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bd_tyr_bolo bd_tyr_chombyhelmet
bd_tyr_dinotoothnecklace bd_tyr_pepperclub
bd_tyr_rock bd_tyr_rockhammer
bd_tyr_staff bd_tyr_sword
bd_tyr_whip Billion Degree Sword (r99)
Bone Breastplate (r79) Bony Boomerang (r86)
Bony Bracers (r90) Bottled Volcano Steam (r96)
Destruct-O Shield (r91) Egg Bomb (r88)
Egg Slingshot (r89) Fiery Battle Carrot (r88)
Fiery Bone Bow (r86) Fiery Spine of Death (r99)
Fiery Throwing Marble (r99) Fiery Wand (r99)
Fire Ball (r83) Fire Ball Staff (r99)
Fire Hammer (r99) Fire Rock Helmet (r75)
Fire Rock Torso Shield (r85) Fire Tipped Spear (r89)
Fire Utility Belt (r76) Fire Walking Boots (r65)
Firebolas (r98) Flaming Bow Of Fire (r95)
Flaming Catapult (r96) Flaming Dagger Of Fire (r92)
Flaming Gauntlet (r89) Flaming Log Launcher (r88)
Flaming Rock of Fire (r89) Flaming Shield Of Fire (r87)
Fur Boots (r97) Fur Lined Bracers (r96)
Glowing Fire Axe (r85) Jagged Stone Spear (r95)
Jagged Stone Sword (r90) Lair Beast Claw (r95)
Large Flaming Log (r88) Lava Arrow (r99)
Mega Fire Shield (r99) Million Degree Sword (r85)
Monoceraptors Toenail (r99) Omelette Shield (r81)
Rings of Fire (r99) Rock Potion (r91)
Rotten Egg Stink Bomb (r93) Sharp Fire Disc (r99)
Stone Arm Shield (r82) Stone Battle Helmet (r84)
Stone Boomerang (r88) Stone Club (r85)
Stone Fire Body Basher (r70) Stone Helmet (r90)
Tooth Necklace (r94) Trilo Shield (r91)
Turned Tooth (r83) Tyrannian Lupe Tooth (r92)
Uncomfortably Large Rock of Pain (r90) Volcanic Blow Gun (r93)
Winged Boomerang (r86) Ya Tchea Fruit Bomb (r80)