Item Database

Browser Search Bar

Want to speed up your item searches? Then make use of our browser search bar functionality! Read your browser's section for information on how to install.


Chrome Instructions

Heads up! In most cases, Chrome will automatically install this search engine for you simply by visiting this website. You may not need to follow all of these instructions.

Your Chrome URL bar allows you to search the database directly from your browser! In most cases, this will be set up automatically for you. However, we have instructions below to install manually, along with some ways to customise!

Manually Installing

1) Click the 3-bar menu icon in the top right corner of Chrome, and select "Settings".

Look for Settings.

2) Find the "Search" section in Chrome's settings. (You can use the search box in the top right if needed.) Click on the "Manage search engines..." button.

Find the Manage Search Engines button.

3) In the "Other search engines" section, look for the "Neopets Items" search engine. (You will likely already have it pre-installed!) If it's not there, fill in the new search engine fields with the following information:

  • Add a new search engine: Neopets Items
  • Keyword:
  • URL with %s in place of query:

Fill in the form, if it has not been already.

The Keyword section is what you need to begin typing in Chrome's URL bar to access the search engine you just created. So, instead of "", you could also make it "items" or "i". (See the next step for details on using this feature.)

4) Click "Done" and exit out of your settings! Verify that your new search engine works by continuing on to "Using the Search Engine" below.

Using the Search Engine

1) In an existing tab (or a new one), begin typing "" in the URL bar. If you manually installed the search bar and used a different keyword (see above, step 3), then type that instead.

2) Once you type out "" or your keyword, hit TAB on your keyboard. The URL bar should convert to a search bar.


3) Search by an item name of your choosing!


Firefox Instructions

Your Firefox search bar allows you to search the database directly from your browser! We have instructions below to install manually.

Manually Installing

1) Visit any page in the Item Database. (The one you're viewing now will suffice!)

2) The search bar at the top of your browser window will gain a green + icon. Click on it.

Click the green plus icon.

3) You will see an option to add the "Neopets Item Search" search engine. Click on it.

Click on 'Add Neopets Item Search'

The item name search will now be available for you to use. See instructions below for using it.

Using the Search Engine

1) Type your desired item name search into the search box at the top of your browser window.

2) Click on the magnifying glass icon to open up your search options.

Find the Fish Negg icon.

3) With your search term typed out, click on the Fish Negg icon to get your results.

If you wish, you may also click on the "Change Search Settings" button (after clicking on the magnifying glass) and change your default search engine to be the Item Database. After doing so, you will only need to type out your search term and then hit enter to get results.

Make JN the default!