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Asparacone (r89) Aubergine Surprise (r75)
Bag of Peas (r45) Bag Of Sugar (r64)
Baked Rye Loaf (r82) Basket of Berries (r82)
Basket of Gross Berries (r82) Blackberries (r87)
Blackened Apple (r75) Blackened Gruel (r77)
Blackened Honey (r78) Blancmange (r84)
Blue Draik Egg (r95) Blueberries (r85)
Braku Berries (r89) Braku Berry Juice (r90)
Bread Wreath (r99) Brogle Berry (r80)
Bucket Of Slops (r83) Bullseye Pie (r72)
Bunch of Tomatoes (r60) Butter with Roll (r92)
Carrot Stuffed Pepper (r80) Cheese and Grapes (r80)
Chicken and Gammon (r89) Chicken Leg Surprise (r87)
Chokato Petpet Food (r89) Chunky Meaty Stew (r60)
Corn On The Cob (r80) Courgette Bread (r75)
Cranberries (r84) Cup of Water (r35)
Curried Mussels (r86) Darigan Draik Egg (r99)
Designer Blackened Potato (r76) Durbage (r79)
Epple Sandwich (r89) Extra Creamy Soup (r80)
Faerie Petpet Food (r87) Flat Bread (r45)
Fresh Fruit Goblet (r99) Fried Courgette (r76)
Fruit Juice Sack (r90) Giant Bowl of Cranberry Sauce (r86)
Giant Shish Kabob (r92) Giant Tomato Kebab (r88)
Green Draik Egg (r96) Grey Turnip (r89)
Gruel (r30) Ham and Turkey Feast (r90)
Haystack Potato Chips (r74) Honey Basted Turkey Leg (r91)
Hot Crossed Buns (r70) Ice Draik Egg (r98)
Illusen Day Burger (r89) Illusen Day Cupcake (r89)
Illusen Day Drink (r88) Illusen Day Jelly (r89)
Island Draik Egg (r98) Ixi Cheese Basket (r89)
Ixi Hoof Soup (r84) Ixi Soup (r88)
Ixi-like Potato Pile (r93) King Skarl Mashed Potato Tribute (r87)
Leaf Taco (r100) Lemon Squash (r80)
Lost Desert Draik Egg (r97) Marracado (r86)
Meat and Beans (r85) Meat Kebab (r78)
Meat Skewered Meat (r88) Meridell Pudding (r88)
Meridellian Potato (r86) Meridellian Style Mashed Potatoes (r99)
Mortog Stew (r83) Mouldy Potato (r47)
Mutton Stew (r87) Pea Stuffed Pepper (r84)
Pease Porridge (r85) Pirate Draik Egg (r97)
Plum Pudding (r76) Pootato (r99)
Potato Stuffed Pepper (r82) Potatoes and Gravy (r85)
Raisin Twist Loaf (r73) Raspberries (r86)
Raw Potato (r45) Red Draik Egg (r98)
Roast Pork (r99) Sausage and Pea Soup (r76)
Shrimp Kebab (r82) Slorg Meatloaf (r90)
Slorg Potatoes (r90) Sludge Pie (r60)
Smoked Meridellian Fish (r79) Smoked Seasoned Sausage (r80)
Smooshed Tomato (r70) Soft White Cheese (r70)
Sparkleberry and Cream (r95) Sparkleberry Pie (r96)
Spiked Dariberry (r89) Spyven Leg Soup (r94)
Stale Bread (r35) Stone Soup (r40)
Symol Bread (r56) Symol Dirt Pie (r58)
Tasty Turnip Tartar (r50) Thick Creamy Porridge (r75)
Tonguebeans (r80) Turkey Cane (r81)
Turnip Gruel (r86) Turtum Shell Salad (r96)
Twisted Bread (r78) Vegetarian Stuffed Courgette (r77)
Veggie Deluxe Stuffed Pepper (r94) Whole Roast Chicken (r80)
Yeasty Bread (r60) Yellow Courgette (r78)
Yellow Draik Egg (r97) Zombie Draik Egg (r99)