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Alien Aisha Splurgles (r82) Alien Aisha Zapzaggle (r80)
Anchovy Loaf (r88) Ant Eaten Ham (r80)
Ant Soup (r76) Ants on Ants (r94)
Anything Soup (r87) Asparagus Yogurt (r60)
Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream (r70) Banana Lice Cream (r83)
Bean Yogurt Surprise (r72) Beet and Onion Pudding (r79)
Black Widow Truffle (r50) Blueberry Beetle Cracker (r55)
Blueberry Fish Pop (r50) Bluehamberry Burger (r35)
Bluna Burger (r98) Brain Kebab (r98)
Buttered Watermelon (r61) Calamari Tongue Wrap (r87)
Can of Pickled Spinach (r68) Carawool (r50)
Cheese and Eel Burger (r35) Cheese Covered Caramel Apple (r60)
Cheesy Apple Stick (r95) Cheesy Potato Stuffed Doughnut (r82)
Chewed Gum Ice Cream Cone (r77) Chewing Dung (r70)
Chilli Prawn Juice (r63) Chip Butty Pizza (r94)
Chocolate Beef Custard (r71) Chocolate Coated Fish Pop (r66)
Chocolate Covered Burger (r84) Chocolate Duck Rump (r98)
Chocolate Fish (r96) Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake (r50)
Chocolate Ice Cream with Pickle Syrup (r88) Chocolate Liver Casserole (r78)
Chocolate Sundae with Ham (r66) Chocolate Taco (r70)
Chocolate Taquitos (r92) Cinnamon Tuna and Guacamole (r86)
Clamade (r28) Coconut Cream Steak (r55)
Coconut Ketchup Stew (r98) Corn and Jelly Ball (r87)
Cottage Sneeze Cheese (r89) Courgette Ice Cream (r60)
Crunchy Bone Sandwich (r97) Cup-O-Slime (r45)
Dandergum (r78) Danderlice Surprise (r92)
Delectable Mould Garden (r64) Delightful Petpetpet Medley (r86)
Dr. Backwash (r95) Duck Neck (r80)
Dung Cream Sandwich (r60) Dung Taco (r77)
Extra Gherkin Hot Dog (r95) Eyeball Fungus (r88)
Eyeball Pie (r88) Eyeball Sushi (r70)
Fantastic Fly Pie (r65) Fermented Fish Tart (r76)
Fermented Slop Surprise (r68) Finger Crisps (r50)
Fish and Rhubarb Burgers (r94) Fish Fingers and Custard (r88)
Fish Flavour Ice Cream (r90) Fish Pop (r55)
French Flies (r76) Fresh Clam Jam (r45)
Fresh Seaweed Pie (r35) Frosted Grub Burrito (r75)
Fruit Fly Surprise (r89) Gravy Smoothie (r65)
Greasy Bread Spread (r76) Green Slime and Eggs Delight (r78)
Ground Beef Smores (r97) Ground Rolls (r88)
Grub Parfait (r68) Grub Skewer (r85)
Grub Waffles (r75) Grubburger (r87)
Grubs in Cheese (r88) Grubwich (r60)
Half Eaten Bar of Chocolate (r84) Ham and Custard Croissant (r84)
Holiday Dinner In A Can (r87) Honeyfly Smoothie (r66)
Hot Dog Flavoured Yogurt (r62) Hot Worm Hot Dog (r40)
Ice Cream and Fries (r83) Iced Fish Cake (r35)
Infested Peach (r40) Jellied Eggs (r58)
Jellyfish Sundae (r96) Ketchup Caramel Squid Delight (r89)
Ketchup Ice Cream (r50) Ketchup-Flavoured Milk (r76)
Layered Snot Gobstopper (r77) Lemon and Lime Fish Pop (r53)
Lice Rice (r45) Lime Chilli Gum (r80)
Lime Milkshake (r55) Linty Bologna (r80)
Liver Smoothie (r67) Mac and Cheese Ice Cream (r86)
Maggot and Cheese Burger (r82) Maggot Pizza (r73)
Maggot Stew (r50) Maggoty Egg Roll (r66)
Marshmallows with Gravy (r91) Mashed Potato with Strawberry Sauce (r50)
Mashed Potatoes and Mud (r72) Mayo-Doused Batter-Fried Grackle Bugs with Honey Walnuts (r78)
Mayonnaise Doughnut (r90) Mayonnaise Filled Chocolate (r79)
Meat Cake (r50) Meatballs and Worms (r80)
Millennia Egg (r78) Minced Beef Pretzel (r55)
Moldy Pancakes (r74) Mouldy Left-Overs (r87)
Mucus Soup (r70) Mud n Mayo Dip (r50)
Mustard Durian Smoothie (r68) Mustard Ice Cream (r35)
Mutant Ketchup (r85) Mynci Brain Sandwich (r96)
Nachos and Cheese Ice Cream (r88) Nutritional Block (r96)
Octopus Ice Cream Platter (r95) Olive Marshmallow Taco (r98)
Onion Cola (r93) Onion Puff (r75)
Onion Sorbet (r60) Pack of Snot-Flavoured Gum (r76)
Paint Milkshake (r60) Pasta And Eyes (r40)
Peaburger Delight (r44) Peanut Butter and Jelly Egg Cabbage (r66)
Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich (r78) Peanut Butter and Pickles (r97)
Peanut Butter Pizza (r25) Peanut Seaweed Gum (r83)
Pesto Banana Burger (r64) Pickled Feet (r65)
Pickled Leeches (r60) Pickled Moehog Feet (r80)
Pork Ice Cream (r77) Potato Ice Cream (r90)
Pound Cake and Frosting Sandwich (r90) Pterducken (r95)
Rancid Dung Coffee (r65) Raw Grubwich (r86)
Red Eggs on Toast (r22) Red Sausage (r20)
Roasted Draphly Kabob (r79) Rotten Egg Salad (r83)
Rotten Negg and Onion Quesadilla (r75) Rotten Omelette Sandwich (r76)
Rotten Tomato Salad (r78) Rotten Wormy Apple (r60)
Salmon Fishwich (r35) Salmon Mousse Tea (r80)
Sand Sandwich (r60) Sardine Prune Parfait (r83)
Sardine Vinegar Gum (r81) Sausage Mayo Gum (r82)
Scab Cake (r60) Sherbet Gravy (r84)
Shrimp Cupcake (r79) Slithering Snake Taco (r96)
Slorg Ice Cream (r84) Smelly Sardine Wrap (r98)
Smoked Tuna on Chocolate Toast (r75) Snail Sub (r55)
Snailcorn Parfait (r96) Snot Snake (r75)
Spring Onion Ice Cream (r67) Steeped Tea (r66)
Stick of Butter (r90) Strawberry and Cheese Milkshake (r45)
Strawberry and Cream Fish Pop (r60) Strawberry Artichoke (r40)
Strawberry Ice Cream with Balsamic Vinegar Syrup (r88) Stuffed Frog (r35)
Sugared Meatballs (r80) Sweetcorn with Tomato Sauce (r60)
Tempura-Fried Worms (r67) That Fruit Basket You Forgot About (r92)
Toasted Quiggle Legs (r70) Toe Nail Soup (r45)
Toffeed Brain (r97) Tomato and Coconut Pudding (r74)
Tomato Cheesecake (r90) Tomato Dipped Chocolate Bar (r98)
Tomato Stuffed Doughnut (r91) Tonguewich (r40)
Tuna Porridge (r70) Tuna Stroganoff (r78)
Turkey With Candy Cane Stuffing (r89) Very Rotten Tomato (r75)
Waffle Sandwich (r93) Waffles and Ketchup (r85)
Wasp Biscuits (r79) Week Old Glass of Milk (r90)
Wiggling Grub Surprise (r76) Wocky Tacos (r95)
Woo Woo Grub (r55) Worm Burger (r74)
Worm Infested Cheese (r78) Worm Nugget (r50)
Worms and Dirt Sundae (r74)