke_xNC TradelistFind Trade
pickles07NC UFT - ClosetFind Trade
volleyballey08NC UFTFind Trade
ballagueiroNC Trade ListFind Trade
jdelaney171 Cap SaleFind Trade
surfingbudhaUFTFind Trade
lazMy NC (9/11/2018)Find Trade
ballinpinoy3NC UFTFind Trade
helleluNC UFTFind Trade
jackalopeexpertNC UFTFind Trade
rosalita_litaTradelistFind Trade
mistermonsterNC Trading: Up For TradeFind Trade
myth_stoorfootNC Items to TradeFind Trade
helleluNCUFTFind Trade
clavisTradable NC ItemsFind Trade
nimrodjessNC UFTFind Trade
sophie_leigh_babeNC TLFind Trade
riri19My NC itemsFind Trade
shoestarsRetired/LE Items for TradeFind Trade
alliecat78UFT (SDB)Find Trade
saronniaNC Items UFTFind Trade
venabreTradelistFind Trade
psychedeliceNc uftFind Trade
kakorieNC tradelistFind Trade
katiecoo802NC UFTFind Trade
zidormiNC Up for TradeFind Trade
rhaegarhNC TLFind Trade
smeehooNC UFTFind Trade
gauntlet_legendsUFTFind Trade
sixspacesUFT 2018Find Trade
horses_46569NC TradelistFind Trade
choco_ruiLittle things for trade~Find Trade
sapphire1031Up For TradeFind Trade
private1904NC UFTFind Trade
angelwingsssUpdated NC Trade ListFind Trade
platinumskiesNC crap i haveFind Trade
blottoUFT: NCFind Trade
softballchk_414NC that I have.. potentially for tradeFind Trade
mouemilyNC ITENS I OWNFind Trade
eopumperNC UFTFind Trade
daenerys_raineClosetFind Trade
fabryce013TradelistFind Trade
mousegirlNC UFTFind Trade
songstar_11UFTFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on eliz4bef -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
rutedafonteNC TradeFind Trade
cathyyaksTradelistFind Trade
rockalot92Wearable NC TLFind Trade
eckleburgUFTFind Trade
dreamie✧ NC UFT LISTFind Trade
cubicdrNC items UFTFind Trade
sosuftwimgonnagetaFind Trade
cocoa_x_kittyNC UFTFind Trade
maku_side1UFT Section 1 (Some are HTPW)Find Trade
_caro_33My NC itemsFind Trade
tokhimToKHimFind Trade
megmeg12NC tradelistFind Trade
christabella611NC Items for TradeFind Trade
manicmoon2:1Find Trade
synystersedusaumUFTFind Trade
theonetrueloserItems I have (NC)Find Trade
skycrierNC TradelistFind Trade
chrystal_218One Cap SaleFind Trade
ebambirraNC TradesFind Trade
cinderellafofaMy itemsFind Trade
ncluver9UFT NC ItemsFind Trade
bangahahaNC TradelistFind Trade
asyNC UFTFind Trade
nykng_family's tradelistFind Trade
saaUFT NC (wearable)Find Trade
vikyyUFT (priority items) - LFFind Trade
mew998998TLFind Trade
majestiesUFTFind Trade
dragon_girl_hakuTrade for NC cookiesFind Trade
sliver_toothTrade ListFind Trade
camicake1 GBCFind Trade
adrianinhu12NC TradingFind Trade
angie_lizNC UFTFind Trade
honeydippedbearUFTFind Trade
gurlsquadNC Items Up For TradeFind Trade
mazaii_3NC Trade ListFind Trade
ressqNC UFTFind Trade
krystaly2NC UFTFind Trade
x0liaNC UFTFind Trade
mandapanda37NC UFTFind Trade
robinchan33NC TradingFind Trade
angelgurlz0930Trade list MainFind Trade
sweetfire_umberGeneral tradelistFind Trade
rhino_loupeNC tradelist 2:1Find Trade
queen_brosephine_14Up For Trade (NC)Find Trade
genesisNC TradesFind Trade
martina1705NC TradelistFind Trade
greentiinii9NC UFTFind Trade
syariesxNC UFT for WishesFind Trade
khalyshaFor trade by KhalyshaFind Trade
jjamesonMy NC Items UFTFind Trade
ilovekylloenenUFTFind Trade
_feepitlover101NC UFTFind Trade
quintacategoria_NC tradelistFind Trade
sodas130Soda's Trade ListFind Trade
blue537Wishing to TradeFind Trade
jamaicensisWhat I HaveFind Trade
chenzzoNC TradesFind Trade
saarlandbabeNC UFTFind Trade
faygilaNC Items for Trade (No interest/Easy to Part With)Find Trade
riffraffTrade ListFind Trade
iftommorownevercomesItems UFTFind Trade
dannosup for tradeFind Trade
ignorantxfairyTradelistFind Trade
pwisvaTrade ListFind Trade
alznnalielnFind Trade
darkest_epitomeNC tradeFind Trade
glujan1◄ TradelistFind Trade
dark_mageletNC StuffFind Trade
cat865NC TradingFind Trade
reenie42Neocash Have ListFind Trade
caseylove22TradelistFind Trade
kawaiiamandapandaTradelistFind Trade
ojou_samaTL NC secondary accountFind Trade
gigigigi uftFind Trade
magustadaniele_10 UFT listFind Trade
everyway❤ salumaiFind Trade
cornelius_spoonNC Trade ListFind Trade
celestialhavokUFT!Find Trade
cheetogasmicRegular UFTFind Trade
dieyNC UFTFind Trade
janerusMain TradelistFind Trade
jessbunnyJanuary 2017 NC TL.Find Trade
denisemariavictoria2:1Find Trade
mightyhorrorshowUp for TradeFind Trade
perpectaTradeFind Trade
shakedownthestars2:1 Cap SaleFind Trade
eeversNC UFT on sideFind Trade
blueberrypiegirl1-2 Cap ValueFind Trade
lfisher8509nc itemsFind Trade
mmmmmmmeeeeeeeNC Items UFTFind Trade
apinkNC Trade List (Side) - 3GBCFind Trade
rollingstonechickUFT 1 CAPSFind Trade
aethelarNC TradelistFind Trade
pendastardlyNC UFTFind Trade
tab394 trade listFind Trade
halloween3188tlFind Trade
1elliesNC TradelistFind Trade
corky629Head / FaceFind Trade
vickiUFT listFind Trade
missunpopularside 2 TLFind Trade
mulbiles4:1 GBC SaleFind Trade
missunpopularside 1 TLFind Trade
missunpopularside 3 TLFind Trade
missunpopularside 4 TLFind Trade
candybender428NC Items I haveFind Trade
oinkpheusUFTFind Trade
star_kisuNC TradelistFind Trade
n_unknown_nTrade ListFind Trade
living4todayUFTFind Trade
katrinakhouryWearables I haveFind Trade
starling913611 CapFind Trade
phoenix_11NC TradeListFind Trade
draigar145NC itemsFind Trade
moryNC UFTFind Trade
missunpopularNC TradelistFind Trade

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