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Acara Ear Guards (r99) Acara Helm (r93)
Acara Horn Guards (r98) Acara Shield (r95)
Advisor Broos Necklace (r101) Aisha Feathered Charm (r99)
Aisha Helmet (r96) Amulet of Chaos (r98)
Amulet of Darkness (r94) Amulet of Fire (r80)
Amulet of Life (r89) Amulet of Reflection (r85)
Ancient Chia Helm (r93) Ancient Elephante Bracelet (r93)
Ancient Eyrie Battle Mask (r95) Ancient Eyrie Crest Shield (r92)
Ancient Poogle Face Shield (r94) Apple Jelly Helmet (r180)
Apple Jelly Shield (r96) Artisans Lens (r105)
Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds (r99) Balsa Wood Shield (r55)
Basic Dryer (r40) Basic Dueling Glove
Basic Shield of Flight (r69) Basic Shovel (r41)
Basic Wooden Shield (r68) Battle Faerie Shield (r97)
Battle Mirror (r43) bd_ixi_glove
bd_ixi_helmet bd_uni_collar
bd_uni_mask bd_wocky_helmet
bd_wotc_helmet bd_wotc_potion
bd_wotc_shield2 Blobbule Shield (r160)
Blue Nimmo Boots (r99) Blue Scorchstone (r94)
Blueberry Jelly Shield (r96) Blumaroo Ear Guards (r90)
Blumaroo Face Mask (r98) Blumaroo Health Potion (r99)
Blumaroo Mask (r93) Blumaroo Shield (r92)
Bori Helmet (r90) Bori Shield (r98)
Bouncy Green Shoyru Boots (r98) Brilliant Poogle Buckler (r99)
Broken Mirror Shield (r180) Bronze Scorchstone (r89)
Bronze Shield (r83) Bruce Body Armour (r93)
Bruce Shield of Resistance (r95) Bubbling Flotsam Elixir (r99)
Bubbling Ruki Elixir (r99) Buzz Wing Guards (r93)
Carved Carrot Helmet (r70) Castle Defenders Shield (r101)
Cave Chia Helmet (r101) Cave Chia Shield (r101)
Cheops Shield (r101) Cherry Jelly Shield (r94)
Chia Belt (r96) Chia Clown Umbrella (r101)
Chia Clown Wig (r101) Chia Defence Cloak (r92)
Chia Healstone (r97) Chia Skunk Tail (r97)
Chia Stomper (r96) Chiazillas Shield (r101)
Chomby Boots of Might (r95) Chomby Lucky Charm Bracelet (r99)
Chomby Power Helmet (r98) Clawed Shield (r101)
Clay Shield (r82) Cloak of Night (r99)
Cloud Aisha Shield (r101) Cloud Charm (r99)
Combo Battle Mirror (r99) Commander Garoo War Mask (r101)
Commander Garoos Shield (r101) Coral Orb (r80)
Craftsmans Lens (r111) Cybunny Collar (r96)
Cybunny Helmet (r90) Cybunny Shield (r99)
Cybunny X Ray Glasses (r90) Daemon Goggles (r101)
Darigan Soldier Shield (r101) Darigans Orb (r101)
Darigans Shield of Malevolence (r101) Dark Faerie Collar (r130)
Dark Nimmo Shield (r96) Dark Reflectorb (r39)
Dazzling Ivory Shield (r101) Dazzling Shield of Light (r101)
Dazzling Steel Lenny Mask (r98) Dazzling Steel Lenny Wings (r99)
Double Dryer (r84) Downsize Power Plus (r180)
Downsize! (r68) Draconian Generals Tail Armour (r101)
Dual Battle Mirror (r86) Dung Shield (r64)
Earthen Scorchstone (r90) Elephante Peanut Shield (r88)
Elephante Unguent (r96) Eleskeleton 3000 (r99)
Elestone (r93) Elixir of the Pirate (r99)
Emerald Eyrie Shield (r95) Emerald Hissi Breastplate (r99)
Emerald Hissi Helmet (r90) Emerald Hissi Shield (r99)
Emerald Krawk Boots (r99) Emerald Krawk Jacket (r99)
Emerald Krawk Shield (r80) Enamel Elephante Body Armour (r98)
Enamel Elephante Face Mask (r98) Enamel Elephante Shield (r98)
Enchanted Draik Cape (r96) Enchanted Dueling Glove
Enchanted Kiko Shield (r99) Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy (r180)
Enchanted Koi Shield (r95) Esophagor Shield (r101)
Everlasting Crystal Apple (r250) Expert Lens (r103)
Eye of Storms (r101) Eyrie Guard Helmet (r101)
Eyrie Guard Shield (r101) Eyrie Tail Guard (r99)
Faerie Crash Helmet (r101) Faerie Fog (r200)
Faerie Shield (r101) Faerie Tabard (r200)
Fancy Dress Armour (r101) Feathered Bruce Helm (r99)
Feathered Pteri Cloak (r99) Fierce Grarrl Helmet (r89)
Fiery Dream Catcher (r101) Fiery Dueling Glove
Fire Gem (r180) Fire Shield (r101)
Fish Scale Breastplate (r101) Flame Reflector (r40)
Flame Reflectozap (r99) Flaming Bronze Helm (r85)
Flaming Scorchio Battle Boots (r96) Flaming Scorchio Battle Helm (r94)
Flotsam Amulet of the Champion (r99) Flotsam Body Armour (r95)
Flotsam Chestplate of the Champion (r99) Flotsam Harpoon Helmet (r97)
Flotsam Ice Shell (r92) Flotsam Plasma Helmet (r95)
Flotsam Shell Helm (r92) Flotsam Shell Shield (r99)
Flotsam Tail Armour (r95) Forest Cloak (r180)
Frozen Commander Shield (r101) Full Acara Armour (r99)
Full Aisha Armour (r99) Full Blumaroo Armour (r99)
Full Bori Armour (r99) Full Bruce Armour (r99)
Full Buzz Armour (r99) Full Chia Armour (r99)
Full Chomby Armour (r99) Full Cybunny Armour (r99)
Full Draik Armour (r99) Full Elephante Armour (r99)
Full Eyrie Armour (r99) Full Flotsam Armour (r99)
Full Gelert Armour (r99) Full Gnorbu Armour (r99)
Full Grarrl Armour (r99) Full Hissi Armour (r99)
Full Ixi Armour (r99) Full Jetsam Armour (r99)
Full JubJub Armour (r99) Full Kau Armour (r99)
Full Kiko Armour (r99) Full Korbat Armour (r99)
Full Kougra Armour (r99) Full Krawk Armour (r99)
Full Kyrii Armour (r99) Full Lenny Armour (r99)
Full Lupe Armour (r99) Full Lutari Armour (r99)
Full Meerca Armour (r99) Full Moehog Armour (r99)
Full Mynci Armour (r99) Full Nimmo Armour (r99)
Full Ogrin Armour (r99) Full Peophin Armour (r99)
Full Poogle Armour (r99) Full Pteri Armour (r99)
Full Quiggle Armour (r99) Full Ruki Armour (r99)
Full Scorchio Armour (r99) Full Shoyru Armour (r99)
Full Skeith Armour (r99) Full Techo Armour (r99)
Full Tonu Armour (r99) Full Tuskaninny Armour (r99)
Full Uni Armour (r99) Full Usul Armour (r99)
Full Wocky Armour (r98) Full Xweetok Armour (r99)
Full Yurble Armour (r99) Full Zafara Armour (r99)
Furry Chia Shield (r90) Galems Cloak (r101)
Garlic Shield (r120) Gelert Body Armour (r90)
Gelert Boots (r90) Gelert Ear Guards (r96)
Gelert Frostweaver Shield (r99) Gelert Healing Remedy (r96)
Gelert Helm (r93) Gelert Helmet (r95)
Gelert Lightning Speed Boots (r90) Gelert Spiked Shield (r99)
Gelert Tail Armour (r92) Ghostkershield (r200)
Giant Chomby Helmet (r101) Giant Spyder Web (r101)
Gilded Kougra Chestplate (r99) Glistening Earth Shield (r101)
Gnorbu Battle Greaves (r83) Gnorbu Battle Helm (r80)
Golden Aisha Helmet (r96) Golden Aisha Shield (r97)
Golden Buzz Helmet (r92) Golden Draik Charm (r101)
Golden Full Kacheek Armour (r99) Golden Geraptiku Talisman (r101)
Golden Grarrl Shield (r87) Golden Kougra Chest Plate (r98)
Golden Kougra Earmuffs (r90) Golden Kougra Shield (r87)
Golden Lupe Helm (r97) Golden Lupe Mask (r98)
Golden Moehog Tusk Guards (r99) Golden Pteri Shield (r98)
Golden Scorchstone (r98) Golden Shield (r105)
Golden Shoyru Battle Helmet (r97) Golden Wocky Helmet (r97)
Golden Wocky Shield (r89) Grape Jelly Helmet (r97)
Grape Jelly Shield (r98) Grarrl Helmet (r95)
Grarrl Shield Of Terror (r96) Greater Acara Shield (r98)
Green Invisihat (r180) Green Knight Shield (r101)
Green Pirate Sash (r101) Green Potion (r70)
Green Scorchstone (r96) Green Shoyru Chest Protector (r98)
Green Shoyru Tail Armour (r99) Green Shoyru Wing Armour (r99)
Green Techo Bow (r99) Grey Shield (r97)
Grimilixs Amulet (r101) Halloween Aisha Cape (r101)
Hand Carved Shoyru Wand (r99) Hardened Leather Kau Helm (r89)
Healing Ankh of the Nimmo (r99) Heavy Blocking Shield (r101)
Heavy Round Shield (r97) Heavy Wooden Kau Shield (r99)
Helm of Darkness (r78) Highland Chia Battle Shield (r99)
Honeycomb Buzz Shield (r99) Ice Caves Shield (r101)
Ice Scorchstone (r200) Icy Nimmo Battle Helmet (r93)
Icy Nimmo Shield (r92) Illusens Silver Shield (r99)
Iron Lupe Collar (r99) Iron Lupe Helm (r90)
Ixi Chest Plate (r98) Ixi Indestructible Helmet (r93)
Ixi Indestructible Shield (r95) Ixi Wooden Blocking Shield (r98)
Jade Elixir (r101) Jade Helmet of the Ogrin (r72)
Jade Scorchstone (r180) Jade Shield of the Ogrin (r75)
Jelly Shield (r101) Jerans Shield (r101)
Jetsam Chestplate (r97) Jetsam Helmet (r92)
Jewelled Scarab (r150) JubJub Battle Shield (r92)
JubJub Goggles (r94) JubJub Helmet of Doom (r94)
JubJub Shoes of Flight (r93) JubJub Speed Boots (r98)
Kacheek Chrome Helmet (r95) Kacheek Extinguisher (r99)
Kacheek Inviso-Cloth (r94) Kacheek Life Potion (r92)
Kass Skeiths Shield (r101) Kau Helmet (r93)
Kau Knight Helmet (r90) Kau Knight Shield (r93)
Kaylas Magic Cloak (r99) Kiko Armour (r91)
Kiko Helm of Intellect (r99) Kiko Shield (r180)
King Kelpbeards Blessing (r101) Kings Shield (r101)
Knights Helm (r101) Knights Shield (r111)
Koi Battle Helmet (r95) Koi Defensive Goggles (r180)
Koi Full Armour (r99) Koi Seaweed Amulet (r93)
Koi Warrior Helmet (r101) Korbat Chestplate (r98)
Korbat Ear Shields (r90) Korbat Helmet (r95)
Korbat Wing Armour (r97) Korbat Wing Guards (r95)
Kougra Collar (r95) Kougra Healing Potion (r101)
Kougra Wing Collar (r99) Krawk Battle Shield (r180)
Krawk Tail Armour (r98) Krawk Terror Mask (r95)
Kyrii Battle Helmet (r95) Kyrii Golden Apple of Healing (r97)
Kyrii Leather Helmet (r90) Kyrii Tank Top (r97)
Lab Ray Casing (r101) Large Metal Shield (r80)
Leaf Shield (r101) Leather Chia Gloves (r98)
Leather Chomby Boots (r93) Leather Xweetok Helmet (r99)
Lenny Cape (r98) Lenny Healing Stone (r86)
Lenny Paper Mask (r90) Lenny Shield (r94)
Life Giver (r97) Light Acara Hood (r97)
Lishas Homemade Armour (r101) Lord Darigans Mask (r101)
Lord Kass Battle Armour (r101) Lord Kass Battle Shield (r101)
Lucky Uni Charm (r99) Lump Of Wood (r75)
Lupe Grabber Jaw (r99) Lupe Moon Charm (r96)
Lupe Reflector Shield (r92) Lutari Battle Chestplate (r98)
Lutari Battle Shield (r89) Lutari Lance (r93)
Magic Berries (r101) Majestic Jetsam Shield (r96)
Mango Jelly Shield (r94) Maractite Warriors Shield (r101)
Maraquan Draik Cloak (r99) marrow_shield (r101)
Mask of Coltzan (r200) Meerca Battle Helmet (r97)
Meerca Brothers Glue (r101) Meerca Healing Potion (r80)
Meerca Menace Belt (r101) Meerca Menace Gloves (r101)
Meerca Menace Mask (r101) Meerca Propeller Hat (r94)
Meerca Shield of Champions (r98) Meerca Speed Potion (r99)
Meerca Tail Shield (r99) Mega U-Bend (r99)
Metallic Kougra Shield (r98) Meuka Snot Shield (r101)
Mighty JubJub Shield (r90) Mighty Peophin Helmet (r94)
Mighty Peophin Shield (r90) Mighty Techo Chest Plate (r99)
Mighty Techo Gloves (r92) Mighty Techo Helmet (r94)
Mighty Techo Shield (r98) Moehog Armour (r96)
Moehog Battle Cape (r95) Moehog Battle Goggles (r97)
Moehog Battle Mask (r93) Moehog Healing Root (r93)
Moehog Helmet (r95) Mootix Warriors Armour (r101)
Mutant Chia Shield (r101) Mynci Basher Helmet (r98)
Mynci Helmet (r96) Mynci Suit (r95)
Mystery Palm Shield (r101) Mystical Ixi Hooded Cape (r99)
Mystical Nimmo Amulet (r99) Night Stone (r56)
Nimmo Elixir of Healing (r99) Nimmo Helmet (r90)
Oaken Kacheek Helm (r90) Oaken Kacheek Shield (r95)
Oasis Tonic (r101) Orange Invisihat (r70)
Ornate Buzz Chestplate (r99) Ornate Jetsam Battle Helmet (r99)
Ornate Jetsam Shield (r99) Ornate Pteri Sash (r90)
Ornate Usul Gloves (r94) Ornate Usul Shield (r97)
Padded Acara Gloves (r94) Padded Bruce Jacket (r99)
Padded Cybunny Boots (r98) Padded Cybunny Shield (r97)
Palace Guard Bracers (r99) Palace Guard Helmet (r99)
Palace Guard Tunic (r99) Peanut Butter and Jam Shield (r68)
Pearly Koi Bubble Net (r98) Pearly Koi Mask (r97)
Peophin Battle Saddle (r96) Peophin Ear Guards (r98)
Peophin Leg Shields (r97) Petpetpet Venom (r101)
Pirate Captains Hat (r200) Plush Gelert Collar (r99)
Polished Wooden Mynci Shield (r92) Poogle Battle Helmet (r93)
Poogle Chest Plate (r96) Poogle Cloak (r94)
Poogle Lightning Boots (r99) Power Vacuum (r101)
Pretty Negg Shield (r101) Princely Lens (r117)
Princely Shield (r117) Prismatic Mirror (r101)
Pteri Combat Jacket (r75) Pteri Egg Amulet (r94)
Pteri Precision Helmet (r99) Pumpkin Shield (r120)
Purple Chia Helmet (r101) Purple Invisihat (r60)
Purple Scorchstone (r98) Quiggle Battle Armour (r94)
Quiggle Helmet (r180) Quiggle Leaping Boots (r99)
Quiggle Warlord Helm (r101) Quiggle Warlord Shield (r101)
Rainbow Scorchstone (r99) Red Scorchstone (r92)
Red Yurble Boots (r99) Red Yurble Breast Plate (r99)
Red Yurble Ear Guards (r99) Red Yurble Gauntlets (r99)
Reflectozap 2000 (r180) Regal Mynci Cloak (r90)
Regal Skeith Helmet (r93) Regal Skeith Shield (r91)
Regulation Chainmail (r99) Reinforced Ruki Shield (r94)
Ring of Centroid (r101) Robo Grarrl Helmet (r101)
Rock Shield (r101) Rugged Zafara Helmet (r98)
Rugged Zafara Shield (r93) Ruki Battle Helm (r87)
Ruki Battle Staff (r85) Rustic Wooden Shield (r88)
Rusty Helm Ryshu Ancient Magic Shield (r101)
Scamander Shield (r92) Scarblades Pirate Hat (r101)
Scorchio Armour (r95) Scorchio Battle Wand (r99)
Scorchio Helmet (r90) Scorchio Horn Guard (r93)
Scorchio Molten Battle Shield (r99) Scorchio Molten Tail Guard (r99)
Scorchio Wing Shields (r92) Seaweed Necklace (r101)
Serf Lens (r101) Shadow Armour (r99)
Shadow Shield (r101) Shield of Faerieland (r200)
Shield of Ice (r101) Shield of Nightfire (r101)
Shield of Pion Troect (r200) Shield of Reflection (r90)
Shield of Revenge (r101) Shield of Scorching (r101)
Shimmering Acara Breastplate (r99) Shimmering Chomby Shield (r92)
Shiny Shoal Shell Shield (r101) Shovel Plus (r87)
Shoyru Battle Shield (r99) Shoyru Helmet (r96)
Shoyru Shield (r90) Silver Arm Plate (r93)
Silver Chest Plate (r91) Silver Draik Armour (r93)
Silver Draik Chestplate (r99) Silver Draik Helmet (r96)
Silver Draik Shield (r92) Silver Draik Wing Guards (r99)
Silver Elephante Helmet (r95) Silver Helmet (r89)
Silver Kacheek Armour (r99) Silver Leg Armour (r89)
Silver Scorchstone (r94) Silver Uni Boots (r95)
Silver Uni Helm (r92) Silver Uni Kite Shield (r92)
Simple Wooden Fighting Staff (r88) Sinsis Gauntlet (r95)
Sinsis Helm (r96) Skarl Royal Crown (r101)
Skarl Royal Shield (r101) Skeith Defender Chest Plate (r101)
Skeith Shield (r85) Sledge Shield (r99)
Slime Net (r101) Small Metal Shield (r30)
Snot Helmet (r99) Snowager Shield (r101)
Soup Faerie Apron (r101) Sparkling Acara Shield (r99)
Spell of Horror (r101) Spider Grundo Web Net (r101)
Spiked Poogle Helmet (r93) Splendid Buzz Helmet (r93)
Splendid Buzz Shield (r90) Sponge Shield (r101)
Spotted Kau Shield (r99) Squishy Shoyru Healing Stone (r99)
Sssidneys Top Hat (r101) Starry Scorchio Amulet (r101)
Starry Scorchio Gauntlets (r101) Starry Scorchio Helmet (r101)
Stealthy Nimmo Boots (r99) Steel Chomby Chestplate (r88)
Steel Kiko Helmet (r92) Steel Tassle Scarf (r101)
Sticky Net Sticky Quiggle Glove (r92)
Sticky Quiggle Shield (r97) Stone Draik Shield (r89)
Stone Shield (r101) Storm Amulet (r99)
Studded Leather Armour (r98) Studded Tonu Belt (r92)
Sturdy Blue Shield (r97) Sturdy Chomby Helmet (r98)
Sunshine Shield (r200) Super U-Bend (r85)
Superb Golden Chest Plate (r101) Superb Golden Helm (r101)
Superior Dueling Glove (r101) Superior Elephante Shield (r90)
Superior Reflection Shield (r99) Superior Shield of Lightning (r98)
Superior Shovel (r91) Supple Moehog Sandals (r96)
Taleks Chest Piece (r101) Tattered Hissi Cloak (r98)
Tax Beast Shield (r101) Tazzalors Breast Plate (r101)
Tears of Caylis (r101) Techo Battle Helmet (r70)
Tekkitu Mask (r101) Terror Stone (r95)
Thyoras Tear (r99) Tiki Armour (r101)
Toast Shield (r99) Tonu Face Mask (r90)
Tonu Leather Shield (r97) Tower Shield (r99)
Triple Turbo Dryer (r99) Turbo Flame Reflector (r83)
Turtum Shell Quiggle Chestplate (r98) Tuskaninny Chariot (r98)
Tuskaninny Eye Goggles (r92) Tuskaninny Paw Protector (r95)
Tuskaninny Raiders Helm (r99) Tuskaninny Tail Guard (r92)
U-Bend (r42) U-Bend of Great Justice (r180)
Ugga Marbleshield (r101) Ultimate Dark Reflectorb (r99)
Ultra Dark Reflectorb (r87) Ultra Dual Shovel (r99)
Ultra Supreme Kiko Walker (r99) Umbrella Shield (r101)
Uni Body Armour (r92) Uni Charm (r99)
Uni Face Shield (r93) Uni Gem (r90)
Uni Healing Crown (r99) Usul Helmet (r95)
Usul Winged Boots (r94) Velvet Ixi Battle Cloak (r92)
Viras Cape of Darkness (r101) Virtu-helmet 4000 (r114)
Water Jelly Shield (r98) Web Shield (r101)
Wheel Shield (r101) Winged Shoyru Amulet (r99)
Wocky Helmet (r96) Wocky Shield of Truth (r92)
Wooden Blocking Shield (r101) Wooden Krawk Shield (r99)
Wooden Shield (r103) Worn Leather Shield (r97)
Worn Tuskaninny Shoulder Guard (r98) Xweetok Boots Of Speed (r99)
Yooyuball Goal Net Shield (r101) Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard (r180)
Yurble Blocking Shield (r99) Yurble Forest Cloak (r99)
Yurble Forest Shield (r99) Zafara Enchanted Cape (r101)
Zafara Tail Shield (r95)