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Bubbles Herbal Drink (r60) Cactopus Cream (r77)
Crater Fruit Elixir (r68) Extra Thick Goggles (r77)
Flat-u-less Tablets (r65) Fluff Be Gone (r12)
Grumble Be Gone Tablets (r85) Herbal Scrambled Eggs (r54)
Honey Blossom Extract (r83) Hoochie Coochie Tablets (r70)
Itchy Scratchy Cream (r30) Kikoughela Drops (r69)
Kikoughela Syrup (r64) Magic Cookie (r50)
Magic Goop (r95) Magic Smelly Socks (r22)
Medicinal Mud Bath (r44) Medicinal Soap (r60)
Medicinal Toothbrush (r55) Mushroom Ointment (r90)
Neck Brace (r88) Neezles Jab (r45)
Neggitus Injection (r35) NeoFlu Jelly Pills (r40)
NeoMites Injection (r55) Neopkins (r54)
NeoPox Pizza (r15) Neowart Fungus (r25)
Onion Balm (r60) Potion of Containment (r92)
Shaky Flaky Cream (r32) Sporkle Syrup (r88)
Spyder Juice Elixir (r90) Step Out Shoes (r20)
Tasty Pie (r96) Tongue Shrinker (r65)
Ultra Rubber Gloves (r55)