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Abominable Snowflake (r90) Autumn Leaves Snowball (r92)
Bag of Infinite Neggs (r94) Bag of Infinite Puce (r99)
Blueberry Snowflake (r85) Boneflake (r89)
Bullseye Snowball (r94) Claw of the Ancient Bori (r99)
Coconut Flake Snowball (r94) Diamond Snowball (r84)
Dirty Snow (r55) Dry Ice Snowball (r78)
Dung Snowflake (r99) Evil Snowflake (r70)
Exploding Snowflake (r87) Failed Snowball (r68)
Fiery Snowball (r92) Fire Gormball Snowball (r95)
Fire Snow (r56) Freezing Potion (r98)
Frost Bite Egg (r73) Frost Healing (r96)
Frozen Collar (r56) Frozen Cyodrake Shield (r101)
Frozen Leaf Shuriken (r93) Frozen Ogrin Mane (r98)
Frozen Ogrin Tail Flail (r97) Frozen Scarf Whip (r98)
Frozen Scroll (r99) Frozen Slorg Helm (r96)
Frozen Snowball (r94) Frozen Water Daggers (r97)
Frozen Wave Scimitar (r98) Glowing Snow Wurm (r101)
Glowing Snowflake (r87) Golden Snowflake (r89)
Grape Snowflake (r95) Hairy Snowball (r93)
Ice Conker (r98) Ice Crystal Ball (r87)
Ice Cube Mace (r97) Ice Dagger (r95)
Ice JubJub Snowball (r90) Ice Knuckles (r90)
Ice Lolly of Doom (r96) Ice Mirror (r97)
Ice Ring (r96) Ice Sceptre (r99)
Ice Shard (r73) Ice Shield (r99)
Ice Sword (r87) Icy Glove (r99)
Icy Magic Hat (r97) Icy Snowflake (r97)
Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowball (r98) Jagged Ice Ring (r84)
Mega Force Ice Glove (r80) Minty Snowflake (r98)
Multi Barbed Ice Spear (r89) Peach Snowflake (r80)
Pebble Snowball (r96) Pink Faerie Snowball (r89)
Pink Gormball Snowball (r93) Poisonous Snowflake (r70)
Puppyblew Ice Shield (r94) Radioactive Snow (r88)
Remote Control Virtupets Snowball (r92) Sand Snowball (r101)
Sand Snowflake (r101) Snot JubJub Snowball (r91)
Snow Flame (r99) Snow Tiger Egg (r96)
Snowager Crystal (r104) Snowball Club (r93)
Snowball Slingshot (r91) Snowflake Pendant (r99)
Special Snowflake (r89) Spicy Snowflake (r97)
Steel Snowball (r85) Sticky Snowflake (r180)
Stone Snowflake (r99) Super Ice Sword (r97)
Super Snow Tiger Egg (r85) Tartan Snowball (r95)
Trapped Snow Wurm (r82) Unlockable Ice Treasure (r99)
Wet Snowflake (r60) Yellow Snowflake (r76)