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Beef Rouladen (r30) Berry Sloth Ice Cream (r88)
Black Hole Jellybeans (r76) Blue Ice Apple (r87)
Blue Rambus (r90) Blueberry Gateaux (r40)
Caramalised Blunkabean (r30) Cheese Manicotti (r20)
Cheese Star Sandwich (r85) Cherries Jubalee (r30)
Cherry Sloth Yogurt (r87) Chicken Cordon Bleu (r40)
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Grundo (r75) Chocolate Eclair Paste (r30)
Chocolate Sloth Head (r89) Cloned Corn (r93)
Completely Non-lethal Sandwich (r90) Constellation Soup (r72)
Cosmic Broccoli (r75) Cosmic Cheese Stars (r80)
Cosmic Ring Cereal (r75) Cosmic Stars Sandwich (r90)
Crater Brand Coffee (r82) Cratered Pastry (r68)
Crown Roast Beef (r70) Cryogenically Frozen Negg (r93)
Dark Nova Fruit (r89) Deep-Fried Galactic... Food Mass (r93)
Deep-Fried Gormball (r85) Deep-Fried Space Rocks (r68)
Dehydrated Chicken Dumplings (r75) Dehydrated Duck a lOrange (r65)
Dehydrated Fungus (r79) Dehydrated Ham and Eggs (r87)
Dehydrated Ice Cream (r86) Dehydrated Spaghetti (r92)
Double Chocolate Surprise (r91) Electric Nachos (r94)
Electric Taco (r94) Floating Pasta Mass (r84)
Floating Peanut Butter Cube (r86) Floating Pigs in Blankets (r76)
Flying Space Ship Burger (r80) Freeze Dried Fruit Platter (r90)
Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich (r91) Freeze Dried Sprout Soup (r79)
Frozen Block of Sustenance (r83) Full Moon Cheese (r85)
Galactic Chicken Soup (r89) Galactic Protein Shake (r90)
Galactic Space Punch (r84) Galactic Water (r94)
Galatic Cherry Pie (r87) Galaxy Cupcake (r92)
Galaxy Energy Drink (r91) Galaxy in a Glass (r79)
Gargarox Special Lunch Dish (r84) Garthroxian Goo (r85)
Gaseous Moonpie (r86) Gloof Stick (r76)
Glowing Asparagus (r92) Glowing Pretzel (r73)
Gorgroggle Soup (r90) Green Tea (r50)
Grobleen Fruit Punch (r67) Grobleen Salad (r90)
Grobleen Sandwich (r90) Grundo Goo Sundae (r95)
Grundo Space Grub Platter (r94) Grundos House Special (r90)
Grundos Luxury Kebab (r95) Iceberg Sundae (r50)
Impermeable Cheese Log (r79) Intergalactic Chewy Stuff (r78)
Intergalactic Ice Cream Cone (r87) Intergalactic Orange Sorbet (r90)
Intergalactic Planet Dairy (r75) Intergalactic Spiced Beans (r40)
Kreludan Rock Punch (r88) Lime and Orange Sherbert Package (r88)
Lime Wiggle Cake (r89) Lunar Grunpop (r95)
Marshmallow Grundo (r70) Metal Cheeseburger (r80)
Metal Ice Cream Sundae (r79) Metal Pizza (r81)
Milkyway Shake (r98) Moon Sandwich (r82)
Mouldy Gruncheese (r94) Mystery Dessert Goo (r77)
Mystery Food Tube (r78) Nebula Ice Cream (r86)
Nova Dip (r78) Nova Fruit (r80)
Obliteratoes (r98) Oil and Nuts Slushie (r78)
Oppressor Onions (r96) Orange Drink Powder (r88)
Orange Rambus (r86) Orange Space Drink (r76)
Orbiting Eclair (r75) Photon Burger (r82)
Pixxi Squash (r78) Pizza Protein Block (r89)
Planet Pops (r84) Planetary Onion Rings (r89)
Plate of Unidentifiable Meat (r90) Prime Beef and Chicken Meatballs (r93)
Protein on the Go (r90) Roast Gargapple (r60)
Rock Fruit (r79) Rocket Corn on the Cob (r85)
Rocket Fizzy Drink (r77) Sauteed Space Rock (r77)
Savoury Grundo Veggieballs (r82) Scrambled Aubergine (r84)
Sloth Cone (r90) Sloth Pudding Cup (r91)
Sloth Spaghetti (r93) Sloth Surprise (r85)
Sloth Wrap (r99) Space Cocoa (r88)
Space Coffee (r87) Space Fungus Sundae (r92)
Space Kabob (r90) Space Quesadilla (r91)
Space Rock Soup (r96) Space Rocks (r85)
Space Slug Soup (r78) Space Spice (r66)
Space-Fungused Cheese Cracker (r67) Spiced Apple Pie (r50)
Spotted Pudding with Custard (r93) Spudnick (r85)
Squashed Salisbury Steak (r50) Steamed Gorgroggles (r91)
Strange Stew (r78) Strawberry Marshmallow Grundo (r81)
Strawberry Milk Packet (r91) Strawberry Wiggle Cake (r88)
Sugarbunny Surprise (r50) Tchea Marshmallow Grundo (r88)
Tentacle Burger (r95) Tigersquash Spectacular (r99)
Tofu Space Slug Soup (r99) Toroidoughnut (r77)
Toxic Sloth Slushie (r90) Vegetable Deluxe (r20)
Vegetarian Sloth Wrap (r99) X-29 Sub-Orbital Cupcake (r87)
Zero Gravity Veggie Platter (r83)