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Neopets 15th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Neopets 15th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

  • Rarity

    r500 (NC Mall)

  • Release Date

    November 9, 2014

  • Status

    Active ?

Up for Trade

The following 172 lists have Neopets 15th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag marked as up for trade:

act4youUFT NCFind Trade
nc_tradesTradingFind Trade
thecardsfoolyouUFTFind Trade
airmansbabyUFTFind Trade
hulatuUFTFind Trade
ichtakaNon-Wearable NC UFT (Numbers for my reference)Find Trade
tinnyminnyNC itemsFind Trade
rhagnaNC TradelistFind Trade
wokitanaMy Trade List (8/26/2018)Find Trade
kyogreuft as of dec 7 2019Find Trade
amandarhallickNC Items UFT On Side AccountsFind Trade
starryeyedsurpriseUFT itsonlyforeverFind Trade
starryeyedsurpriseUFT starrysspareFind Trade
starryeyedsurpriseUFT padawanaFind Trade
starrships2 NC TradelistFind Trade
amandalee♥ Casual Tradelist - 1 GBC SaleFind Trade
reevesNC: UFTFind Trade
leileyaNon-Wearable Trades ListFind Trade
auraichadoraauraichadora - CollectiblesFind Trade
jillpuppyCaps, Game Packs, Goodie Bags, etc.Find Trade
imgonnagetaMy Tradelist (1/18/2019)Find Trade
dhpoohbearNC UFT thepinkpixie2Find Trade
kelaizNC TradelistFind Trade
ohmanwellNC UFT // Trade
missyk1963Non-Buyable NC Stuff UFTFind Trade
rinnayeoUp for tradeFind Trade
folarahNC UFT non wearablesFind Trade
greyfeverSpecial UFTFind Trade
silver_moonGoodie Bags UFTFind Trade
oldschoolneopiaNC items UFTFind Trade
jakynarNC TradelistFind Trade
joeltheidiotNeocash Tradelist (Highlights and HTPW listed as top priority)Find Trade
theyellowroseNC UFTFind Trade
stuffie(Nc *UFT)⏬💱⏫Stuffie's Offers🔃 // & 2:1♻ ⏫💱⏬Find Trade
stuffie(UFT) 👜 Goodie Bags (Most♻2:1) + 🎁 Retired Gbcs (picky)Find Trade
krasavitsaTrade List NCFind Trade
dhpoohbearNC UFT thepinkpixieFind Trade
skumbyNC items I haveFind Trade
akariNon-wearables UFTFind Trade
orlando_in_bloombeanie_bby NC TLFind Trade
goldenoxNC Non-wearable TradelistFind Trade
auraichadoraangelashori - CollectiblesFind Trade
auraichadoralittleashori - CollectiblesFind Trade
loopyNC Items For TradeFind Trade
queengaladriel2:1 GBC/Upcycle Cookie OR 1:1 FQC/Dyeworks Potion. Will also trade for WL items :)Find Trade
baby_neopian_galleryNC Tradelist BNG ★ S: Gbc or WlFind Trade
hunneypotUFT: NC NON-WEARABLE - **Main TL on DTI**Find Trade
sanderuhuftFind Trade
vickiecNon wearablesFind Trade
juli_sbNon-wereablesFind Trade
bananasyooNC UFTFind Trade
ginkoNC Items UFT - for FQCs, GBCs and Wishes!Find Trade
jamiegsyUnwearables TradelistFind Trade
catmarcNC items up for trade (gallery is more up-to-date: Trade
jo_fitzTrade ListFind Trade
kimmiNon-Wearable NC UFT (wearables on DTI under Kimmi)Find Trade
goldencrispcerealMeateatingrabbit AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealGreenteacustard AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealThereafter AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealWakeful AccountFind Trade
goldencrispcerealIndulgences AccountFind Trade
petitehirondellineNon-wearable NC UFTFind Trade
queen_megsRetired Caps UFTFind Trade
00draven00Non-wearables - main account (Crowprincess)Find Trade
orlando_in_bloomorlando_in_bloom NC TLFind Trade
orlando_in_bloom4evalegolas NC TLFind Trade
rapil52 for 1Find Trade
thedarkstarNC Trading ListFind Trade
mollyscribbles2:1 SaleFind Trade
spektra7NC Trade ListFind Trade
giant_gummi_wormNC Trade ListFind Trade
inkpotnon-wearables for trade.Find Trade
corruptoraUFTFind Trade
geriNC BAGS UFTFind Trade
slp_ncNon-wearable NC Mostly UFTFind Trade
zay_korbatUFT Retired - SpecialFind Trade
watermelonfroyo2:1 SaleFind Trade
crazybeansNon-Wearables UFT (21=2:1 or 5:1 if the gbc gives me five boxes)Find Trade
salyrianCookies, Caps, Goodie Bags and NC event itemsFind Trade
mipoule2:1 GBCFind Trade
nat2076NC UFTFind Trade
tablatureNC Unwearable UFTFind Trade
matryoshkanon-wearables uftFind Trade
deboratibiNon-wearable NC UFTFind Trade
pikaNC Non-Wearable UFTFind Trade
jennygpyNon-wearables UFT (Have multiples of some)Find Trade
mystical_wolfUp for Trade; 21 means UFT 2:1Find Trade
weezybabyEverything Else uftFind Trade
_sushi65_Non-Wearable NC items UFTFind Trade
rainglowUp For Trade (Aki)Find Trade
fruitmandjeUFTFind Trade
b_o_b_137NC UFTFind Trade
happy_91Non- wearables UFTFind Trade
ariane_blackTradelist: MainFind Trade
sunwillow66Other NC UFTFind Trade
dafrozenNC (Non Wearable) UFTFind Trade
marcNC Unwearables UFTFind Trade
marcNC Items UFTFind Trade
zeehNC UFTFind Trade
fluffywampaUFTFind Trade
anamainiacksNC Items for TradeFind Trade
me_iNC Trade ItemsFind Trade
kris4210Goodie Bags & Non-Wearable NC Items UFTFind Trade
ice_alkaidNo Longer using JN for TL, search Icealka on DTI for latest update ;)Find Trade
iwillforgetthisThings I have. Priority section 2:1Find Trade
stlouisgirlNon Wearable NC Items for TradeFind Trade
myrtle_the_turtleNon-Wearable NCFind Trade
murillionblueTradelist ;; shinodatoes (2)Find Trade
murillionblueTradelist ;; kvinta (4)Find Trade
murillionblueTradelist ;; hexagoner (5)Find Trade
_billie_star_uftFind Trade
asinastraNC UFTFind Trade
heathertNon Wearables UFTFind Trade
pikecooko1 CookieFind Trade
colorfulcanvasNC UFT ListFind Trade
recklesseNC UFT - 2:1 GBC (or 1:1 item trade).Find Trade
emeraldmartiniNC UFTFind Trade
elsweyrNC Non-wearablesFind Trade
xkute6o4animexUFTFind Trade
00draven00Non-wearables - CrowiedravenFind Trade
jazziecookieNC up to 5:1Find Trade
tudorrose1558UFT (Boxless Side)Find Trade
00draven00Non-wearables - LupebanktellerFind Trade
00draven00Non-wearables - DravenprincessFind Trade
00draven00Non-wearables - AngeldravenFind Trade
zeroritaNC UFT on sides (boxless)Find Trade
grendayx5UFT MainFind Trade
allyrocks11NC Items For TradeFind Trade
ealOn side accounts - boxlessFind Trade
lyssieNon-wearable TLFind Trade
+190 lists without contact info Show
waternixie1011 gift box capsulesFind Trade
agonyUFTFind Trade
tycooncorbNC UFTFind Trade
thornzEverything else NC UFT!Find Trade
rileyNC TLFind Trade
shimmeringemeraldGoodie Bags UFTFind Trade
electra389NC UFT buyables/giftbags/2:1Find Trade
kalyNon-Wearable NC for TradeFind Trade
crashlovesbonesSpecial UFTFind Trade
fleur_de_nalaNC UFTFind Trade
bitter_sweet_x3Up For TradeFind Trade
skydancerUFTFind Trade
vidavSide acct. UFTFind Trade
starlightpixieSide 1 NC UFTFind Trade
starlightpixieNon-Wearable NC UFT (Main)Find Trade
starlightpixieSide 3 NC UFTFind Trade
starlightpixieSide 2 NC UFTFind Trade
starlightpixieSide 4 NC UFTFind Trade
jazzkat8911jazzkat89 Side UFTFind Trade
caroratuftFind Trade
theweelittleshamrockUFT NC Mall items.Find Trade
cindaTradelistFind Trade
talokiyaTLFind Trade
melinda_kacheekOne Cap SaleFind Trade
jackolanternNC UFTFind Trade
babypet4meNC TradelistFind Trade
scarbladeNC TL (non-pryority is all 2:1)!Find Trade
mimabeanNC for Trade: __f_u_f_f_i_e__Find Trade
mimabeanNC for Trade: mima_beanFind Trade
clexxianTradelistFind Trade
sosuftwTradelist (sosunub)Find Trade
porcelainlollipopUFTFind Trade
rainbowssftwNC Items (9/29)Find Trade
starreNC TradelistFind Trade
ilovedachshundsNC Tradelist (Unwearables)Find Trade
alara_niteflowerUFT on SidesFind Trade
dynes1capsale1 Cap SaleFind Trade
dehootNC Trade ListFind Trade
myserenity_1Non-Wearables UFTFind Trade
hawtsceneUnwearables + CapsulesFind Trade
beingniceisfreeNon-wearable UFTS!Find Trade
_usuki_NC ItemsFind Trade
youpsiiNC Tradelist (side: vitallic2)Find Trade
pieflyTrade ListFind Trade
soujunNC Junk UFTFind Trade
misery4twoHard To Part WithFind Trade
krazybabehRetired/LEFind Trade
tears_for_loveNC UFT (Non-wearable)Find Trade
lupe691NC TradelistFind Trade
eliz1befItems UP FOR TRADE (UFT)Find Trade
b_70x7_nTradingFind Trade
targoefistaNC UFTFind Trade
kianaraeUFT (Retired)Find Trade
gran_grans_girlNC Non-WearablesFind Trade
becklynnNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
dark_lady_gray13NC Owned - Dark_Lady_GrayFind Trade
whitefacadeNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
rateofdifferenceNeocash UFTFind Trade
nehhkoGoodie BagsFind Trade
slp_ncUFT Sides || Ignore Cap #, Most 2:1 || Priorities = HTPW/Not 2:1Find Trade
cyxNC UFTFind Trade
ayeunnSpecial (Caps, Tokens, Packs)Find Trade
keepfalling{ UFT } General ~ 1 GBC - OR - 1 Archive Cookie Each ~ No buyables, ever. ~ This sale is always valid, even if no board. Updated regularly. Bookmark me!Find Trade
piranhaNon WearablesFind Trade
phonofusMy NC AlbumFind Trade
nimue28noNon-wearablesFind Trade
us_babez_rockNC UFT - Cupcakes/BagsFind Trade
nihanniSeeking FQCFind Trade
jon_snowAll NC / 1 GBCFind Trade
repogeneticoperaMy NC items available to giveFind Trade
linscebnon wearablesFind Trade
buffynetukUFT side #1 (2:1)Find Trade
mewpyrochickUp for TradeFind Trade
bd_chookyNC TradelistFind Trade
tardisMy TradelistFind Trade
jumaroNC TRADEFind Trade
techikazeGBC & NC Non-Wearable UFTFind Trade
charliepoppy13charliepoppyside tradelistFind Trade
charliepoppy13charliepoppyside3 tradelist- 1 BoxFind Trade
charliepoppy13charliepoppyside2 tradelist- 1 BoxFind Trade
charliepoppy13charliepoppy13 tradelistFind Trade
odnumyerGFind Trade
odnumyerHFind Trade
odnumyerRFind Trade
slinkyg6498Non wearable NC UFTFind Trade
strandbikiniNC Items I ownFind Trade
hayliSDB NC UFTFind Trade
goofygoobersNC Items UFT - Side AccountsFind Trade
riss_chanUFTFind Trade
fulvipesNon-Wearable NC UFT (mail bazz_desert1993)Find Trade
bresephNC UFTFind Trade
thornzSide items UFT/may need GBCs/boxes. Ask!Find Trade
snowflakehrnNon-WearablesFind Trade
nat13NC Mall Trade ListFind Trade
rhg_sideThis is only a partial list of items UFT.Message Red_hot_genius with specific wishesFind Trade
koizumitoBoxesFind Trade
dhauntUFTFind Trade
agoschi123Trade ListFind Trade
kristinlosNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
pleasebelettervUFT NC ItemsFind Trade
cephal0veup for tradeFind Trade
veilsideunwearablesUnwearablesFind Trade
kiwibeeUpdated NC UFTFind Trade
gerbilisiousGerbils UFTFind Trade
cirillikaGoodie Bags UFTFind Trade
amunetUFTFind Trade
amunetSide 1 UFT (t)Find Trade
silentcloudSideFind Trade
inohcNC UFTFind Trade
mongolouOther nc to tradeFind Trade
venabreTradelistFind Trade
psychedeliceNc uftFind Trade
notentaclesNon-Wearables For TradeFind Trade
leni_86TradelistFind Trade
1scorpio1NCFind Trade
fabryce013TradelistFind Trade
mas0New UFT ListFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on eliz4bef -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
momo23UFTFind Trade
princsshedwigGoodie BagsFind Trade
iceblue123TradelistFind Trade
sosuftwimgonnagetaFind Trade
avalithNC UFTFind Trade
suzukaNC UFTFind Trade
nctraderNon-wearables NC TradelistFind Trade
suzie_b_1UFT Retired/LE/GameFind Trade
lightuptheskyxTL - sugaryFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on eliz2bef -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
mrd4rcyNC Trade listFind Trade
princsshedwigUFT NCFind Trade
eliz1befUFT on ixi_grotto -- may require GBC as part of tradeFind Trade
aly513Miscellaneous UFTFind Trade
hadayaNC Trade ListFind Trade
amicablemain acc up for trade- contact ohdeariemeFind Trade
brutalwolfNC Stuff for TradeFind Trade
cosmaniacUFTFind Trade
tamienNC UFTFind Trade
karasuSpecial NC Items Up For TradesFind Trade
nikkironnieNC UFTFind Trade
pandahRETIRED CAPS + BAGS + GRAMS + MISC!!!Find Trade
pand1421Other UFTFind Trade
kitn2002NC UFT, non wearablesFind Trade
flyhieroSide 2 TL / Free PB ClothesFind Trade
ataristarrNC for tradeFind Trade
jjamesonMy NC Items UFTFind Trade
hannahevaNon Wearable TradelistFind Trade
lacylovesnirvanaTrade listFind Trade
openhousenc tradelistFind Trade
riffraffTrade ListFind Trade
amber_tNC TradelistFind Trade
jmonkey182Neocash TradelistFind Trade
glujan1◄ TradelistFind Trade
evening_mistNonwearable NC UFTFind Trade
luciolesNon-wearable NC UFTFind Trade
imlyenerNC tradesFind Trade
ojou_samaTL NC secondary accountFind Trade
shastaNC UFTFind Trade
basangiNeocash TradingFind Trade
everyway❤ salumaiFind Trade
ddpspecialNC UFT for my NC WishlistFind Trade
gintokiNCFind Trade
uchiha_shioryUFTFind Trade
coolgirl0183Trade ListFind Trade
aquaantoniNC Non-Wearables UFTFind Trade
melerezsNC UFTFind Trade
squattasxparadiseNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
dave7x7UFTFind Trade
taztiger_09) (box 2) polFind Trade
taztiger_06) (box 2) craFind Trade
parrotNC UFTFind Trade
colloquiesNon-Wearable NCFind Trade
cyvinaNC UFT :DFind Trade
horsefaith6725NC ItemsFind Trade
itsdyeanneNC Items for TradeFind Trade
puffin__09Trade ListFind Trade
pendastardlyNC UFTFind Trade
grimmy881cap ValueFind Trade
halloween3188tlFind Trade
kitn2002UFT on side (kitn2013) - BoxlessFind Trade
dejavuDeja_vu_springs UFTFind Trade
applecrystalNon-Wearables UFTFind Trade
crystaldragon19goodie bags/grams/capsules up for trFind Trade
4bubba4UFT Capsules, Cakes, Cookies and Goodie BagsFind Trade
nascar19nflNC SpecialsFind Trade
star_kisuSide Account NCFind Trade
4bubba4UFT side 1Find Trade
4bubba4UFT side 3Find Trade
phoenix_11NC TradeListFind Trade
moryNC UFT (Side-Accounts, GBC required!)Find Trade
maku_side1UFT Section 2 (Boxless Side)Find Trade

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