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Siyana Stamp (r77) First Edition Altador Petpet Stamp (r76)
Fauna Stamp (r77) Jerdana Stamp (r78)
The Wave Stamp (r72) Marak Stamp (r80)
Altadorian Farmer Stamp (r81) Gordos Stamp (r82)
Psellia Stamp (r83) Second Edition Altador Petpet Stamp (r83)
Perfectly Flat Rock Stamp (r78) Kelland Stamp (r85)
Altador Food Stamp (r89) Florin Stamp (r90)
Astronomy Club Stamp (r91) Finneus Stamp (r92)
Altador Magic Stamp (r94) The Sleeper Constellation Stamp (r95)
Torakor Stamp (r96) Angry Janitor Stamp (r85)
Darkest Faerie Stamp (r98) Sasha Stamp (r99)
Yooyu Celebration Stamp (r180) King Altador Stamp (r99)
Altador Colosseum Stamp (r101)