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Aggressive Casserole (r65) Almost Gummy Rat (Grape) (r82)
Almost Gummy Rat (Lime) (r65) Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) (r42)
Baked Intesteen (r61) Bat Cookie (r76)
Beast Burger (r68) Berried in Bread (r78)
Bleeding Heart Jelly Sundae (r75) Blumaroo Steak (r54)
Bone Dog (r82) Brain Candy Mix (r81)
Candy Corn Classic (r64) Candy Corn Fizzy Drink (r72)
Candy Peas (r75) Cheese Ghostkersandwich (r70)
Cheese Puff Fingers (r81) Chilled Eyeball Custard (r38)
Chocolate Covered Peanuts (r72) Chocolate Graveyard Cake (r75)
Chocolate Ice Cream Apple Lantern (r80) Chocolate Korbat Ice Lolly (r80)
Chokato Ghostkersandwich (r59) Clawmatoe (r13)
Coffin Cake (r75) Count Cross Buns (r74)
Creepy Spring Salad (r70) Cress Ghostkersandwich (r64)
Crispy Pumpkin Chips (r81) Crunch Chocolate Scoaches (r82)
Deviled Delight (r69) Deviled Steak (r40)
Devilish Cake (r62) Ectoplasm Nachos (r72)
Eye Candy (r73) Festering Coffee (r80)
Finger Sandwiches (r76) Fried Worm Stew (r65)
Frothy Fruit Juice (r70) Ghost Burger (r80)
Ghost Pancakes (r68) Ghostly Soup (r69)
Ghostmallow Smore (r73) Glaring Cheesecake (r68)
Glaring Eye Wrap (r40) Gravy Nightmare (r71)
Grundo Stix (r73) Halloween Jinjah Platter (r76)
Halloween Tapira Cake (r80) Ichor Ghost Toast (r70)
Impasta Spaghetti and Meatballs (r79) Jellied Eyeballs (r50)
Large Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order (r74) Magic Ghost Marshmallows (r70)
Marzipan Mortogs (r76) Mashed Eye Potato (r13)
Mint Ice Cream Apple Lantern (r76) Mummified Ice Cream (r53)
Mummy Spaghetti (r73) Mystery Meat Sandwich (r80)
Octornapie (r53) Peanut Butter Spiders (r52)
Pickled Eyeballs (r63) Pumpkin Chip Surprise (r78)
Pumpkin Cookies (r23) Pumpkin Ghost Toast (r82)
Pumpkin Pie (r1) Pumpkin Slice (r73)
Refreshing Barrel Water (r70) Roast Tentacle (r57)
Scary Soup (r59) Screamed Corn (r73)
Skeith Juice Cocktail (r46) Slime Ghostkersandwich (r56)
Slime Sundae (r44) Slime-Frosted Pretzel (r77)
Slimesicle (r48) Slimy Pumpkin Soup (r70)
Snorkle Snout (r80) Snotty Ghost Toast (r79)
Spider Licorice (r75) Spooky Donuts (r80)
Spooky Doughnut (r23) Spooky Gooplecream (r47)
Spooky Lime Pudding (r70) Spooky Raspberry Pie (r60)
Spooky Shake (r35) Squishy Brain Wrap (r30)
Stake Sandwich (r76) Sun Dried Techo Claw (r43)
Toffee Classic (r65) Tombscones (r68)
Tongue with Veggies (r43) Tongue Wrap (r70)
Undead Broccoli (r80) Undead Carrot (r70)
Undead Turnip (r82) Vanilla Ghost Cake (r76)
Vanilla Ice Cream Apple Lantern (r70) Wormy Pasta (r80)
Zombie Marshmallows (r82)